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Tortured Planet v9 (scmrtf_TorturedPlanet-v9.wad) Details »»
Tortured Planet v9 (scmrtf_TorturedPlanet-v9.wad)
Version: 9.0, by Fawfulfan (The Tortured Planet guy) Fawfulfan is offline
Developer Last Online: Jul 2017

Version: SRB2 Rating: (82 votes - 4.02 average)
Released: 03-19-2010 Last Update: 07-07-2012 Installs: 52
Single Player Levels Multiplayer Levels SOCs Sprites/Graphics

I know some of you have been waiting for this. You've been waiting for far too long. I've been so focused on other projects, and putting the finishing touches on this was an incredibly low priority for me. But I figured I might as well get it out there, for those of you who want it.

I'm probably not representing this update too well; the truth is, v9 is a huge change. All the levels have undergone massive renovation, plus there's custom music now, courtesy of Charybdizs.

Remember, there is a separate file for music. It's too big to upload here, so I'm providing mirrors.

I'd like to thank everyone who both loved and hated this mod...this community has really helped me on my quest to become a professional game designer. I hope you enjoy it.

Spoiler: changelog
Beta 1: The first demo of this mod. Just included Sunshine Atoll Zone and all the boss battles.

Beta 2: Eruption Conduit Zone and Drowned Downtown Zone have been added, plus a lot of renovations to most of the levels already in the pack!

Beta 3: Snowcap Nimbus Zone and Gritty Columns Zone have been added, plus some more renovations to existing levels. Notably, a new path has been created in SAZ1!

Final Demo: Fume Shaft Zone and Liftoff Gantry Zone have been added. Several of the boss battles have been improved, some drastically overhauled. And a few levels have been tweaked a bit.

Version 1.0: Now we're getting somewhere! Here's a list of the most significant new features:

-Complete Single Player Campaign. The levels are still in a pretty crude shape right now, and they will be improved later, but they're all there!

-Full Coop Support, and Coop-friendly alternate routes in some levels.

-Gamedata and saving capabilities.

-Emblem Hunt! There are 54 emblems in Tortured Planet right now (the Statistics page in the game says 56, but it's counting the secret emblems, which I have not added). One for each player in each of the first two acts of every zone, just like in the official level set. Be aware that the emblem locations are not necessarily permanent--some of the emblems have a somewhat crude placement, especially the ones for Knuckles. Later versions might have emblems which are hidden more creatively.

-A special intro cutscene, replacing the official intro, which explains the back story of Tortured Planet (I already explain it in this topic, but it's nice to have a reference in the mod itself).

-SIGNIFICANT changes to Sunshine Atoll Zone Acts 1 and 2. I'm not telling you what they are; you have to play to find out. However, you'll see many of them from the moment you load up the level.

-General bugfixing throughout the game.

Version 1.1: A hasty bugfix for v1.0.

Version 1.2: A hasty bugfix for v1.1.

Version 2.0: The Match levels have been made, and a few more minor graphical and gameplay bugs have been fixed.

Version 3.0: With the exception of Star Showdown Zone, literally every single map in the entire game has been overhauled at least somewhat (it's not apparent in some of the boss battles, but yes, I did make at least some really minor changes to all of them, too!) The Match levels, though still hardly top-notch material, have had many of their most glaring flaws corrected. And as for the Single Player levels, many of them have been totally transformed. You'll see more texture variation, more path splits, more new gimmicks, new areas, more secrets, and a general reduction in bugs. In addition, I followed a lot of the advice that has been given to me on improving the levels, so you'll see some of your wishes come true!

There is going to be a v4.0, but this should certainly tide you over until then.

Version 3.1: WHOOPS! V3.0 had a couple of problematic bugs...they've been fixed now.

Version 4.0: This update is pretty much as big as 3.0 was. Practically every level has been updated in some way, and many of them have significant new areas, gimmicks, and glitch removal. Also, new cutscenes have been added for the beginning of each zone!

Version 4.1: Bugfix.

Version 5.0: The most massive update yet. Most levels have been improved, some enormously expanded. ECZ1 was scrapped and remade entirely. Sunshine Atoll, Fume Shaft, Liftoff Gantry, and Spacewalk all have lots of new custom textures, and Gritty Columns now takes full advantage of the DSZ set. The boss battles have been revamped, the biggest changes occurring in Fume Shaft 3 and Star Showdown. There are loads more changes that you should also be on the lookout for!

Version 5.1: Critical bugfix (a pattern emerges).

