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Sonic Dumbventure - Volume 1: Donkey Kracken's Disasterous Quest[sic] Unfixed Edition Details »»
Sonic Dumbventure - Volume 1: Donkey Kracken's Disasterous Quest[sic] Unfixed Edition
Version: OLDC, by D00D64 (A "rather brash" indivisual) D00D64 is offline
Developer Last Online: Jan 2019

Version: SRB2 Rating: (9 votes - 4.22 average)
Released: 11-20-2012 Last Update: Never Installs: 6
Characters Single Player Levels SOCs Scripts Sprites/Graphics


As Sonic the Hedgehog with Hemorrhoids, he is sent in a journey to do... something or other. I dunno, some guy says a thing and Sonic goes somewhere else and that's about all I can say without spoiling much. Let's just say this wad lives up to its name.

You arn't the normal SRB2 Sonic though; You're THE DREADED GREEN EYED ONE, and thus, are armed with the HORIFFIC ATTACK OF HOMING, and must use that to make your way through the path laid ahead of you. You are also slower than your older self due to the literal pain in your ass (probably), and also can't spindash to maximum speed.

But hey, you might as well take this slower speed as an excuse to smell the flowers, which are oddly generous this time out! There's tons of rings and powerups to find, all using sprites made by Blade (which shall appear in 2.1), and even the Fire Flower, with new sprites crafted by Iceman404, and slightly buffed. With more emphasis on flinging yourself to places for all sorts of goodies and secrets, as well as actually being a level that relies on a SPECIFIC character included to play, it makes for quite the adventure, however dumb.

Sonic Dumbventure's first volume finally makes its debut on the MB, Proudly holding the title of the greatest thing ever released in the Official Level Design Contests' Single Player division, with an amazing average score of 9.58, despite mostly being made up of several incomplete scrap levels I never released! Literally the best: Dumbventure. Yeah, Literally THE BEST. Okay, I'm probably wrong about it being THE BEST, but how many opportunities do YOU get to say that about something you made? None? EXACTLY.

"Now that's-a crockload-a SHIT if I ever herd one!", I hear you utter. "There's no WAY you could-a got'n such prestigue! You musta' used sum kinda eeeeeevil wizurd majik to get such a score! BLUDDY WIZZERD!" Well, while you can't seem to choose an accent and are probably out of character, A quick skim here will clearly show you the way! "I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT IN WHAT I ONCE THOUGHT WAS DARKNESS!", you state, "I HAVE NO IDEA HOW I COULD HAVE EVER DOUBTED YOU, OH LORD AND SAVIOR, D00D64!" Oh but I am a humble man that does not deserve such praise, I shall take it anyway!

Released here for the sake of letting people know this actually exists, since the wiki no longer has a leaderboard (which Blade never reached the top of, bugging him immensely, which I will commence mocking him for now: HA HA HA, YOU DIDN'T REACH THE TOP, AND I OF ALL PEOPLE DID, HA HA HA *HOBOLURGARTH*), now you too can finally know this is an awesome thing you should have played a long time ago! However, since this is the original release, this release is blemished by a few issues that I have yet to resolve and are too lazy to do so ("ITS ALWAYS SOMETHING [tm]). I also haven't prepared any extras of any sort yet either. However, if I make an updated release, it will be within here.

I'd describe SoDum, but I'd rather not spoil it for the Dumbvirgins. I also didn't upload screenshots for the other chunks of the level for the same reason. However, I made some commentary in the voting topic this was in. If you want to see it without going there, here it is!


Well, despite the fact that, at any given moment, something is wrong (hence "ITS ALWAYS SOMETHING [tm]"), I can say...

I'm proud of this wad. Itís a bit of everything I could hope for. It allowed me to use concepts that'd never see the light of day otherwise. It taught me many things in both mapmaking and soccing. I was able to do things I never thought were even possible in SRB2. I've son several things that have never been done in SRB2 at all, for that matter. As I worked, I made refinements constantly. A tweak here, a tweak there... it all built up. I went from a small concept room about two months ago, and turned it into something SRB2 never had before. And regardless of what I score in the OLDC, I will still proud of what I've done, as I am now. A wad about a blue hedgehog going to beat the shit out of a gorilla-headed sea monster.

Anyways, the level is divided into SubZones. These arn't mentioned in game (they were but they have been removed), but I will list theme here to help you guys out when reviewing specific locations.
  • Subzone 1: The front Door (First checkpoint)
  • Subzone 2: Dark Vat Temple (Check 2)
  • Subzone 3: Valkyrie Cliff (Check 3)
  • Subzone 4: Thunder Fortress (Check 4)
  • Subzone 5: Corrupted Donkey Kong Land (Game Boy teleport)
  • Subzone 6: Cosmic Casino Zone (Check 5)
  • Subzone 7: Leaf Forest Zone (Check 6)
  • Subzone 8: Big Ape City Factory (Check 7)

Also, some of these areas and should seem familiar...

