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KartKrew Dev
VelocitOni's Avatar

<SuperSmashBrother> I dont really like anime
<Nev3r> now I'm hungry
<SuperSmashBrother> Its all perverted and stuff
<workfury> how old are you?
<Nev3r> I think he's younger than TeamLava
<SuperSmashBrother> Its probably because of those damn tortilla pictures you posted
<SuperSmashBrother> How old is TeamLava?
<Nev3r> young enough
* Zipper (~nope@ has joined #srb2fun
* Notify: Zipper is online (EsperNET).
<SuperSmashBrother> Then im old enough
<Iceman404> WE'RE ALL 17+ HERE.
<SuperSmashBrother> Me too
<Nev3r> Iceman404 is also young
<Zipper> i'm not
<SuperSmashBrother> Im 18
<SuperSmashBrother> I have a car and stuff
<Nev3r> hahahadfhdk
<Iceman404> lol
<workfury> it would be rude of me to call you a liar
<SuperSmashBrother> i'm in college majoring in engineering and shit
<Reverie> Being 19 sucks because I still have two years before I can get wasted
<Iceman404> ...
<workfury> reverie
<Iceman404> why would you want to get wasted so bad
<workfury> you don't have to wait for fucking nothing
<workfury> it's just not legal
<Iceman404> what is the ATTRACTION to getting drunk out of your mind x.x
<Nev3r> 19:22 ?**** <Reverie> Being 19 sucks because I still have two years before I can get wasted
<Iceman404> I mean, drinking is fine
<Nev3r> You're 19?
<Iceman404> but why would you want to get wasted
<Iceman404> I'll never know~
<Reverie> Just to know what it's like
<workfury> there's a big difference between getting wasted, getting drunk and drinking :|
<SuperSmashBrother> Wait, how old do you have to be to drink? 21?
<Nev3r> I could've sworn you were way older, Reverie
<Reverie> SuperSmashBrother: yeah
<Nev3r> for some reason
<Reverie> Lol
<SuperSmashBrother> I was lying to you guys before, im 22
<Zipper> confirmed for being immature
<Reverie> I'm a sophisticated silly person
<Zipper> gg
<Iceman404> lol
<SuperSmashBrother> I get drunk all the time
<Iceman404> <SuperSmashBrother> Wait, how old do you have to be to drink? 21?
<workfury> confirmed for < 15 probably heh
<Iceman404> saving tis
<Tets> I love #srb2fun this morning
<Iceman404> *This
<SuperSmashBrother> With the ladies
<Tets> v. entertaining
<workfury> saving tits*
<Nev3r> 19:24 <SuperSmashBrother> I get drunk all the time
<Nev3r> get dunk
go home you're dunk
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The unreliable joodge
Whackjood's Avatar

In which #srb2fun writes haikus.

