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Default Dynasty Warriors 7(Oh so many titles)

So yeah I know a lot of people don't like dynasty warriors that much due to it being a repetitive game, but I have to say the newest game in the series is a must try. DW7 imo is a big improvement to DW6 and to most games in the series, theres a lot more characters(64 if im not mistaken), and the story mode this time around, is in a way more interesting then it's predecessors, and after beating story mode theres even more to do in conquest mode. One thing that really stood out for me in this game is having the ability to wield any two weapons of your choosing(Provided you have acquired them), another somewhat good improvement is being able to use 2 musou attacks, instead of just one. but despite this all this the game can still get pretty repetitive, but its still a good game, and if they decide to make an 8 I hope it follows in this direction.

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No pics? Blasphemy!!!

Eh I'm a little more interested in Dynasty Warriors Gundam III coming out since they actually fixed more of the mobile suits ((God I love Turn A's combat inprovements)), though I saw some gameplay of this from Rooster Teeth and I have to say thank GOD the battles more interesting. Repetition is just to be expected but certain small features is what keeps this game alive.

I think there's a lock-on feature in this if I'm not mistaken. God how useful that would be when fighting freaking bosses....
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I dunno if you guys know about this or not, but there is a Dynasty Warriors MMO. I've never tried it. It's an action mmo though, meaning no point and click.
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Oh yea I see. But it lagged on my PC and then came a cruel fate for it... Well as for DW7, I'd like to have it if it'll be for PC. I love the series and am proud holder of Dynasty Warriors 4. And New looks for characters are cool.

EDIT: Did you noticed that Dynasty Warriors Online has characters from Dynasty Warriors 5?
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Yeah only bad thing is it wont be for PC, but id love to get this game.
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