Version 5.2: Son of critical bugfix.

Version 5.3: Good grief, another bugfix!

Version 6.0: This update puts 5.0 to shame. It features level improvements just as expansive, plus new secrets and unlockables. There is now a purpose to collecting the emblems and the Chaos Emeralds. Music has been changed in places, too. The levels themselves feature mostly visual improvements, but there are also some new or modified gimmicks and challenges to watch out for, as well as one or two new path splits.

Version 6.1: The mandatory hasty bugfix. This contains a lot of little fixes, instead of just the usual one or two.

Version 6.2: Actually, this one's got a little more than just bugfixes. It also features some minor graphical improvements to GCZ, and Weightless Whaling Zone has been optimized somewhat.

Version 6.3: All previous updates have either been large-scale transformations or tiny bugfixes. This is the first one to be somewhere in between. Version 6.3 features a whole slew of bugfixes, plus substantial changes to the first three zones!

Version 6.4: A couple of bugfixes, improvements to SAZ1 and ECZ, and optimization.

Version 6.4.1: Infinitesimal tweaking of SAZ.

Version 7.0: Sorry, but here's where the trend stops. v7.0 is nowhere near as expansive an improvement as v6.0. But there's still a fair amount of new stuff. The biggest change is the addition of the Tortured Archives, an unlockable blast-from-the-past that will allow you to play Tortured Planet as it was in Version 1.2, pretty much the first stable and complete version of the pack. Of course, v7.0 levels beat the hell out of v1.2 levels, but perhaps a playthrough of the pack at its worst will help you appreciate how far Tortured Planet has come. Besides Tortured Archives, you'll also find an even better Sunshine Atoll Zone, plus scattered bugfixes.

Version 7.0.1: Correction to the MAINCFG lump.

Version 7.1: Minor bugfixes, improvements, and optimization of ECZ2, SNZ1, and GCZ1.

Version 8.0: Significant improvement of ECZ, DDZ, and SNZ, moderate improvement of GCZ and LGZ, and small adjustments to SAZ, FSZ, and SWZ.

Version 8.1: FSZ2 was previously riddled with bugs. Well, not anymore!

Version 8.1.1: Hasty tweak of DDZ2.

Version 8.2: A bunch of bugfixes and optimization.

Version 8.3: Improvement to FSZ2, slight changes to ECZ1, and some assorted bugfixes.

Version 8.4: More bugfixes for FSZ2.

Version 9.0: The mother of all improvements, and probably the last one I'll do, unless I decide to create a 2.1-compatible version when the time comes. Every level has undergone tremendous changes, including scenery updates, gimmick updates, and hundreds upon hundreds of glitches fixed.

Also, Spacewalk Zone is now 100% optional. Those few players who still want to brave this monument to wasted effort can still do so, and the remaining 99.9% can simply jump on the SKIP pad at the very start of the level to take them straight to AAZ.

Finally, of course, there's Charybdizs's music. You'll have to download a separate file, but it's definitely worth it...particularly since the levels are silent without it!

The Story:

After Sonic and company beat Dr. Eggman in Final Fight Zone, the evil scientist fled to another planet, taking the few functional robots he had left with him. Sonic and his friends felt they needed a good, long vacation, and went to Sunshine Atoll Zone for a few months of sun and surf.

But a few weeks into their vacation, EGGMAN ATTACKED AGAIN!

Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles managed to escape to the other side of the island unharmed, but they were seriously confused. How had Eggman managed to return so quickly?

After spying on some robots, Sonic discovered the answer: the planet Eggman had fled to was rich in natural resources--and was home to a peaceable but strong alien race which Eggman had enslaved to reconstruct his evil schemes.

Well, the three of them had to do something. This alien planet desperately needed their help--and what was more, now that Dr. Eggman was powerful again, he was also taking over Mobius! Will Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles EVER get to finish their vacation?



Download Now

File Type: rar scmrtf_TorturedPlanet-v9.rar (15.02 MB, 7786 views)
File Type: rar TP_Music.part1.rar (23.84 MB, 5574 views)
File Type: rar TP_Music.part2.rar (15.67 MB, 5293 views)


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Old 09-08-2012   #1562
The Tortured Planet guy
Fawfulfan's Avatar

The ECZ2 music was awesome. The difference between the music for ECZ1 and ECZ2 did a great job of mirroring the difference between the levels least, that's how I feel.
Just another indie game developer...check out my website, Chapman Games!
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Old 09-09-2012   #1563
Shiron's Avatar

Originally Posted by Metal-Rawr View Post
I actually remember old old conversations with Charyb about me telling him how unfitting it is. Tell us how is it fitting, Tyler? It's "missing out" an important part of the stage- all of the machinery you see, all of the oil and stuff. It's not exactly a peaceful snowy mountain like BMZ was suppose to be :P
It fits the mountain feeling, like SA Ice Cap.