Valkyrie Peak is actually that one level I teased months ago. I asked about a name but never picked one. Cosmic Casino Zone is the remains of Sonic Pallete, my 2D level that had the 8-bit graphics and the walljumping Sonic. Leaf Forest is the remains of a ZDoom mod I made called SAUZA (Sonic AIDS: Up Z Ass), a mod based of this awful and awfully offensive comic I made.

As for the main villan... Well, some of you may know him. I thought of him on some random thought and he kinda stuck in my mind, waiting for his chance. He's the main mascot of SoniMoc, a series of videos I worked on. He also made a cameo in Chaos Domain by KOTE.

If there's one thing I wanted to emphasize in this mod, its hunting for secrets. There are tons of monitors hidden around, including a Fire Flower monitor! Scout around, you wont go unrewarded!

I have scattered the 7 Chaos Emeralds across the map. One is in each subzone, except the 8th and the 4th. One subzone has two emmys instead. I can't seem to get the saving to work, but getting them all will reveal a powerup you can at least use for the final battle. If you need help finding them, here are the locations...

Spoiler: EMERDOS
  • Green: The Front Door - From the red block, go left. You'll be able to get to the top of the cliff via a spring.
  • Orange: Dark Vat Temple - from the first path of rings in the cave, go left, and climb to where there is a lone monitor on a ledge (the Fire Flower). Walk behind the pillar for the emmy.
  • Gold: Valkyrie Cliff - From the whirlwind shield, go to the distant cliff via the trees (to the right of the main path), and you will find it under a connected duo of trees.
  • Blue: Valkyrie Cliff - From the whirlwind shield, go back up to where the lavender temple with the checkpoint on it is, and go atop one of its pillars. From there, whirlwind shield onto a nearby cliff. Scout around for springs, and you'll make it to the top of the cliff, where the emerald is waiting.
  • Silver: Corrupted Donkey Kong Land - Right above the enterence. Bounce off the trees to reach it.
  • Lavender: Cosmic Casino - Above the first barrel. Make your way atop the building via the main path to reach it. Look out below!
  • Red: Leaf Forest Zone - From the first visable 10 ring box, just go straight for the checkered wall to the right. You'll land on it, from which you can go right to find the Red emerald floating above a 10 ring box.

There are also a few easter eggs to find. You probably wont ever find out some of these on your own, so...

Spoiler: Eastah has come early
  • At the start of the map, push escape before the timer hits 5. Then, wait about 25 seconds. a hidden song will play. This was based off a request.
  • Noclip in the starting area and head right. You'll head into the devroom, allowing you to teleport anywhere, including two cut areas...
  • Push UglyKnux off his invisible platform. You know, if you havent done so already, if you're a dick.
  • This is useless, but in cutscenes, you can spin Sonic around and shoot fireballs if you have the Fire Flower. Perhaps this will come into play in Volume 2?
  • Play in coop/splitscreen/match/ctf/race, and you may get a rather interesting surprise...
  • "runsoc BOSSHOG". Just do it. I dare you.

Yeah, I know I dumped a lot on you guys, but I just HAD to elaborate on this. This is my most extensive project yet, doing several of new things SRB2 has never seen before! But I also like to give some special thanks to my friends on #srb2fun, especially Monster Iestyn for his help on SOCs and making the UglyKnux statue, SpiritCrusher for pointing out flaws in my map and the baws, and Prime 2 for constantly finding things wrong/to do (ITS ALWAYS SOMETHING[tm]) as well as help with some SOCs and level mechanics. Not that they're the only people that helped, mind you! I may have been stubborn at times or on the virge of giving up, but I dunno if Dumbventure would be good at all without help from #'fun!

As you can see, very inportant to me, so I hope it does well!

So what in the bagel ass are you waiting for!? Go play SoDum today if you haven't by now! As for those who did already, redirect the Dumbvirgins over here with great haste!



