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Sonic Advance
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Default 2.0.6 Problem

Yay my 7th SRB2 problem. I can't open SRB2 because when I want do that i see this:

How I can fix it? I was trying reinstall and redownload.
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I know this sounds silly, but did you try and use the SRB2 update for this? I tried using it to update my srb2 and it actually messed it up.
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the Food
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Don't keep 2.0.5 and 2.0.6 in the same folder. Try reinstalling SRB2 2.0.6 into a separate folder.
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Prime 2.0
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2.0.6's installation overwrites 2.0.5. You can't really keep them together.

Reinstall from the full installer, and then put in Spazzo's fixed EXE.
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Correction: My fixed EXE isn't necessary if you use the full installer. It was only necessary for those who downloaded SRB2 v2.0.6 right at launch.
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Rename your config.cfg file to config.bak and then start it up, it's most likely due to you using a resolution that crashes SRB2. I got it all the time when I tried to use 1920x1080 pre-2.0.5.
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