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Default What song makes you feel really strange?

I've been listening to a lot of Aphex Twin lately, and I've found that most of his stuff makes me feel... odd. This odd feeling is very deeply affecting, and it gets under my skin in ways other music doesn't. I'll feel happy but uncomfortable and kind of depressed at the same time. There's a lot of beauty in his music, but a lot of tension and it can really dig out some unfamiliar emotions. So I ask you, fellow SRB2 players, what song(s) make you feel real uncomfortable?

I'll post 2 supreme examples from my end: the classic "Rhubarb" by Aphex Twin:

And "Everything You Do Is A Balloon" by Boards of Canada (another group who masters this feeling):

The songs you post don't have to have the feeling I'm describing exactly, they just have to make you feel weird in a particular way. Not outright disgusted or sad, but just... off. In other words, I want to hear your uncanny valley of music!
Endless Mine - Piano Cover (First one on youtube!)

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The weird:
Yoshinori Sunaraha - Swing the Clipper gives me vertigo.

The bass in 808 State - Quincy's Lunch is like a deep brain massage. It's my personal i-Jammer.

Palais Schaumburg - Easy Go
seems to have been composed in the most inappropriate key imaginable for a pop song. Can't tell what the hell I'm supposed to feel or think about it. Most unnerving thing I could dance to.

The moody:
ELO - When Time Stood Still: Despite the earmarks of a garden variety pop ballad, that bootleg demo track recording of reverb-tinged 80s wall of sound production vibe, with the lyrics in the context of the album's narrative- it's just one the most profoundly isolating songs I've ever heard.

Same sound with The Beach Boys - Feel Flows, which is half cheating because I'll always know it as the credits song for Almost Famous, being one of the most effective audio cues ever. Still my go-to song for mental sublimation.

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - A Tomb All Your Own works too. Dude's the king of the 8-track mastered jam session.

The angry:
Battles - My Machines is engineered to get me fucking pumped. It's like the eroticism of a motorcycle engine revving up turned into music with the most mathematical rhythm.

I was thinking about this all night at a time when I really needed to just reflect and decompress, so thanks for the welcome distraction
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Sonic Emerald Quest - Underwater. Catchy.
Sonic 3D Ass : Horrible camera island.
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Wants to make maps again
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I feel both happy and sad at the same time while listening to the Detention Center Theme from Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations and Won the Lawsuit! from Ace Attorney: Justice For All.
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Skullmonkeys - Little Bonus Room - This tune is featured in the platformer sequel to The Neverhood. It is kinda creepy, but mostly hilarious. If you like earthworm jim games, the creator Doug tennapel worked on this game, so it has a very Earthworm Jim feel to it.
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This gives me the strangest [expletive].
The Waiting Room
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let's do the odyssey
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Throw it all away Theme of Shadow.
Sounds kind of strange...
Set your volume at full, then click this.
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Old 04-07-2017   #8
hakuna matata... wait what?
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This series of videos by Kings of Leon:

Waste a Moment
Find Me

Basically, some of the most soothing pop rock I've ever heard along with a music video plot that looks like Stranger Things and Doctor Who had a lovechild? There's no way anyone can not feel baffled watching it.
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If this counts, I'd have to say the entirety of Garage Bad Dream Adventure.
Everything about it is so surreal with a dreamy atmosphere, yet somewhat scary...
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Critical v5.2
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Most forms of vaporwave. Mainly Blank Banshee. Though most of the work from BB0 was based on actual 80's songs, BB was able to edit it in such a way to make it mesmerizing and almost euphoric.

(That and maybe "Everything in Its Right Place by Radiohead).
Oh, me? I'm the socially awkward, dumb student with a small amount of friends if you didn't know.
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