<@Mystic> and meanwhile #srb2dev is writing haiku
<RoyKirbs> That actually sounds exhilerating.
<@ShadowHog> It's rather hard, too. / 5-7-5 is tight space! / But I can make do.
<@ShadowHog> You know Spyro 3? / It had a firefly world. / They spoke in haiku!
<Playah> #'dev writes haikus...
<Playah> As we wait for 2.1...
<Playah> Good time management!
<RoyKirbs> They're writing the cutscenes.
<@Mystic> Never said we were efficient.
<RoyKirbs> In haiku.
<TeamLava> Lol
<Playah> Note I pronounce #'dev as "pound-dev"
<TeamLava> Cutscenes
<RoyKirbs> Okay can 2.1 have a Haiku mode where the intro is turned into haiku,
<RoyKirbs> Or have some sort of haiku in every end a level.
<Playah> It's already 1/3rd of a haiku.
<Playah> Sonic cleared Act 1
<Whackjood> Sonic cleared Act 1 / Speeding off to next level / get a load of this
<@Mystic> pfft
<@ShadowHog> Sonic cleared Act 1. / Your bonuses are shown here. / Your total is this.
<RoyKirbs> ...Really?
<Playah> Oh god. Make it a haiku GENERATOR.
<Playah> Loaded with stupid Sonic in-jokes.
<@Mystic> Sonic cleared Act 1. / Your bonuses are shown here. / I got grape soda.
<@Mystic> fixed, ShadowHog
<SonicX8000> Sonic cleared Act 1. / Slowing down to next level. / Your adventure is over.
<Playah> Too bad "time for a change of pace" is only 6 syllables.
<@Mystic> "it's time for a change of pace"
<@Mystic> Come now, this isn't a hard fix ^_~
<@ShadowHog> Wouldn't work with Tails. / He is one syllable, see. / Yet, Sonic is two.
<Whackjood> Get a load of this / No way I can't believe this / It's no use give up
<Playah> Tails has cleared Act 1. / That looks like a homing shot. / Knuckles is two, too.
<@ShadowHog> Miles, I suppose? / Does anyone call him that? / It's rather rare, no?
<Whackjood> SRB2 fun / Is a very silly channel / it keeps happening
<@Mystic> I think you guys are a bit better at this than you probably should be =P
<RoyKirbs> Serbtwo.
<Whackjood> Well, assuming every letter of SRB2 is a syllable :P
<@Mystic> That's how I pronounce it, Whackjood =P
<@Mystic> of course, I call #srb2dev just "dev", so go figure
<RoyKirbs> I like pronouncing abbreviations like words.
<@ShadowHog> Maybe the next Twitter should be about sending messages in haiku instead
<Playah> We are much too skilled / In arranging syllables / Arbitrarily
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"The Creeps" (1941)
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Shadow Hog
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[21:32:43] <RoyKirbs> You know I kinda wish there was a virus scanner that would allow you to bust viruses Battle Network style.
[21:32:56] <@ShadowHog> But if you failed, your computer would be infected.
[21:33:00] <@ShadowHog> That's not good.
[21:33:20] <RoyKirbs> Pfft. Not good for lewzerz.
[21:33:33] <Icedroid404> Haha funny
[21:33:38] <@ShadowHog> Also, giving the virus more time to react isn't really a great idea
[21:33:39] <Icedroid404> Hahaha
[21:35:16] <Whackjood> I once got a virus that kept playing loud shrieking pig noises at me
[21:35:26] <Whackjood> what a wanker of a virus
[21:36:03] <RoyKirbs> I remember seeing that!
[21:36:15] <RoyKirbs> ...On YouTube!
[21:36:28] <Whackjood> and I had it >:C
[21:36:39] <RoyKirbs> You had a...
[21:37:18] <RoyKirbs> *sunglasses*
[21:37:24] <RoyKirbs> A MACHINE FOR PIGS.
[21:37:44] <Whackjood> fuck you got me
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Mr. Mystery
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(insert long, silly conversation about shitposters in IRC here)

[2013-10-06 01:08:23] <Arf> man what a blueball, I so wanted to disconnect dood but people have to be all moral and "don't do this, don't do that"
[2013-10-06 01:08:25] <Arf> well fuck you dad
[2013-10-06 01:08:32] -->| D00D3TT364-Y has joined #srb2fun
[2013-10-06 01:08:36] <D00D3TT364-Y> and then this happened
[2013-10-06 01:08:39] <D00D3TT364-Y> I blame Arf
[2013-10-06 01:08:41] <Icedroid404> How would you disconnect anyone.
[2013-10-06 01:08:46] <Prime_2> router access
[2013-10-06 01:08:56] <Prime_2> Arf, you didn't seriously
[2013-10-06 01:09:08] <Arf> i did what prime
[2013-10-06 01:09:12] <Arf> i did nothing!
[2013-10-06 01:09:13] <D00D3TT364-Y> my internet is really bad
[2013-10-06 01:09:15] <Arf> that's the whole problem!
[2013-10-06 01:09:20] <Prime_2> Ah
[2013-10-06 01:09:24] <Prime_2> The timing was just kinda...
[2013-10-06 01:09:27] <Arf> if I were doing something, then there would be something!
[2013-10-06 01:09:33] <Arf> but right now NOTHING
[16:44] <Mystic> actually, Deep Sea is filled with the tears of kids banned from the forums
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Shiron's Avatar

