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Default Dedicated Server Map25 Stuck / Hang at end

Hi All

Trying to host a Dedicated Server with the Game-mode - Cooperative.

No added Wads or mod files ( Just basic Settings )

Created Via DoomSeeker

Seems after we play right through the map-list Map01 - Map25. The server just hangs on map25? If you try and rejoin you just get kicked out after XX amount of seconds. Only way to bring it back to MAP01 again is to restart the server

I can see there is an option in DoomSeker for "Map". I have tried the following. MAP01 MAP02 MAP03 / MAP01, MAP02, MAP03,. But get an error message on Console saying " Internal game level "MAP01 MAP02 MAP03" not found etc...

Am i doing something wrong or???

Command Line -------

S:/Sonic/srb2win.exe -udpport 5029 +startinglives 3 +forceskin -1 +respawnitemtime 30 +inttime 20 +maxping 0 +maxsend 1024 +nettimeout 525 +resynchattempts 10 +tailspickup 1 +playersforexit 0 +ringslinger 0 +allowmlook 0 +allowexitlevel 0 +allowteamchange 0 +touchtag 0 +respawnitem 0 +downloading 0 +friendlyfire 0 +restrictskinchange 0 +joinnextround 0 +powerstones 0 -dedicated -gametype 0 +servername "AusDawg Perth Dedicated Server - Coop" +maxplayers 32 -room 33 +map "MAP01" -password XXXXXX


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Monster Iestyn
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Regarding the game hanging after MAP25, that particular map goes to the credits screen. I think I've been informed before about dedicated servers hanging after the credits are finished, so this is probably a known bug. I forget if someone's reported this in our Bug Reports forum already or not though.

I don't know how Doomseeker works (since I don't use it myself), but it's likely you're only meant to use one map number at a time in the "Map" option you speak of, not three (?). If you're trying to make the server only play those three maps (or more?), I'm afraid SRB2 doesn't work like that.
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Appreciate the feedback

Also just had a quick look through the bug report page can't see anything related to this so called "bug" so I've made a post.

Also I thought you could create a map list for the server and I was hoping that would be a work around after "completing map25' and making it return back to MAP01 again.

Otherwise seems a bit pointless hosting a dedicated server having to keep restarting it again after MAP25 is completed.
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Yeah, as a workaround for now you could create a WAD with nothing but a level header for ERCZ pointing back to GFZ1 instead of the credits.
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