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Default Other chatrooms?

Hey, I just decided to come back to this community (Anyone who cares to see the whole story can check the introductions) and I was wondering if there were any other groups for SRB2. I'm talking Skype, Discord, a steam group, etc.

I know there's an IRC and I'm still going to check that out, it's just not my preferred method of communication.
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There are a few disjointed unofficial groups here and there on Skype/Discord, yeah. But IRC is the only one that's officially supported right now.

We do have a sorta dead Steam group though!
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There is one very large unofficial group that has the more common srb2 modders all over the place.

But it is a Skype/Discord chat.
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Originally Posted by Zipper View Post
Well... You can't even comment on announcements of the group (or even the group itself), and the discussion forum thing there is also gone. I have no idea why that happens (especially considering other groups are fine), however I assume that's part of the reason it's sort of dead. Another reason might be that it's not really linked to anywhere officially out in the open.

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