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Default 1.09.4 Released

Apparently, AJ didn't update the forum topics. 1.09.4 is out. Get it from's downloads section. Addons section update should be coming soon. This is a general discussion topic for 1.09.4.
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What part of 'RETIRED' don't you understand?
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Here is an incomplete and concise list of some of the things in 1.09.4 compared to 1.09.2:

Better translation maps for font colors.
Sector type 995, return flag to base.
Translucency for precipitation in OGL - for what shows up of it, anyway.
NiGHTS savegames now a jillion times smaller!
Fixed problem with pointers in player struct not being sent to clients in netgame snapshot.
Bug with passing strings to -gametype fixed.
'GAME OVER'/'TIME OVER' indicator for time only race results.
Fix for joiners having a race time of 00:00:00
Respawnitemtime forced to a minimum of 1
Sector type 992 doubles pull-up height
Fix for 2D Knuckles climbing
No water physics for dead players.
Added MT_HOOPCOLLIDE to the blockmap
New NiGHTS Bumper object
New HUD for CTF
NiGHTS system totally rewritten!
Little "please wait" messages for connecting to servers via the menu.
Progress box for file downloading.
Server host menu/Level Select now displays level pictures
Adjustment to shield position to fix rendering artifacts in OpenGL.
Texture clamping for midtextures in OpenGL
Texture offsets for FOFs in OpenGL now match that of software.
RESETMUSIC console variable - defaults to "NO"
Bomb ring debris now changes color
Emblems properly displayed at end of game
Time Attack Menu System
Starposts are now 'untouched' with NORELOAD
Height adjusted for NOJUMPSPIN players
Three new linedef executor triggers activated by character ability.
No more drowning in Mario mode
con_backcolor to change console color
RESETCAMERA console command
CREDITSCUTSCENE to allow credits to be overridden with a custom cutscene
"waterskip" boolean for skins
"actionspd" for skins - speed of thok/glide/fly
"mindash" and "maxdash" for skins - minimum and maximum spindash speed
Charging spindash in shallow water kicks up splashes
New weather type - 5, storm without rain
"thokitem" and "spinitem" for skins
Zoom Tubes
Changed explosion ring sound
Teleports fixed!
Smarter camera with moving platforms
SOC-style comments supported in skin files in addition to '//' comments
Egg Slimer can now be placed at any height
cv_playerspeed removed, it's dumb
RUNSOC variable for level headers (since you can't use it in SCRIPTNAME)
Option for skins - Don’t 'spin' when super, specifiable super color (0 for don't

MF2_NOHEIGHTCLIP for thok mobjs, shields, etc.
Red Team shoots red rings, Blue Team shoots blue rings
Painchance on spring causes you to spin when you hit it
Circuit mode "kind of" returns
NUMLAPS console variable returns
Shuffle's slope optimization
New Rankings HUD for Race
New character abilities - Gliding with no climb; Super Sonic Float; Double Jump;

Option to run on water; Option to have jumping animation play springup and falling;

