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Default How to put a stage after the credits?

I've been using Gaga Hax's SRB2 Hub map and love it. I didn't like it being the default first stage, however, so I fixed that. Now, though, I'm wanting to put it after the credits end so that after you beat the game, you're brought there and given access to the level select, chaos emeralds, etc. Is there a way to do this? I tried changing the level header, but it clearly doesn't work that way for the credits. The level ID for the credits is 1102, so I assumed if I did:

Level 1102
NextLevel = 137

(137 being the level number for the Hub map), it would accomplish this. After trying to skip directly to the credits using the console based on the level ID, though, it wouldn't read it. I also used the "showmap" command during the credits to see what it would show me to no avail. Anyone know how I could do it? I'd really enjoy having it as a post-game bonus.
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Zwip-Zwap Zapony
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The credits is not a map. Either make the "last" stage go directly to the hub, or make the hub an "unlockable" or such that you get from completing the normal last stage (and by that I mean like vanilla SRB2's unlockable stages that you can play from the unlockables menu, but not from the singleplayer games).

Technically, I think that you can just have the "last" stage go to the credits, then once the player completes the "last" stage, the hub will be available in the "level select" in the save selection for the completed save if you mark the hub as being a singleplayer level, but this behaviour is one I'd like not to exist (because in the The Mystic Realm level pack, this means you can go directly to special stages after completing the last stage, as well as go to Sonic-exclusive "extra" stages as any character, even without all of the Chaos Emeralds required for Sonic to go there normally). But this behaviour is here (at least for now), so you can do this if you want to, I guess.
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Ya, I don't think it's possible. The credits sequence automatically goes to the evaluation screen which automatically takes you to the title screen. If you're not modifying the source code, the only way to circumvent this is to make a "fake" credits sequence with an empty map and Lua that takes you to the level you want once it's done.
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