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Default Green Hill Cave (Match and Tag)

This is one of my maps, who I have made very easy, because the structure of the map was very easy to make. For a few weks, I have post this map, but Prime 2.0 have found some errors, so that I have restored the errors in this map and have decieded, to post this map again.

The update v1.2 have a flipped version of the map!

Downloadlink: Klick
Downloadlink (Update v1.1): Klick
Downloadlink (Update v1.2): Klick

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Sergeant Brown
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It looks kinda empty. Add scenery things and it'll be great.
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Old 06-20-2009   #3
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*throws some miscellanious rocks on the map and a pipe or 2 on ground the dog*
theres your scenery xD

On the topic, this a pretty good map. feels like a multiplayer 3d green hill zone with battle. if this were made as a 2d map for the sonic at war mod, it would probably be very epic and awesome. 9.5/10

Reason why it isn't a ten? The map has too many rings, and I'm pretty sure GHZ never had a ceiling. You're also missing trees. Remove/add what is not needed/not in the level then you'll get my 10
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a bee
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How do you grow trees in a cave though? Also, how is the cave even getting any light?

This is just missing stalag/stalactites, rails, and mine carts.
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Sergeant Brown
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How can a hedgehog run at the speed of the sound?
How can a fox have two tails and fly with them?
How can an echidna glide and climb?
How can rings float and protect you?
There's not much logic in SRB2 you see. Same for some other games such as Mario, etc... but I'm getting off-topic. Anyway...

9/10 for the level. Like I said, no scenery at all in here, which is the only bad thing for this level though.
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There and back again~
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Originally Posted by Brown the dog
There's not much logic in SRB2 you see. Same for some other games such as Mario, etc... but I'm getting off-topic. Anyway...
Actually, there's more logic than you think, especially in terms of level design. Mystic has often mentioned how he placed pillars in Aerial Garden Zone for the purpose of making it have realistic foundations... even though the whole level is floating in the sky! Similarly, the transition into the factory in THZ1 and organization of the same factory makes sense. You can see pistons, you can see pumping rooms, etc. This kind of logic may not seem necessary, but it goes a long way to making the level feel right to the player, unless you are specifically going for something surreal.

Judging from the screenshots, the level looks like it lacks any kind of height variation. Playing match on a flat plane becomes kind of boring after a while and will simply boil down to players thokking blindly around in circles to avoid getting hit. Even if you have some platforming in there, it will be unnoticeable if the sectors are too big. Try shrinking it down to size a bit and adding a bit more to the level.
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Originally Posted by JEV3

Playing match on a flat plane becomes kind of boring after a while and will simply boil down to players thokking blindly around in circles to avoid getting hit. .
It becomes boring unless you have more than 15 players to fill the arena with fired rings and targets, but I doubt any server with standard connection would support that much players in that kind of map.
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Old 06-21-2009   #8
Goes by Kirboy in netgames
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Ok, I played it.
My review:


Comment: It was fairly good but overuse of item boxs.(Those secret areas are not to find.)
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Old 06-22-2009   #9
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The Map have secret passages behind some walls! So you can jump into this walls!
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Old 06-23-2009   #10
Sergeant Brown
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Also, there's something in that hidden place aside from boxes.[spoiler:5664feb2c3]An awesome ring! XP[/spoiler:5664feb2c3]
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From what I see here feedback & score wise, I think people need to really play through this level, and spot out the flaws properly.

Ok I just played it and this is my review.

First of all, the majority of the stage is very small, cramped, and the whole cave is light. Caves are meant to be dark, so make it more darker. It's pretty empty in terms of layout as most of the stage is littered with rings which don't float, and item boxes everywhere. The stage itself looks completely bland due to lack of scenery. The use of textures except the DSZ10 & the checkerboard texture were ok, and at least the stage had enough rings to actually play match in.

No offense done here, but I don't think this deserves a 9. I can see you have had a go, and put some effort in the level, but it needs major improvement. To be honest, I'd rate it a 3/10, but I tinkonce you get the hang of level design, I think you could be great in the future as you do have that potential in you, just need to sort out those weaknesses. Have you read the wiki at all for some tips?
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Old 06-23-2009   #12
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Okay, he's totally right. The caves are too bright. Generally, they should be low around the 100s in brightness level. Also, yeah, the Rings don't float. If you have normal DoomBuilder, then I suggest putting on the "Deaf" option for them; if you have SRB2DB, then turn on "Float". And yeah, most of the area is quite empty. If it's to be a Match/Tag stage, it needs to have obstacles to hide behind and the like, as well as hard-to-reach special items (Like an Infinity Ring), so put it atop an area that you need to take a specific path to arrive at.

All-in-all, I give this a 4/10.

Follow this critique and others' to improve further on your level.

I await your next release of the fixes.

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Old 06-29-2009   #13
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S, I have ad a updatet link in the first posting, with a updatet Version of my "GreenHillCave" Map! I have addet two more rooms and flowers and trees on the map!

So, I have add a Update, so that every can play my map normal or flipped! For two other maps I have made it too!
My SRB2-RPG Project: (page in progress)
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Old 07-07-2009   #14


First off, the Homing and Auto Ring should never be in the same map. The combination is terrible. There is a large amount of bland and empty rooms full with rings, unbalanced monitor placements, and you applied a middle texture to most of your linedefs; resulting in "fake" walls that you can pass through, which can be confusing.
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