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Default Bustable Block Sprite Parameters are broken

No matter which sector effect you pick, the sprite which the game actually uses is always the preceding one. (ie: ROID is actually ROIC, etc.) This also makes using ROII (the last one) impossible.

On that note, why on earth is there a ROIA sector type? Isn't ROIA the default? Get rid of it and extend the possible sprites to ROIJ.

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Don't kill me:

<MonsterIestyn> EzerArch:
<MonsterIestyn> See the linked bug report topic, and all is explained
<MonsterIestyn> Though whether the bug there has actually been fixed is another question
<MonsterIestyn> Since nobody seems to have taken notice of that bug topic in particular, it seems. :/
<EzerArch> ^ it'd be way better if they get rid of "sectors" to set the rock sprite. I rather prefer a X/Y offset method.
<MonsterIestyn> I agree entirely
<MonsterIestyn> I suggested that in the suggestions topic some time ago
<EzerArch> X-off sets the sprite, and Y the sound.
<Prime_2> I'd prefer you be able to set that just by entering information into the texture fields
<EzerArch> and the sound?
<Prime_2> But then again, sounds can sometimes be over 8 characters, soo
<EzerArch> for example, I'd like to have a bustable glass FOF [with glass sound].
<MonsterIestyn> Prime: They can?
<EzerArch> or bricks, ice, [wood]
<Prime_2> Not the lump names, monster, but the actual names of the sounds in the code
<EzerArch> Prime_2: "But then again, sounds can sometimes be over 8 characters" --> and the sound number? Linedef 414 Play Sound Effect already searches the sound number [by linedef length. And FOF transparency levels (e.g. #NNN) can be set in texture fields. I don't think that setting sound number by same method would be of much trouble].

... just because I have a deep interest in it. :>


Originally Posted by Neo Chaotikal View Post
Get rid of it and extend the possible sprites to ROIJ.
In fact, this could be up to ROIP (object 299).
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