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Old 11-27-2018   #1521
Davidchao23's Avatar

Yo'! The name's David. I've been on this forum for a while and for some reason, I never registered. I remember registering before a long time ago, but I'm pretty sure I was one of those people who never followed the rules. Anyways, I've been a fan of SRB2 and always wanted to make WADs, and finally did so for the SRB2Kart mod, which I plan to post soon.
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Old 11-28-2018   #1522
Julie Hikari
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Seeing as I haven't done this at all, I'm Julie Hikari, I've actually been playing Srb2 online ever since 1.09.4 back when I had a Windows XP - I will say I did go under a different name back then- which I already forgotten. Though to be honest, there was a time where I quit playing Srb2 during 2012 for a few years. Basically I was shown Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch which kind of drove me away from Srb2 for a while- but now its the opposite. I got bored of it which eventually lead me back to here, back at home to start over.

(Sorry for the lengthy message)
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Old 11-29-2018   #1523
I do things, I guess
FabulousNinji's Avatar

Hey there! I'm Ninji and I draw things sometimes. I've been playing SRB2 for a couple years—during the era of UglyKnux—but never bothered to join the forums until now. I also like spicy foods and music of all kinds, especially Sonic music and generally jazzy tunes. That's about it, I guess.
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Old 11-29-2018   #1524
GEO-ACO's Avatar
Default lazy person, goes as geo in netgames.

Yo, it's GEO-ACO
I first found srb2 by a youtube poop I saw back when I was very young, i first wanted to download it iirc back in early 2010's but my mom didn't know how. But in late 2015, I downloaded the game myself after all those years and..
I absolutely love this fangame, it's one of my favorites along with Super Smash Flash 2. However, back then I saw a good chunk of good srb2 servers, now I barely see any. I do play kart though, dw. So uh, yeah I really love metal sonic.
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Old 12-03-2018   #1525
Unlimited Trees
I'm the coolest
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I am Unlimited Trees.

I make video games.
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Old 12-04-2018   #1526
Professor Sheepkitty
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Professor Sheepkitty, reporting in!

Been a fan of Sonic since the early days, and started getting into SRB2 around the time when GFZ 1, 2, 3, and THZ 1 were all that was available.

I never played it much, but always stayed on top of the updates. It wasn't until 2.1.14 that some friends and I began to play in earnest and never looked back. All sorts of level packs, character wads were played through, and even SUGOI and SUBARASHII have become group activities in themselves!

Always been a bit shy though, so joining the forum took quite some time. Happy to be here, and hello everyone!

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Old 12-04-2018   #1527
Dudu the dog
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hello my name is Denis i am 14 i love srb2 and srb2 kart so much but i cant make a wad for it :( but still i belive sometime i will can do it i like to play draw welp i hope we can be best friends >:3
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Old 12-14-2018   #1528
Victor Rush Turbo

Hello! My name is Victor. I've been a fan of the Sonic the Hedgehog series since I was 5. I first heard about Sonic Robo Blast 2 when I watched a YouTube user named "RichterBelmont12" do a playthrough of the game. I started playing the game around late 2011 and got into it really fast once I knew you could play online. The Race gametype is actually where I got the "Rush Turbo" part from since I would play it constantly.
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