You're right, it doesn't fit the Eggman-y part of the stage, but that's so obvious that anyone could tell that.
Shiron is offline  
Old 09-09-2012   #1564
aka SpiritCrusher
MascaraSnake's Avatar

I always thought of SNZ as a harsh, hostile environment even without the machinery (maybe part of that comes from the atrocious texturing, dunno). The tune is way too peaceful and serene to fit such a level. I also don't like the sound of the acoustic guitar that is used, but that's a personal nitpick.
MascaraSnake is offline  
Old 11-10-2012   #1565

Sorry for bump, but can in next version be same music as it was in 8.4 (except SAZ)?
Eva is offline  
Old 12-05-2012   #1566
Locked User

I like the music in this level pack, however I have a huge complaint with how short the music is, compared to how horrendously long the actual levels are. I feel as if the songs need to have more content to them, or just a proper "loop" to the songs.

Also the looping is kind of weird too. It plays once, then it pauses for too long, then starts over again. What's with that?
Account locked due to suspicious behavior. Please contact us on IRC to retrieve it. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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Old 12-05-2012   #1567
Friendly lurker, I promise.
Metal-Rawr's Avatar

Originally Posted by Charybdizs View Post
Sure, feel free to use any of my unmastered, unequalized, and terribly unloopy songs in your level pack.

Fawfulfan, I still can't believe you did that. As terrible as most of my songs were, their being haphazardly thrown into it makes them about 3x worse.
Aaaand that's why the music sounds like that, Eliwood.
Metal-Rawr is offline  
Old 12-10-2012   #1568
Larztard's Avatar

This update for Tortured Planet is the best update for Tortured far.

I like how some of the level added some extra gimicks that were not there before. A great example for this is in ECZ2 when I was in the room with the exit, I was going to thok over the pit of lava and complete the level but the second before I jumped, I notice the room slightly longer and gears and I knew I wasn't going to make the jump so I just jumped on a gear and had a blast. Also, I like how the gear moves up and down and (I don't know if this was in 8.4) how the gears moved me in a circle. Not the best way to describe it but oh well. Also the issue I was having in Snow Nimbus Zone Act 3 is fixed when I kept on spawning in the Egg Capsule and dying! Yay!

But the new music for Tortured Planet is okay. It's not as catchy as anyother .wad that has original music but it fits. I like the cutscene music the best because I feel like everytime I get to a new zone and this music plays, I feel like Sonic pulls out a pen and paper and starts to record his adventure like "Captins Log..." or something. I really wanted to hear the music for DDZ but I couldn't cause of how loud the thunder and lightning are. The music is not as bad as Charybdizs says it is (or he might of just be joking around) but I like it.
Keep up the good work Fawfulfan. You too Charybdizs.

P.S. Are you ever thinking on adding Capture the Flag maps to Tortured Planet?

EDIT: After almost 4 of posting this I have to take back on what I said about the music. I absolutely love the music for this .wad. I guess it kinda grew on me.

Last edited by Larztard; 04-09-2013 at 10:56 PM.
Larztard is offline  
Old 12-10-2012   #1569
Playing your heartstrings
Charybdizs's Avatar

Well, Larztard, the music itself wasn't so bad. There are many songs I love a LOT, such as the GCZ songs, the DDZ songs, and the FSZ songs. The rest I'm not so proud of, but some are okay. However, what drives them down in this pack though, is that firstly, like you said, you can't hear many of them, because the master volumes in them aren't the same. Secondly, they don't loop at all, and as such, many have 20 second silences at the end.

I WOULD have fixed this, but Fawfulfan decided not to counsel me on it at all. And frankly, with just how bad this came out, both in level quality, and how shitty my music sounds in it, I am almost tempted to say I regret making music for this in the first place. But I can't truly mean that with all my heart, because I got a lot of valuable experience from it, and that, my friend, is priceless.