[2:45:05 PM] Sinyk: I was going to say that I never have homework over the weekend but that's a lie. I just don't do it until 4AM Monday morning.
[2:45:09 PM] Sinyk: While crying.
[2:45:13 PM] Sinyk: and hyperventilating.
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Prime 2.0
Grape flavored
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[18:16] <Prime_2> -Global- [Network Notice] TheBadShepperd - The EsperNet Bot Policy ( ) has just been updated. If you run any bots, please make sure you follow the policy. If you have any questions, feel free to stop by #help . Thanks! :)
[18:16] <Prime_2> Hey Inuyasha
[18:16] <Prime_2> anything to hate in the new policy? :P
[18:17] <Inuyasha> a fucking changelog would be nice
[18:17] <Mystic> lol
[18:19] <BlazingPhoenix> well, you can always bitch at testdummy
[18:19] <BlazingPhoenix> *shrug*
[18:19] <TestDummy> Do what now?
[18:19] * TestDummy didn't amend the policy.
[18:19] <Prime_2> But do you know what's different about it?
[18:19] <TestDummy> Anyway, the only change (literally, the only change) was:
[18:20] <Prime_2> I mean, you've complained about Kikyo before, even kicked her once
[18:20] <TestDummy> "EsperNet is intended for conversation between people. Channels whose primary purpose is for bots to communicate between each other are prohibited."
[18:20] <Prime_2> ah
[18:20] <BlazingPhoenix> lol
[18:20] <TestDummy> The policy otherwise remains the same. I suppose the global was a bit vague, but I didn't write that either.
[18:20] <TestDummy> :|
[18:20] <Prime_2> I want to see logs of the place that did shit to trigger a need to add that to the policy
[18:20] <Prime_2> I bet they are really, really ridiculous and amazing
[18:21] <Prime_2> because the base premise sure is
[18:21] <Mystic> It's not surprising, Prime_2. I immediately think of a DDoS control channel
[18:22] <Prime_2> okay, that in particular is just depressing, and I'm pretty sure there was something in esper's policy that already forbade doing that
[18:23] <Rob> Malicious bots
[18:23] <Rob> That would cover that
[18:23] <Prime_2> badniks, if you will
[18:23] <Prime_2> ...oh, so that's why crawla is gone
[18:23] <Prime_2> *shot*
[18:23] <Rob> you're awful

For those not aware, TestDummy is one of Esper's IRCops, and Crawla was formerly the master server bot.


[18:28] <ShadowHog> So let me get this straight
[18:28] <ShadowHog> All the update to TOS says
[18:28] <ShadowHog> Is that we can't do this:
Science tells us that nothing can be proven, only rendered more likely to be true. If we do not question what we already know, how can we know, much less admit, when we're wrong? Such things are vital to progress.

Last edited by Prime 2.0; 11-05-2013 at 05:51 AM.
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Younger than SRB2
Jayoshi's Avatar

[21:36] <MonsterIestyn> These deadly six are just ...not threatening at all
[21:36] <D00D64-X> one could say
[21:36] <MonsterIestyn> Some don't even fit as bad guys
[21:36] <D00D64-X> not deadly at all
[21:36] <MonsterIestyn> Ish
[21:37] <MonsterIestyn> All silly generic stereotype based characters too
[21:37] <MonsterIestyn> Except I haven't a clue what the purple guy is meant to be exactly
[21:38] <D00D64-X> purple? Who's that?
[21:38] <D00D64-X> I dont remember a purple
[21:38] <MonsterIestyn> The first boss
[21:38] <D00D64-X> oh, he's a punk guy
[21:38] <MonsterIestyn> Ah
[21:38] <D00D64-X> I consider him more pink-ish but I guess purple works
[21:38] <MonsterIestyn> Oh right yeah, he's pink I suppose
[21:39] <D00D64-X> he's so forgettable, you dont even remember his primary color
[21:39] <Jayoshi> lol
[21:39] <D00D64-X> the Forgetable Six
dn ǝpᴉs sᴉɥʇ
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Chromatian Kiske
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A serious conversation about the state of Knuckles in SRB2:

<MotorRoach> Did anyone ever notice the crazy Knuckles mechanics when you're playing Match
<XSpeedGodX> yes
<MotorRoach> Just move the mouse while gliding and he just warps
<XSpeedGodX> The mechanic where he shoots a billion red rings
<Sryder13> That is also ridiculously annoying
<Chromatian> That's how you fight Sonic as knuckles
<Sryder13> Having complete control while gliding gives him so much better aim than any other character
<Chromatian> Start gliding at him and then asodrhienldsbiuweaorinfsdvlk
<Whackjood> New knuckles mechanic for 2.1: knuckles rap taunt command
<MrMystery> lol
<MrMystery> is that a technical term, Chromatian
<Chromatian> It is Knuckles's speical ability
<Sryder13> Rap taunts
* BlazingPhoenix_ has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
<MrMystery> hahahahahaha
* BlazingPhoenix (~Moo@ has joined #srb2fun
<Sryder13> You know me the fightin' freak
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KartKrew Dev
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<Prime_2> I like light speed dash better, it's trippier.
<Prime_2> *shot*
<Rob> i swear to god if you start that in here
<Prime_2> What? I'm just saying LSD is a trippy name
doing speed, keed
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The unreliable joodge
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<MonsterIestyn> Also, about that Eggman
<Whackjood> Eggman is just wearing two monocles
<Whackjood> holy crap
<MonsterIestyn> They look like they could be his YES now
<MonsterIestyn> *EYES
<Sryder13> So Brittish~
<Whackjood> "I'm so British I wear two monocles" this eggman confirmed for best eggman
Sonic Boom shenanigans. Was later jossed by the tv show trailer showing his glasses actually had a bridge.
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Shadow Hog
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Stating in advance that I do not advocate the message of the image in the following quote, this exchange was still hilarious:

[23:59:46] <@Mystic> - Here, this is probably more this channel's style
[00:00:29] <RoyKirbs> ...That's just dark.
[00:02:08] <@Rob> lol
[00:02:48] <@Rob> [Saturday, February 15, 2014 - 12:00:26 am] <RoyKirbs> ...That's just dark. < i see what you did there
[00:02:54] <RoyKirbs> ...
[00:03:05] <RoyKirbs> I DIDN'T EVEN MEAN THAT. GAH.
[00:03:17] <@Rob> :>
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Rob's Avatar

[13:09] <MonsterIestyn> But I'm a veggie
[13:09] <MonsterIestyn> A fussy veggie
[13:10] <Rob> I can only assume that for you, veggie == vegetarian
[13:10] <MonsterIestyn> Of course
[13:10] <Rob> Because in the US, veggie is shortly-pronounced vegetable
[13:11] <MonsterIestyn> Veggie is just easier to type than vegetarian :V
[13:11] <SpiritCrusher> Even we Germans use "veggie" for vegetarians
[13:12] <lunar_chaos> and russians just use "vegan"
[13:12] <Rob> Vegan has a different context altogether
[13:12] <MonsterIestyn> Vegan is vegetarian extremé
[13:12] <Rob> Vegetarians are people who eat only vegetables
[13:12] <Rob> Vegans are psychos
[13:12] <Rob> They won't eat anything that came from an animal to any extent
[13:13] <Rob> They won't wear clothes that came from animal products
[13:13] <Rob> They're likely all card-carrying members of PETA
[13:13] <lunar_chaos> what are they gonna wear then
[13:13] <Rob> [13:13] <lunar_chaos> what are they gonna wear then < I dunno, ask them!
[13:13] <ThatWolfGuy> how the hell do vegans get protein
[13:13] <ThatWolfGuy> like
[13:13] <Rob> They apparently manage some things
[13:13] <ThatWolfGuy> have you ever seen a vegan body builder?
[13:13] <SpiritCrusher> They don't
[13:13] <SpiritCrusher> Vegans generally have dietary problems
[13:13] <SpiritCrusher> For that very reason
[13:14] <SpiritCrusher> I guess they can use supplements
[13:14] <SpiritCrusher> But they can't have been tested with animals!
[13:14] <MonsterIestyn> Protein still exists in non-meat food you know
[13:17] <SpiritCrusher> Ah, the problem is vitamin B12
[13:18] <SpiritCrusher> To quote Wikipedia, because I'm too stupid to explain it:
[13:18] <SpiritCrusher> "Because uncontaminated plant foods do not provide vitamin B12 (which is produced by microorganisms such as bacteria), researchers agree that vegans should eat B12-fortified foods or take a supplement."
[13:19] <ThatWolfGuy> of course the supplement will usually come from an animal
[13:19] <ThatWolfGuy> so their luck sort of runs out there
[13:19] <Rob> I just wish they'd stop eating altogether
[13:20] <SpiritCrusher> No, there's an alternative!
[13:20] <SpiritCrusher> "Plants from the ground that are not washed properly may contain B12 from bacteria in the soil, often from faeces"
[13:20] <SpiritCrusher> Well okay, that comes from animals as well
[13:20] <ThatWolfGuy> so in other words
[13:21] <ThatWolfGuy> to be 100% vegan
[13:21] <SpiritCrusher> You have to eat shit or die, yes
10chars because apparently the forums are weird
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Wolfy's Avatar

