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Default Multiability/normal fly bug

The normal fly slows you down if you press the jump key, every time you press it you get slowed down more, so if you want to keep speed, you shouldn't press it that much.(I know that this isn't a bug), but there is something strange about it and multiability flight:
If you spam the button as fast as you can you might notice that you don't go up every time you press the button, there is a small timer for it but not for the "slowdown", this could be fixed by only slowing down when moving up.

Multiability Flight is strange, if you hold the button, you only slow down once and keep the speed after that, but if you spam it you get slowed down every time you press it:


I'm not going up because spamflying with multiability doesn't work too well, but the .gif should be good enough to show the big speed difference.

Not sure how this one could be fixed, maybe remove the slowdown for multiability or only make it slow down every second when going up ?
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