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The Extreme Gamer
Default Yet another question from The Extreme Gamer...

So here's my question...

Is there some kind of way to upload music directly or have some kind of widget for SoundCloud to play Music I put on a message board (Specifically the Art/Pictures Board)?

I want to show off a silly little riff I made as part of a project I have been working on...

Since clicking on a Link seems a bit counter-intuitive when browsing through art, I was hoping I could hear a way to post a SoundCloud widget (An embeded YT Video would also suffice, but I have no idea how) on a message board (No spamming, obviously.).

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What part of 'RETIRED' don't you understand?
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Here is yet another answer from SSNTails...

Just paste the link to the SoundCloud page in a post.

Got it?
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