<Rev|RandomizedHG> D00D3TT364-Y, give me a name for Articuno, since you're better at this than me
<@Mystic> Yuki
<Sryder13> Smarti
* SpiritCrusher ( has joined #srb2fun
* ChanServ sets modes [#srb2fun +o SpiritCrusher]
<Sryder13> I'm so uncreative :V
<MonsterIestyn> Cirno
<MonsterIestyn> Come on, Ice, Articuno
<Rev|RandomizedHG> if this was my Crystal run, I'd just pick a rapper with a silly-ass name
<MonsterIestyn> Iceman404
* Iceman404 ( has joined #srb2fun
<Nekoishi> Lick
<RosyPie> ...MI...did you...just.
<Iceman404> What
<RosyPie> Summon...the iceman.
<MonsterIestyn> ...yes, I believe I did
<Iceman404> what'd he do
<Nekoishi> MonsterIestyn summoned the biggest ass of all time
<MonsterIestyn> I said your name
<MonsterIestyn> And a minute later you appear
<Iceman404> oh
<MonsterIestyn> With the most amazing timing ever
10chars, because stuff.
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Neighborhood Memer
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[13:50] <MonsterIestyn> Did they loop or not? I have no idea from having just the soundtrack
[13:51] <MonsterIestyn> I don't have many of the games I've got the soundtrack for
[13:53] <MonsterIestyn> Bleh, nevermind
[13:54] <Knux576> Did everyone just simultaneously die?
[13:54] <MonsterIestyn> Nah, this is normal
[13:54] <MonsterIestyn> Channel just randomly goes silent like that when I'm monologuing
[13:55] <MonsterIestyn> If it's a coincidence then it's a pretty frequent one
*** Icedroid404 joined #srb2fun
[15:08] <Knux576> The Icedroids are coming
[15:08] <EggMobileMobile> Don't worry, you have EggMobileMobiles to stop them!
[15:08] <Sryder13> That won't work when they start throwing Blonics again
[15:08] <Knux576> I need a steel titanium sword
[15:09] *Icedroid404 puts his Blonic in a giant slingshot
[15:09] <Knux576> I need a Blade
[15:10] <Knux576> of Steel_Titanium
[15:10] <EggMobileMobile> I'd have given Blade to you, but he's gone
[15:10] <Knux576> oh look at ThatWolfGuy over there
[15:10] <Knux576> maybe he can help us
[15:10] <Knux576> what are we doing
[15:10] <Shellcracker> Knux576: Trying to make approximately one day go by faster?

Last edited by Knux576; 03-14-2014 at 10:50 PM. Reason: Forgot a sorta important part in the second quote
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Wolfy's Avatar

<Gunbuster> Hue
<Shin_Getter> Hue
<SkyTheDestroyer> Hue
<D00D3TT364-Y> Hue
<ThatWolfGuy> Hue
<Badz> Hue
<Flaming-Nightmare> Hue
<Bbop800> Hue
* Knux576 ( has left #srb2fun (2.1Hue)
<Javisast> Hue?
<BlazingPhoenix> please let's NOT start this.
<SkyTheDestroyer> lmao
<Badz> Knux wins
<Bbop800> Hue
<BlazingPhoenix> :V
<Flaming-Nightmare> Dun
* Knux576 ( has joined #srb2fun
<RoyKirbs> this char is slowly getting more retarded by the second
<Knux576> ill try that again
<Flaming-Nightmare> Lol
* Knux576 ( has left #srb2fun (Hue)
<RoyKirbs> At some point we're gunna be in a singularity.
Of all things...
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The unreliable joodge
Whackjood's Avatar

<Shardvex> I'm surprised how fast wackjood was with reviewing my launcher. thanks.
<Shardvex> Literally, it was in releases within 10 minutes
<@SpiritCrusher> Whackjood is still motivated :P
<Shardvex> When I first released it, it sat in there for 2 weeks
<@SpiritCrusher> That's totally normal, you're just lucky it's so soon after release
<Whackjood> aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
<Whackjood> I'm sorry about those few months before 2.1 where I went very quiet <_>
<@SpiritCrusher> Hey, you're just the most active joodge around
<@SpiritCrusher> *still
<@SpiritCrusher> Damnit, I am the worst typer of all time
<Whackjood> but they're both correct
<@SpiritCrusher> And this has nothing to do with language barriers, I do this in German too
<Streak210> no your not. SpiritCrusher
<Whackjood> You could have passed that off as intentional and nobody would have noticed
<@SpiritCrusher> Yes, but it's not what I wanted to say!
Five minutes later...

