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Default Genesis Redux Project Help

Hey everyone! Long time no see huh? Well, lets just get to the point. Blitz Sonic. I've been messing with it for the past few days now, but there is one engine I really have been wanting to play. The Genesis Redux Project. So I downloaded it, but here's the problem. The Dedicated Sever for the engine won't transfer into the of the the zip file when dragged out because it says it's an infected file for some reason. So I just try not to play it with the server, but whenever I do that, it say "Memory Access Violation" I don't even WANT to play online, but I think I need the Dedicated Sever to make this work properly. Can you please help me out? I just want to play this awesome looking Classic Sonic engine!
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Steel Titanium
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So you're asking for help with a fan game on a site dedicated to a fan game, you would get better help if you asked on the official site for the game.
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Sorry, I thought maybe I could get help by asking on the Off-Topic boards. Maybe I should ask the YouTube channel of the person who made the game. But, if anyone knows how to help me, I would be most appreciated! =)
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