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Emblem Radar Ready
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Oh my, I can just imagine that with this, we could make levels bigger than 4 Neo Aerial Gardens stitched together.
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Prime 2.0
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Originally Posted by Ritz View Post
Are you actually. Hotswapping maps with a seamless transition. Is that what I'm seeing here.

EDIT: Does it carry over object states other than the player's? If you're fighting a boss, will it show up in the same position in the same attack phase with the same hitpoints? Not that it has to, this is amazing
<Nev3r> It's pretty fucking simple though
<Nev3r> You use a reference point to copy from/paste to the xyz relative offsets
<Nev3r> The rest of player attributes are copied entirely
<PrimeV2> it's less that player info is preserved, and more that the switch appears instantaneous that's impressive
<Nev3r> And in map load you check if you've been teleported via linedef lua wrapper
<Nev3r> Ah
<Nev3r> Well, you'd expect that to happen
<PrimeV2> because you're right, keeping player position and momentum IS simple
<Nev3r> It is a custom blank fade
<PrimeV2> .
<PrimeV2> wait
<PrimeV2> that's softcoded?
<Nev3r> Yes
I'm not acquainted with the specifics of implementation so I can't give a tutorial or anything, but there's nothing to wait for. You can just out and do it in vanilla 2.1 right now.

Seeing new boundary-pushing technical wizardry like this really makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, lol.
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I do things sometimes
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Holy shit I didn't even think that was possible on this engine

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aka: Inuyasha
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You literally just make a single lump named FADE##00 and leave it blank. That's all you need to do.

There's probably lots of interesting effects you could make by having fades that don't finish with a full-white frame.
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Emblem Radar Ready
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I suppose the next thing we need would be real time level totals. Combine that with this and we can have S3&k Style level transitions.
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