<D00D64-X> hey Whackjood
<Whackjood> yeeEEeEes?
<D00D64-X> <- you're slack-al=lackin' mang
<Whackjood> No D00D
<Whackjood> You are already released
<D00D64-X> ...oh
<D00D64-X> when did hat happen
<Whackjood> just before you linked it
<D00D64-X> thankies
<Whackjood> Actual footage of Whackjood judging D00D's wads
<D00D64-X> aaaaaa
<D00D64-X> ;_;
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ms reflec beat stan
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<MotorRoach> Was gonna say
<MotorRoach> On the Rosy port for 2.1
<MotorRoach> I got rid of the PANTY VIEWS
<D00D64-X> by removing the panties entirely because she never wore them, right
* MotorRoach sweats nervously
<D00D64-X> seriously, I dont know why she doesent wear them in the Fighters
OK Google, define "hubris".
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KartKrew Dev
VelocitOni's Avatar

<Cirnya> Mystic
Quit: mib_gaf41i [Quit: ajax IRC Client]
<Cirnya> please fuck me into bed
<Cirnya> er
<Cirnya> tuck
<RoyKirbs> ...
<Mystic> you're the wrong gender for that request
<Mystic> Sorry
<Badz> Even I can't make typos that bad
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HellHawkX's Avatar

[23:17] <HellHawkX>
[23:18] <HellHawkX> I am no longer a mere mortal
[23:18] * Badz uses laser.gif on HellHawkX
[23:18] <PyroTMF> You are a god HHX
[23:23] <HellHawkX>
[23:23] <HellHawkX> I have ascended into a god
[23:25] <PyroTMF> HHX, you have broken the system beyond belief. I think it's time to stop before you destroy the world with your distortions
[23:26] <HellHawkX> PyroTMF No, I must go further
[23:27] <PyroTMF> HellHawkX, if you continue, you'll destroy the world with your power alone!
[23:27] <HellHawkX>
[23:28] <HellHawkX> Now I am become death
[23:28] <HellHawkX> destroyer of worlds
[23:28] <HellHawkX> the game has decided that I have become too powerful for the mortal plane
[23:28] <Evilgasm> you murdered that many people
[23:28] <Evilgasm> equal to the number of rings you have obtained
[23:28] <Evilgasm> SONIC: GUILTY AS CHARGED
[23:28] <Evilgasm> Sentenced to Death by Snu-Snu
[23:29] <PyroTMF> Oh wow
[23:29] * PyroTMF brings HellHawkX to justice
I would have kept going, but the game instantly removed me from existence after I reached 2 000 000 000 rings
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Originally Posted by #srb2fun
[00:10] <@Mystic> now, if there's something I'm sad about, it's the allergy to garlic
[00:10] <@Mystic> Hell, I eat stuff with garlic now and again anyways, allergy be damned X_X
[00:19] * SpiritCrusher ( has joined #srb2fun
[00:19] * ChanServ sets mode +o SpiritCrusher for #srb2fun
[00:21] <CoatRack> Vamires are allergic to garlic, aren't they? :V
[00:21] <CoatRack> does this mean Mystic is a vampire
[00:22] <CoatRack> *Vampire
[00:22] * CyanRyan ( Quit ( Read error: Connection reset by peer )
[00:23] * CyanRyan ( has joined #srb2fun
[00:25] <@Mystic> That theory has a lot of evidence, CoatRack
[00:25] <@Mystic> allergic to garlic, distaste for the cross, burns in the sun, nocturnal...
[00:25] * CoatRack stabs Mystic with a wooden stake
[00:26] <SonicFreak94> I'll get the steak
[00:26] <SonicFreak94>
[00:26] <@Mystic> I never quite understood that weakness
[00:27] <@Mystic> I'd think stabbing ANYONE in the heart with a wooden stake would be pretty effective
[00:27] <CoatRack> I am guessing you must have a hard time combing your hair or doing anything with the mirror
[00:27] <CoatRack> like shaving
[00:27] <@Mystic> lol
[00:27] <CoatRack> WAIT
[00:27] <@Mystic> finally, an excuse!
[00:27] <CoatRack> IT MAKES SENSE NOW
[00:27] <CoatRack> THAT is why you had such a long beard!
[00:28] <SonicFreak94> oh man the pieces are coming together
[00:28] <CoatRack> how could we be so blind?
The truth has come out, Mystic is in fact a Vampire!
Originally Posted by Pinkie Pie
I bet you can't make a face as crazy as this!
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