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I think it would be cool if the elemental shield could set fire to oil slick when rolling over it or being able to burn some of the leafy fields in CEZ1 (the part where you come across a lake in the map where there are leafy fields with rings inside them.)

I think this would be a neat gimmick that could open up more possibilities with level design and hiding valuable items. I.e having a secret entrance to a room filled with a token/extra lives/emblem and covering it with a leaf pile or pile of wood that can be burnt using the elemental shield to get into the pit. Or maybe being able to light torches with it.

And yes I did get this concept from Mania.
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It was already pretty dumb in Mania with giant screen-covering flames everywhere you went, and in 3D it'd be even worse because it's now blocking your field of view while you're right in the middle of it.

Might be neat in a custom mod, though
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We've talked about shield-stage interactions like that before, long before Mania released, and the general problem is that we have five shields and the player can easily lose them. Most players would never even see the interactions in normal play.

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How many oil slicks are even in the game, anyway
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Originally Posted by Goldenhog View Post
How many oil slicks are even in the game, anyway
Just the ones in ACZ, which I believe number about ten.
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Based on the current goof where the character ability trigger is inverted, why not keep this but assign it to 3 new numbers? Could be useful for example like making a lift that takes characters to different floors depending on who you play as.
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Monster Iestyn
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Yeah, that goof was my fault, I introduced it by accident in the early 2.1 patches so I recall. It's going to be fixed for 2.1.20 though.

But yeah, I could implement a deliberate inverting behaviour, but I'm not sure we should bother with that for 2.1 tbh. (2.2 though on the other hand, sure, I'll sort something out)
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I'm sure i'm not the first one to think about this, there's even a mod that added this, It would be nice if characters gained speed by running down slopes, similar to most Sonic games, not just by spinning.
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