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Old 12-21-2012   #22
u have my permission to die
wizeman's Avatar

This was so weird and stupid.... I LOVE IT!!!!
My rating: 8/10
If you like the video games, and game discussion, you'll probably like Extra Credits.
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Old 02-20-2013   #23
Metal Blake
Here dozes the masked clown
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I must say, was skeptical when just looking at the name of the wad (I mean come on, you called it a dumbventure!), but after actually playing it, i must say, best SRB2 2.0 level mod I have ever played (I personally like EggmanWay 5 on 1.09.4a better). Great level, nonsensical, yet hilarious lines (especially Donkey Kracken's threat in the intro and one liner), and it had a reference to one of the most horrible looking characters to show their face on this game. If this were to be continued, D00D64, you'll have me downloading as soon as I find out.
Overall Rating IMAO: 15/10 (Yeah, I went there)
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Old 04-01-2013   #24
A "rather brash" indivisual
D00D64's Avatar



After years of not doing anything, I decided that this will never be fixed, and have went into the past and canceled it. It is now canceled and was not released, nope. I bet trying to run the wad now will just cause a time paradox to ensue, so I do not recommend it.


For by canceling what I already finished, I have transformed the very fabric of time itself to pursue a new goal of creating a bran new story, focusing on what is perhaps THE GREATEST HERO OF OUR GENERATION

Spoiler: oh man here it comes


You join Shadintosh, on his RIDE for REVENGENANENANENCE against the EVIL FORCES of...




Who never really did anything but she's dead so you don't really have to care!

On this quest, he is joined by Sonic, Cream, Crawla Honcho, Luigi, and half of the New York Yankees as he takes on the 12 Days of Christmas and hends his hand in the rebellion against The Vampiric Confederate States! But I'm sure you are TOTALLY SUPER HYPED by all of this information, so HERE ARE SOME SCREENSHOTS TOTALLY TAKEN FROM THE MOD

As you can see, the gameplay is so varied even the screenshots are totally different, as it CHANGES ENTIRE ENGINES TO CREATE A COMPLETELY NEW EXPERIENCE NEVER BEFORE SEEN! That's just how dedicated to my craft I am.

Naturally, as extensive as this project is, it is still in development to this day, at a staggering 38 seconds of work a month dedicated to the project! It should finally be complete in the year 2068x4! I know your crotches are TINGLING with EXCITEMENT, but good things come to those who wait! In the meantime... I dunno, go sit around Spacewalk or something. But for now, this has been D00D64-X of the FUTURE PAST OF THE PRESENT!
<RedEnchilada> I remained ignorant to a set of titanic breasts for 17 years!

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Old 04-01-2013   #25
Mr. Mystery
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Originally Posted by D00D64 View Post
But for now, this has been D00D64-X of the FUTURE PAST OF THE PRESENT!
My brain

[16:44] <Mystic> actually, Deep Sea is filled with the tears of kids banned from the forums
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Old 04-01-2013   #26
i 2 i
Simsmagic's Avatar

Have no fear Dumbventure fans, because Simsmagic has you covered. I'm here today to announce my latest mod for SRB2, Awesome's Greatventure: Donkey Kracken Has a Tea Party and You're Not Invited: Part 1 of 64. It is comprised of 60 hours of gameplay, 7 new characters, and approximately 80% stolen content! Wow! Amazing!


Unreadable Title Screens!

Disco intro room!


And a new, real life trailer written and filmed with a $60 million budget.

Unfortunately, due to the many costs in production, I will be forced to charge a fee for this rather than give it out for free. But it's okay, you can pre-order Awesome's Greatventure now for the low price of $149.99!
Pre-Order Today!

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Old 04-01-2013   #27
KartKrew Dev
VelocitOni's Avatar

A few days ago I was going to suggest a Sonic 3 like lockon of this and the, unrelated-to-SRB2, Cape Cod for the perfect mod. But now I'm investing my stock money somewhere else now that its cancelled.
Kart Krew Workshop Thread
SRB2 Top Down & SRB2 Kart
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Old 04-01-2013   #28
lord of gradius music
DrTapeworm's Avatar

Originally Posted by Iceman404 View Post
A few days ago I was going to suggest a Sonic 3 like lockon of this and the, unrelated-to-SRB2, Cape Cod for the perfect mod. But now I'm investing my stock money somewhere else now that its cancelled.
Aw, now where will I get my daily dose of unreadable colored text, unmoving sprite comic images and technicolor mammals being bagged at a potato chip factory?
something goes here
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Old 04-02-2013   #29
A "rather brash" indivisual
D00D64's Avatar

Well, I am sorry to say that the canceling was... canceled. I've been on the run ever since meddling with the time string beans, and at last, The Time Cops caught up with me, and if I ever want to see my Not Wife, Not Daughter and Not Elephant ever again, I have to surrender the cancelation of Dumbventure, returning time to what it once was at some point maybe I don't know.



I swear it on the grave of my left nipple.

MUCH LOVE, D00D64 of the Possibly Yesterday's Tomorrow.
<RedEnchilada> I remained ignorant to a set of titanic breasts for 17 years!

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