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Classic.wad - Classic Momentum and Gameplay (mostly) In SRB2! Details »»
Classic.wad - Classic Momentum and Gameplay (mostly) In SRB2!
Version: 1.1.3 (The Pointy Update), by Rumia1 (Backseat Developer) Rumia1 is offline
Developer Last Online: Jun 2019

Category: Version: SRB2 Rating: (2 votes - 3.60 average)
Released: 11-02-2017 Last Update: Never Installs: 1
SOCs Scripts Re-Useable Content Sprites/Graphics

Do you like the classic Sonic quadrilogy? Do you think that the thok is a horrible gameplay mechanic that should never have been implemented into a Sonic fangame?
Do you want more control over your character? Do you just hate Sonic the Hedgehog in general? Well this may fix some of your problems!

Introducing Classic.WAD! Mainly a LUA script designed to change SRB2 to see what it would be like if Sonic Team Jr. had kept going in the classic direction in terms of gameplay with a pinch of bug fixes to boot!

Screenshots (because the MB's attachment system hates me Also WARNING: several large GIFs )

Here's a full list of what's been changed in the script:
Spoiler: List of changes

-The player now speeds up when running full speed down slopes.
--Except for Silver, because that would just be silly.

-Momentum is now conserved to an extent, without air drag to slow you back down!*
--Except Silver, because he's too slow and has a hard enough time running fast as is.
--You can change this behavior for your character by setting player.hasmomentum to false.

-Spindash changed to charge up like Sonic 2/3K/Mania, with new revving sound effects and fancy spindash animation to go with it!
--You can change your character's animations back to the default by setting player.classicanimations to false and as soon as I implement it, you will also be able to revert to the SRB2 spindash by setting a variable as well.

-Buffed glide acceleration.

-I've also implemented some variables to boost compatibility with custom characters and aim for this to be as compatible as possible with everything that comes out, mainly because I use this mod with everything but also for the sake of everyone else as well.
Spoiler: list of all variables and what they do
-setting player.specialspindash to true will disable the spindash animations for your character, this is for characters like Dirk who have a custom spindash animation or characters like Silver who use the PF_SPINDASH flag for something else.
-setting player.nowalkspring to true will restore the falling animation for your character.
-setting player.classicanimations to false will turn off all of the animation-related settings listed above to false.

-setting player.hasmomentum to false will disable the new slope physics and momentum. Silver has this disabled already because c'mon, he's already struggling to run as fast as he is!
-setting player.nocharge to true will disable the new spindash behavior for your character, in case you have something like Rosy's old peel out or Silver's psy charge.
-setting player.nospinfix to true will disable the new roll-when-landing fix for your character, so your character doesn't get stuck going in one direction.
-setting player.isclassic to false will disable everything that Classic.WAD adds EXCEPT for the spin fix.

-Removed MT_THOK spintrails. If your character has a custom spintrail, don't worry, it'll still show up!
--The same can not be said for revitems, though.

--The spindash's max speed has been nerfed slightly to the speed of the thok, while the minimum speed has been buffed to 25*FRACUNIT
(Putting this here because I can garuntee that people will read the full change log but not everybody will check the known bugs section)

-You can no longer charge a spindash during the race/competition count down.

-You can now land into a roll simply by holding down the spin button while landing rather than having to press the button after you've landed!
--Jumping out of a spin no longer locks your movement to the direction you were moving in before you jumped.

-Everyone has the same stats in all game types (except for Sonic's where, outside of co-op, his base speed has been boosted by 6*FRACUNIT because he's supposed to be the fastest thing alive), I've tried to keep the stats feeling as close to the classic quadrilogy as possible, barring Sonic 1. This can be modified freely using the variable defaultspeed.
--Honestly this was more of a suggestion than a rule because I wanted to see circuit make an honest to goodness return and be fun, but also because it fit within Sonic 3's competition mode's stat adjustments.

-Everyone now has the classic spring animations where you go into walking frames rather than falling frames.

-Everybody can go super in Co-op if you have all the emeralds and have 50 rings. (I'm sorry Mystic)

-I've attempted to remake the bot AI to more closely reflect how he behaves in the classic games, granted this is tricky to fully pull off, but I think you'll find Tails has a much easier time following Sonic than he did previously.

-I've added a console variable to turn on a very basic and buggy camera adjuster fittingly named camadjust, it defaults to off and if turned on adjusts cam_height if you're running up or down a slope to make it easier to see what's ahead of you.
--Due to the nature of the way this was programmed it also ends up changing the height when running up or down stairs which would be fine if the camera didn't jitter with the character, thus why I've turned it off by default. Give it a try anyway!

-Spinning on water no longer causes the player to skim it, sorry sc_heroes and sc_2006 (try jumping off the speed booster instead).

-Removed Sonic's Thok.

*Subject to change When It's Finished™.

Here's the differences between this and the actual classic games, and the list of known bugs:

-There is no air drag mechanic, this could change in the future as slopes become more and more common in map packs and more importantly vanilla, but I figured I'd keep the feature out so this actually has a reason to be used in vanilla maps.