Option to have super form; Option to use super frames or normal frames when super
Shell now uses bounce code
3-2-1-GO! for Race
New Knuckles Sprites
Action Parameter System for SOCs
Better support for multi-mares in NiGHTS
Runs faster!
TELEPORT/RTELEPORT no longer checks for valid locations
Super Sonic "spins" now
Rewritten bobbing/floating/crumbling platform code.
New "Rising Platforms"
Less interference from spectators
Network fixes
Can't save games in ultimate anymore
THZ2 slime lowers faster
Pickup radius for air bubbles increased
Pickup radius for ring weapons increased
Sound changed for picking up ring weapons
Proper death message for camera-modifying death pits
MODBY soc variable fixed
Objectplace now always modifies the game
Spectators and objectplacers no longer pull in NiGHTS rings and wings
Possible fix for large intermission display
Game only pausable if in level or intermission
Walking over a teammate's fire trail no longer gives you rings
Extra points for hitting someone with the flag
Extra points for being the person who captured the flag
CECHO messages for capturing flags and returning them to base.
Sounds for capturing flags
Camera zooms out while climbing
CONNECT console command now checks for modifiedgame
Precipmobjs now reused in weather change
Some lasers removed on Easy
THZ1 barrels enlarged & new texture made
New "4" weather type... "blank" precipitation for preloading
Fixed camera reset button problem
Skim movement fixes
Race-only linedef executor (type 9)
Got rid of chatmacros, a dumb doom hangover
Super Sonic doesn't spin while floating
Modified THZ2, CEZ1, and CEZ2 for race
Quieter spindash sound
Bubbles are affected by current
Small bug fixes for pushables
Small bug with continue screen fixed
New linetype 127 - Start Platform Movement
Linedef execs for Red Team and Blue Team
NiGHTS map no longer relies on axis snapping for rings
Normal level music resumes after race death
"Press F12 to watch other players." Message after game over in race
"Respawnitemtime 0" now works with monitors
Removed support for supplying a value after "-server"
TITLESCROLLSPEED option for Maincfg Category
Pumas/Fish now jump if angle is 0.
Lightdash button now drops flag in CTF
New Level Select System
modifiedgame set to true inside CL_LoadServerFiles
"Sudden Death" fix
"Message of the Day" for netgames
Better quicksand texture
Fixed FF_SPINBUST blocks
Better OpenGL lighting calculations
Crush Fixes
Knuckles now clings to bobbing/crumbling/falling platforms
You are now told how many easter eggs you have left in a level
THZ2 slime door opens faster
Two variables for state actions
New state actions
Detons emit a chasing sound
Enemies/bosses can be crushed
All MF_FIRE objects hurt automatically
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Don't bug me about ports
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Originally Posted by ZTaimat
gdshgfgkagjkahkfagagfhghagfgsa fghjdsaf ghjafdghag hjfgahdgfgdfgahj gafhghjd gfa gfadg hjfdgagdfhagd hjgfgf gjfghjag jafdgj--*head explodes in exitement*

Mystic: "Welp, no need to shot him now >.>"


Mystic: "there we go"

Thank you! I love it!
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What a huge list of improvements. o_o
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Old 08-20-2006   #5

Yeah. This really emphasizes what the netgamers using 1.09.2 were really missing.

I really want to give SRB2 a serious go now. I never got past collecting more than six emblems at any past go-through of SRB2.
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Yay! thanks Mystic and SSN *goes to download*
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Should this topic be for reporting bugs too, or do you not expect to find any?
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The board's UK Ecologist
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there's already a 1.09.4 bug reports page
Everyone is entitled to their own truthful opinion on this planet...
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Super mystic sonic
The Golden Blur
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I never expected 1.09.4 to be released at a time like this. There will probably be alot of circuit netgames on.
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Good job all admins!
A lot of good improvements.
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Omega the Hedgehog
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Old 08-21-2006   #13
"It's ok, I like you too!"
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Sweet, im going to download when i get the chance
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Yes, this freaking rocks! No more 1.09.02 for me!

EDIT: Can the other versions still make servers? I haven't seen any on.
Also, can servers auto-kick/ban now? I got banned from FuriousFox's Dedicated server because I spammed the /me action when I was trying it out......-_-
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Old 08-21-2006   #15

yay i didnt like the old knuckles sprites because the first frame blends in with sonic and tails but when you do sothing else they will turn into ugly "3d" knux sprites,hey thanks for rebuilding that
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Silver Sonic

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Old 08-21-2006   #17
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You...guys...totally...ROCK!!. THIS IS THE BEST VERSION YET!
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Old 08-22-2006   #19

Originally Posted by Delta
Also, can servers auto-kick/ban now? I got banned from FuriousFox's Dedicated server because I spammed the /me action when I was trying it out......-_-
Bans from a server aren't permanent.
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Old 08-22-2006   #20

I'm sure if you worked hard enough, you could simulate a permanent server ban system...
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