If you want to hear any of the songs under better circumstances, pay a visit to my page. I have all except a few terrible ones which I took off. Namely, Spacewalk Zone, and Liftoff Gantry Zone 2. Plus, all my newer, and more recent songs. :)
Charybdizs is offline  
Old 12-14-2012   #1570
The Tortured Planet guy
Fawfulfan's Avatar

Originally Posted by Charybdizs View Post
I WOULD have fixed this, but Fawfulfan decided not to counsel me on it at all.
I apologize. Under other circumstances, I would have taken further pains to make sure the music was polished to perfection. At the very least, if I had been thinking straight, I would have notified you of the imminent release and given you time to fix the loops. I was just pretty desperate to get v9.0 out, as I had been sitting on it for a very long time and wanted to officially be done with it so I could move on to better projects, and so it didn't even occur to me.

But since you mentioned it, I'd be happy to release a fixed version of the music WAD. Charyb, if you clean up the music files, let me know and I'll compile them into something better.

And by the way, I am actually very fond of your work for Spacewalk (if anything, it's the level that's unworthy of the music, not the other way around).
Just another indie game developer...check out my website, Chapman Games!

Last edited by Fawfulfan; 12-14-2012 at 01:13 PM.
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Old 01-22-2013   #1571
Custom User Title
Ors's Avatar

I saw some poly objects in your map pack. Always I make a poly object, Knuckles can go in it and see bugging sky. And itīs very buggy as Sonic and Tails too. Can you expalin how to make poly objects?
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Ors is offline  
Old 04-13-2013   #1572
spaghetti coder
Metal96's Avatar

Originally Posted by Ors View Post
Can you expalin how to make poly objects?
I think this is what you're looking for. You forgot to always check the wiki.
Metal96 is offline  
Old 04-13-2013   #1573
Monster Iestyn
Friendly Neighbour-Hood
Monster Iestyn's Avatar

Originally Posted by Metal96 View Post
You forgot to always check the wiki.
Did you remember to always check the date of the last post? ;)
My page stuffed full of MIDI goodness!
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Robo-Hoodiverse
Timeline of Sonic Robo Blast History!

That's an uppercase i, not a lowercase L, for the record. Also, it's pronounced "Yes-tin".
Monster Iestyn is offline  
Old 04-14-2013   #1574
Custom User Title
Ors's Avatar

Moving poly object wad didnīt work very well... I had to copy them from another map and then it worked for me too. But thanx for the help anyway!
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Ors is offline  
Old 04-15-2013   #1575
The Tortured Planet guy
Fawfulfan's Avatar

Originally Posted by Ors View Post
Moving poly object wad didnīt work very well... I had to copy them from another map and then it worked for me too. But thanx for the help anyway!
More generally, whenever I see anything in a level that makes me go, "Wow, that's really cool! How did they do that?" I try to copypaste the structure into my own level and see if I can make it work. If it works, I then play around with its linedefs and dimensions and stuff to see if I can modify it. By the end, I usually end up with a rough idea of how to make it myself.
Just another indie game developer...check out my website, Chapman Games!
Fawfulfan is offline  
Old 04-22-2013   #1576
Plays with a keyboard

I cant even load the game with the music. I add the wad after extracting the files INCLUDING music, and it doesn't work. Why?

Do i need to splice the 2 music files somehow?
Zwataketa is offline  
Old 04-22-2013   #1577
The Tortured Planet guy
Fawfulfan's Avatar

No, no "splicing" is necessary. But I'm not sure what's going on. Did you use a batch file?
Just another indie game developer...check out my website, Chapman Games!
Fawfulfan is offline  
Old 05-03-2013   #1578
Shiron's Avatar

Originally Posted by KobaBeach View Post
May I ask what the BGM is for Sunshine Atoll?
Charybdizs - Sunshine Atoll.
Shiron is offline  
Old 05-14-2013   #1579
AKA Superjustinbros
AozoraJustin's Avatar

Is it fair for me to say I think Drowned Downtown Zone would make the perfect template for Dark City Zone in the core SRB2 game?
AozoraJustin is offline  
Old 05-16-2013   #1580
Shad.CM's Avatar

Well, if I am correct, Drowned downtown is supposedly a version of Dark City after Robotnik flooded it. You are correct still though, the textures are very well done.
SRB2 Skybase
♥~July 16, 2014~♥
Shad.CM is offline  
Old 05-16-2013   #1581
The Tortured Planet guy
Fawfulfan's Avatar

Originally Posted by Shad.CM View Post
Well, if I am correct, Drowned downtown is supposedly a version of Dark City after Robotnik flooded it. You are correct still though, the textures are very well done.
Those textures come from Duke Nukem. They couldn't go in vanilla SRB2.
Just another indie game developer...check out my website, Chapman Games!
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