-The spindash doesn't lose charge over time for ease of use due because I felt it would be better for people getting used to the new way to charge it on whatever control scheme they're using, and it also helps when you're trying to adjust your angle while charging up.

-Tails doesn't actually follow Sonic's inputs 1-1 with a 10 frame delay (adjusted for framerate differences) due to lack of knowledge on how to actually do that. I would love to implement this but for the time being this is as good as I could get it. Due to these differences....
--Tails will still jump lower than Sonic if Sonic doesn't do a full height jump.
--Tails will jump to get up to Sonic while he is running up stairs or a slope.


-Ramp sectors act like slopes when you run down them, There's currently no way to fix the distinction between slopes and stairs right now until 2.2, unless someone has some magical workaround for this that I'm unaware of in which case please post this fix to the MB for everyone to use or at least PM me with it.
--The same thing happens with floors moving downward.

-If the player runs on ice and switches sectors, sometimes they will start accelerating towards infinity, I've done my best to fix this and it happens a lot less than it used to with characters like Shadow and Metal Sonic, but it still happens on certain maps.

-Dirk has issues when going above his normal speed when using his Ice Surf ability, so he sadly can not retain momentum while using the ability and that's probably a good thing because Dirk is reeeeeally good on his own.

-Axis2D Has an issue where if you go faster than your defaultspeed or go down a slope, you also start accelerating towards infinity, albiet slower than the ice bug.
--I will try and look at the source code of Axis2D to see if I can fix this myself.

-The 2D gametype is flat out unsupported due to the oddities in how it handles stat reduction, I've tried looking at what it does to normalspeed and it just flat out doesn't make sense
--The "Switch to 2D Mode" linedef action IS supported however, due to the lack of aforementioned stat reduction.

Here's the section where I list all the things I plan to do with the mod at a later date.
-Add a menu accesible by a server admin to be able to enable and disable various parts of the mod
--Add togglable abilities for Sonic ala the Sonic 1/2 mobile ports, Mania, and S3C featuring:
---My soon-to-be-updated DropDash script
---Super Peel-out (needs animations)
---Insta-Shield, which if enabled will replace all vanilla shields with their elemental counterparts (with Saph's permission).

-Skytop Zone by Glaber
-Concrete Jungle Zone by JStheGuy
-Jello Factory Zone by Mystic Cheez
-Sky Labyrinth Zone by Tripel the fox (If for no other reason than to just test the new spindash)

-Sunlit Cavern Zone by BronsoKip
-Sapphire Frost Zone by Glaber
-Snow Summit Zone by SAMMY SWAG
-Atlantis Zone by DarkTechno
-Propulsion Peaks Zone by Inferno Drag
-Pipes of Green Zone by VAdaPEGA
-Illumination Aerie Zone by JMRante

Sonic Surge level pack by Tyler52

The Emerald Isles by Kuja
-Arctic Ravine Zone act 1 (RESOURCE INTENSIVE!)
-Sandtrap Dunes Zone act 1 (Small character reccomendation: Rosy by Katmint)

RidersLevelsSlopes (If you can find this one, go play the levels by themselves with Classic.WAD loaded, this is one of the best map packs to show off the capabilities of this mod.)

-White Acropolis (Skip the snowboard)
-Wave Ocean

Circuit Attack by Swift
-Emerald Isle Zone

Tips and tricks!
-Spin shot
--Find a gap as Sonic and don't think you can cross it? Try a spin shot!
Simply charge up a spindash and immediately press and hold jump as you let go to shoot yourself longer distances than you could just by running. This is extremely useful not only for getting over gaps with the fact that roll jumping no longer locks your movement so you can stop yourself and guide yourself in midair, but also for getting up to speed on straightaways where there's not much blocking your way. The latter part is very necisary for speedrunning and race.

-Spindash flying is still a thing! Charging up a spindash and flying as Tails will allow you to retain the momentum from the spindash as long as you don't mash jump. Even if you do mash jump, it will still net you a lot of distance that you wouldn't get normally simply by using the spinshot or just running up and flying as normal.

-Run down slopes
It's far easier to gain speed simply by running down slopes in the current version of Classic.WAD, doing so will net you a lot more speed than rolling!

-Rolling up slopes
This may sound unintuitive and sound like something that completely goes against all the classic Sonic physics, but doing this may net you a little extra height than you would otherwise gain off of slopes. If you're having trouble with a slope that would normally be clearable in vanilla, try this!

-Have you just hit a spring next to a wall and landed with little to no speed at all? A level 1 spindash will get you right back up to your normal speed within a few frames!


