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Mystic Realm v.4.6 (scr_mysticrealm.wad) Details »»
Mystic Realm v.4.6 (scr_mysticrealm.wad)
Version: 4.6, by Mystic (チェン!) Mystic is offline
Developer Last Online: Jan 2019

Category: Version: SRB2 Rating: (7 votes - 4.29 average)
Released: 08-03-2014 Last Update: Never Installs: 10
Single Player Levels SOCs Scripts Sprites/Graphics

Mystic Realm is a level mod for SRB2 with over 30 stages, a bunch of secrets, and a lot of stuff to do. Being originally created in 2003 and last significantly updated in 2006, Mystic Realm is one of the oldest SRB2 modifications. As such, many of the levels here will likely feel dated nowadays after the vanilla game updates included far more interesting single player stages with far more depth. On the other hand, an insane amount of love and devotion was put into this, and while the stages lack in modern size and depth, they do still have it where it counts. If you're looking for a bunch of moderately decent single player content or have a nostalgia for older versions of SRB2, Mystic Realm should last you quite a while.

For those that haven't played this before, emerald collection in Mystic Realm is vastly different from SRB2. Each of the seven main zones has a Mystic Temple hidden in Act 2. Activating the Mystic Temple changes the next stage to a hidden single-act zone of higher difficulty level than the normal zone. At the end of the hidden zone is a chaos emerald and the end level sign, taking the player back to Act 3.

Spoiler: Version History
Version 4.6
  • Ported to SRB2 v.2.1. Thanks to Prime for porting his SOC as usual.
  • Changed the unlockable structure to finally handle the secret stages. You can now access Prismatic Angel and Mystic Realm Zones from the Secrets menu after completing them.
  • Fixed a few minor bugs.
Version 4.5
  • Ported to SRB2 v.2.0 thanks to Ezer.Arch, Kaysakado, Prime 2.0, and SpiritCrusher.
  • Small modifications to the bosses to make them less unfair.
  • Knuckles can climb walls in SPZ and AGZ to prevent unwinnable situations due to his lower jump height in 2.0.
Version 4.4
  • Added unlockables and upped emblem count to 75.
  • Fixed a bunch of random stuff, and made tweaks where I felt it was appropriate.
  • Removed multiplayer stages.
Version 4.3
  • Revamped Jade Coast 1 so that it's no longer as cramped.
  • Added textures to make it possible to see breakable walls. (Thanks, Blaze!)
  • Added Golden Sands Zone for Race mode.
  • Added two CTF stages, one old and one new.
  • Modified several parts of the game to be a little more forgiving and/or because they were unfair to the player.
Version 4.2
  • Revamped Aerial Garden's emerald stage.
  • Levels no longer reset upon dying. Mystic Temples, falling platforms, and switches stay active after the player has died.
  • Various bugfixes and little tweaks. A certain hidden stage will not crash out the game on level load anymore, among other things.
  • Added something a little special ^_~
Version 4.1
  • Added little modifcations to make characters than cannot spin, such as Amy, capable of completing the game with all emeralds.
  • Added some match stages to the pack.
  • Lots of bugfixes and little tweaks. Hopefully Sunken Plant 2 won't SIGSEGV all the time now.
Version 4.0
  • Added two new three-act zones: Tempest Valley Zone and Sunken Plant Zone.
  • Added seven one-act zones to house each of the chaos emeralds.
  • Added a section for when Sonic has all emeralds on Normal or higher.
  • Added emblems to the stages. Try to get all fifty!
  • Retextured Flame Rift Zone and changed the enemies.
  • Added snow pack to Midnight Freeze and changed the enemies.
  • Revamped Aerial Garden Zone completely.
  • Renamed Crawla Isle Zone to Jade Coast Zone.
  • Removed the original SRB2 levels from the rotation.
  • Added a title screen logo by Blaze. Thanks to a441 for fixing the red stars, as well.
  • Added an original soundtrack by RedXVI and Arrow. Thank you both a ton.
  • Generally altered levels to do various things, from game balance to adding scenery.
Version 3.0
  • Added Midnight Freeze Zone.
  • Retextured Verdant Forest Zone and changed the enemies.
  • Retextured Final Zone, and renamed it.
  • Optimized the levels using DoomBuilder.
  • Fixed a lot of texture problems.
  • Changed the powerups a bit around the levels, mostly adding extra lives.
  • Changed the music, and added custom music for Verdant Forest and Aerial Garden, thanks to Arrow.
  • Renamed the pack AGAIN to "Mystic Realm", where it should stay.
Version 2.0
  • Added Flame Rift Zone.
  • Renamed the pack to "Mystic Way".
Version 1.0
  • Initial Release.

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So um, are the floors of Starlight Palace Zone supposed to be the orange version of this texture? (And yes, I lost all my rings immediately after this screenshot was taken)
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