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Ya Gal Sal Here (σᴥσ)
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Best solution in my opinion? Just don't put Classic Sonic in it. Classic Sonic's gameplay flaws just stick out even harder after Mania handled controls so well

If I recall correctly, an old interview said that Modern Sonic levels were really tough to design anyway, so working on 2* main gameplay styles just seems like misguided effort, especially since one is unsatisfactory to the people it's supposed to appeal to. Most people interested in playing this are in it for the Modern Sonic gameplay. Most of my qualms with Forces is purely just it being unfocused

(*Custom Hero is fairly similar to Modern so I'm count them as one. Unpopular opinion; I think Custom is actually kinda cool, and it also makes more sense because it's an extension of the existing gameplay. This probably won't happen but imagine if they end up designing the selectable abilities so that they determine what kind of path you take through a level, ala S3K...)
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I have absolutely no problem with Custom and it seems like a good design decision. It's just Classic Sonic that feels like the third wheel in the package.

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Old 2 Weeks Ago   #183
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The issue boils down to them using a 3D game engine designed with 3D environments in mind as a 2D engine for 2D areas. This is a major problem. SRB2 has the exact same issue, we just don't advertise it as anything remotely close to a quality experience.

If Sega wants to attract people using the "Classic Sonic" tagline, they just need to build off the original S3 engine and design a game that we'd actually consider to be "Classic". They could then stick it in a 3D game and use the visual style of the 3D areas and call it a day. The problem is that they repeatedly refuse to do this across the board for whenever they advertise "Classic", making "Classic" Sonic in this and Generations is a total joke.
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Sky The Destroyer
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New song! Aqua Road for the Avatar. Really awesome.
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Music is diverse and catchy so far.
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Oh Fuckles, It's Knuckles!
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I always finding myself coming back to listen to Aqua Road's theme, it's just too catchy!
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I think I made this clear a few days ago, but I pre-ordered the game. I am legitimately interested in this and think only the base level design has significant enough issues to cause concern, and I figure it'll be fun enough either way. I haven't been this interested in a mainline, non-Mania game since Unleashed!
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