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Default Mystic Realm 3.0 is out.

If you're one of the people with 1.08, the Addons section is updated.

New in 3.0 is the following:

Added Midnight Freeze Zone.
Retextured Verdant Forest Zone and changed the enemies.
Retextured Final Zone, and renamed it.
Optimized the levels using DoomBuilder.
Fixed a lot of texture problems.
Changed the powerups a bit around the levels, mostly adding extra lives.
Changed the music, and added custom music for Verdant Forest and Aerial Garden, thanks to Arrow.

This ups the total # of maps in the pack to 16, going up to MAP25. Enjoy ^_^
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You know, you could release this as a finished fangame, now that it's reasonable on Easy and Normal modes, the music is unique, and VFZ looks pretty. One suggestion though, it kinda feels like I'm playing two games at once, beating SRB2 and then "Mystic Realm." Maybe you could change the order around to fix this, like put MFZ in front of CEZ, or something. I know the difficulty slope would be a little weird, but it'd feel a lot better that way. Or move CIZ earlier, but then you have the two GFZ-themed levels close by to each other, which is kind of bad.
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I know the feeling, a441, but the reason I haven't moved the levels is to keep the easy stuff early. CEZ, although it has a lot of enemies, is also an extra life gold mine, which is really helpful later on when you've got bottomless pits everywhere and Syns out your ears.

If I did move the stages, I'd alter difficulty levels to match, though.

I've also been thinking of making a new set of Special Stages to go with it, since they're easy to make and there are a lot of new features since I made the stages we've got.
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Knuckles MetalMind
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Hey, that´s good, I´m going to play them when I have a look at FD1.08 :P
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