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Default Distance falloff doesn't affect transparent slopes

That funky colormap gradation based on distance, whatever you call it. Seems to work fine on opaque slopes. Weird that it took me so long to actually notice it.
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Distance falloff doesn't affect translucent FOFs in general. I believe there's some workaround you can do with colormaps that have a certain value in the middle texture to make the game apply it, but that should definitely be the default mode. (Or at least easier to enable.)
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Monster Iestyn
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Yeah, by default planes on translucent FOFs (both sloped and non-sloped) display as if they were at full brightness or something. The middle texture of the colormap linedef special allows you to turn on fog block-like lighting, where the distance-based lighting actually is applied so I'm aware. =V

So really this may be "intentional" though I'm not sure either why translucent FOFs do that by default in the first place... is it to do with water?
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It might be a better option to have translucent FOFs have that option as a linedef flag so the options for the FOF don't require more fiddling with other linedefs than necessary.
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