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Default srb2:metal sonic

Hey i was wondering why isn't metal sonic in srb2? sonic team jr did add metal robotnik from sonic the hedgehog movie but what about metal sonic?
only 1 boss isn't actually fun,remember sonic adveneture?there was chaos,eggman,knuckles and so,i'm not saying that you should fight knuckles or tails or add chaos in game i'm just saying that there should be atleast 2 boss and that would be metal sonic and robotnik or someone else such as redXVI and also the srb2 storyline is kinda strange
i mean sonic goes to green flower zone he talk to eggman and tails appear from nowhere and says "now what do we do?"
and that is the problem from where did tails came from?did shadow give him a ride using chaos control or something?and also the storyline never says or shows something about knuckles but he is a playable character
and if metal sonic isn't in game why is there some pictures of him in srb2.srb?

by the way this isn't a suggestion topic so don't think that i posted this here by mistake

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