(A.K.A. the Everything Breaks Toei update)
-Fixed a bug where TSonic could move while using his peel-out
-Fixed a bug where TSonic had a fully charged peelout instantly
-Fixed a bug where TSonic entered his run animations too soon
-Fixed a bug where TSonic had an OP as hell thok
-Fixed a bug where TSonic could turn super
-Fixed TSonic
-Only TSonic

-The gravity and scale checks have been removed for this release.
-Fixed a typo where I put in 5*TICRATE instead of 4 for the countdown, making it so you couldn't spindash on "GO" and if you jumped during that time, you would do a non-spin jump no matter which character you were.
-Fixed a bug with the new spring/steam animation fix where the game could not discern between players if they were "sprung"

-Fixed a bug where Dirk could spin while using ice surf
-Fixed a bug where Silver could still be put into a rolling state after slide jumping
-Added some new compatability toggles
-Removed the old spindash behavior entirely, making it so after the race countdown you can charge a spindash
-Fix bug where people playing with skins with a custom spindash animation affected people who weren't
-Disabled new spindash behavior for Greeneyes
-Fixed steam vent/fan animations
-Fixed size/gravity related speed checks

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If you need a guy to help you make a Super Peel Out Animation(s), I'm your guy.
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Backseat Developer
Rumia1's Avatar

Hey there everyone! It's been some time since the last major update to the script and while that is coming, it might be a little while (read: a long while, we'll see if 2.2 is done first.) before that happens. In the meantime, I would like to give an update as to the direction I want to take this WAD

Now some of you might be aware that a certain someone used my code for a compilation WAD of sorts and I know most of you familiar with the WAD of which I speak would like at least some of the features utilized in that mod.
Concerning the usage of my code in the aforementioned mod, I had very little involvement with the direction of the mod although the creator of that mod and I had some very similar ideas for the direction of our respective mods. The most interaction the creator and I had was a conversation where he asked if he could use my code in his mod even though, to my understanding, he had put my code in his mod (several unnecessary times, might I add) long before that. I did have some plans to renovate that mod's code and possibly merge it with my own but those plans have completely fallen through and I am most definitely NOT interested in following through with that AT ALL.

Now for the fun bit, before I was even made aware of the mod's existance I had several ideas for renovating my own mod from about the time of this WAD's release and I will list them out here, some of them may sound familiar but please know I already had plans for these close to the start of the project and I have yet to begin implementing them.
-Add an admin-accessable menu for manipulating various options and tweaks that Classic.WAD implements ala the Sonic 1/2 remasters and Sonic 3 Complete

--Among these options would be things like options to change the spindash behavior from SRB2/CD's to Sonic 2 onwards.

--An option to switch shields from pity shields only, S3K shields, SRB2's shield pool, or all 3. This will take more time since I will now have to replicate the Sonic 3K shields on my own.

--Moveset options including
---Sonic 1 (no spindash, no double jump action)
---Sonic 2 (the current design choice which will also stay as the default)
---Sonic 3K (Insta-Shield added to Sonic 2's moveset, might require me to make my own code)
---Sonic Mania (my DropDash script, tweaked slightly to be a bit more accurate, needs frames)
---S3C's full control (Sonic 2 spindash, Peelout, Instashield)
---Sonic CD (Peelout and spindash)
---Sonic Megamix (Homing attack, spindash, lightdash)
---Vanilla (Thok and spindash, Thok will not retain momentum when landing)

--Running animation options
---Vanilla, Sonic CD and Mania (the latter two need frames)

-Improved Tails AI (already implemented in WIP)
--Takes cues from Sonic 2 where whatever inputs Sonic makes, Tails mimics 15 frames later, ensures that Tails is much more capable of keeping up.
---There are plans to implement the bot being able to fly the player by having the player hold down C1 and double jumping, but this will need its own custom code.

-Better slope detection (thanks to Jameds)
--Thanks to this addition, camadjust will be on by default

-While on the topic of Jameds, I would like to point out that he has done a complete rewrite of my code which I need to figure out how to use. Thank you Jameds!
--He's also done all of the work so far on the menu.

I'm sorry if I got your hopes up with this post but I'm afraid the next update will definitely take a while as I have to basically re-learn coding. I wanted to put this information out there though while the more relevant topics are still somewhat fresh in everyone's minds.

Release date: When it's done™
Originally Posted by Cirno

Last edited by Rumia1; 06-21-2018 at 12:52 AM.
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Stop it
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Originally Posted by Rumia1 View Post
--Takes cues from Sonic 2 where whatever inputs Sonic makes, Tails mimics 15 frames later, ensures that Tails is much more capable of keeping up.
I'd just like to point out that if you plan on using a BotCmd Hook, losing frames WILL desynch this as for some reason this is NOT taken into account (Hook execution will be skipped)??? I had this ruin one idea I had a while ago so I thought I'd let you know as well.
Originally Posted by Bronydude2k5 View Post
If you make me a Sash Lilac wad, I'll make you a sonic sprite hack of any choice.
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Backseat Developer
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Nope, it still uses a BotAI hook.
Originally Posted by Cirno
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Backseat Developer
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Uh oh! Did someone say character specific update time?
... No? Just me?

Well here it is, it's a character specific update for POINTY this time!
Thanks Chrispy!

--------W H A T ' S N E W--------
-Spring animation disabled for Pointy, this is because I don't think it fits for Pointy and he has a different falling animation anyway.
Originally Posted by Cirno
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