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Zaxel's CTF Maps
Version: 1, by Chaolino (ZaxelKTS) Chaolino is offline
Developer Last Online: Jul 2018

Category: Version: SRB2 Rating:
Released: 01-22-2018 Last Update: Never Installs: 0
Multiplayer Levels

There's a bunch of CTF type maps.
Include some special maps like Kirby and Terraria themed maps.
Download and take a look =)

Nš Updates: 1

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File Type: zip (33.13 MB, 268 views)


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Name:	Asgard.jpg
Views:	223
Size:	125.9 KB
ID:	12268   Click image for larger version

Name:	CorruptFields.jpg
Views:	247
Size:	171.1 KB
ID:	12269   Click image for larger version

Name:	Crushcrawfishbase.jpg
Views:	226
Size:	158.9 KB
ID:	12270   Click image for larger version

Name:	dreamland.jpg
Views:	196
Size:	147.3 KB
ID:	12271   Click image for larger version

Name:	magmareef.jpg
Views:	188
Size:	198.2 KB
ID:	12272  

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Name:	reversalinversal.jpg
Views:	190
Size:	150.0 KB
ID:	12273   Click image for larger version

Name:	VertForest.jpg
Views:	167
Size:	264.3 KB
ID:	12274  

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Old 01-26-2018   #2
The unreliable joodge
Whackjood's Avatar

I went ahead and gave these maps a look by myself, and as far as I can tell they check out and seem fine to release from that look, but here are a few notes from things I observed that will help improve your maps.

Your water doesn't use any colormaps. You can use these to add specific color to your water FOFs and match the color of the water when you're inside it.

Your levels don't have any preview images when you go to select them through the menu. You can add these by taking a screenshot of your level, then putting them into the wad file named "MAPxx" where xx is the number of the map.

Vert Forest
While exploring I found this hall of mirrors.

You have far more rings monitors at base than you need, this is a problem because it tips the balance of weapon ring power in favour of weapons like the auto-ring. Also it can cause a problem with runaway victories snowballing in one teams favour if someone collects all seven emeralds and goes super.

Crush Crawfish
Too many rings at base again (also thanks for reminding me that I could never beat Megaman X 3 ;_; )

Magma Reef
Found this Greenflower wall in the sky

None of these changes are essential to get the level passed into releases, but they'll definitely improve the quality of your released levels. If you want to implement these suggestions, upload the new versions here and post in this thread saying you've done so. If not, just post here telling me so and I'll release this wad if my multiplayer test works out.

In the meantime, I'm going to try these maps with a few other people to see if they function fine in multiplayer as intended.
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"The Creeps" (1941)
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Old 01-26-2018   #3

Oh yes! You can release whatever!
I want to upload more versions of this pack and keep adding and upgrading the levels!
Thanks for the advicing, i'll use your tips in the next version release.

In Asgard, the many items in start is intentional, but you cant go back to pick up like :get armed and go fight
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Old 01-28-2018   #4
The unreliable joodge
Whackjood's Avatar

Leaving the posts made when this thread was in submissions so there is a record of the advice given to Chaolino to improve their maps.

Other than that, this functions fine that I've tested it in multiplayer so welcome to releases.

Some additional feedback from Prime 2.0
Zaxel's CTF maps feedback:

Vert forest has a missing texture and slime trail.

Corrupted Fields has slime trails from what look like broken sectors in its central area. Please make sure the sectors there are fully enclosed, and that their linedefs are pointing to the correct sectors.

The blue tower in the crush crawfish base has missing textures.

magma reef zone has a GFZrock texture sitting there in space for no particular reason. Consider making the lava a flag return zone.

Some stages' background music is too loud or too soft. Please boost the volume on Corrupted Fields and (kirby), and slightly reduce the volume of Asgard.

Consider consolidating your MAINCFG lumps. Having a whole bunch of them scattered around is weird.

There's a broken map at the top of the lump list. Please remove it or fix it.

Most of the maps have no deathmatch starts. While the maps don't support deathmatch mode, there should still be at least one for spectators to use, and so the console doesn't print warnings about it.
And associated screenshots given to me with the feedback
Check me out elsewhere~: -Tumblr- -Youtube- -Steam- -MyAnimeList-
Battlenet tag: Whackjood#2732 (Europe)
"The Creeps" (1941)

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