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Default *Fixed Issue* [SRB2PLC] String Not Finding Even Though in File

This Lua script I'm working on requires SRB2PlusC. I'm having an issue where string.find isn't finding my string in the text file that I've created, even though it is there. As a result, the string is still written to the file, even though it is not supposed to. This issue happens on both string.find and string.match.

local function SavePlayerIDList(player, closefile)
	if foundrpgserverdata
		OpenPlayerIDList(player, "r+")
		local linenum = {}
		for line in rpgfilelist.snrpg.playerlistfile:lines()
			table.insert(linenum, line)
		local printedplayeridlistfile = tostring(rpgfilelist.snrpg.playerlistfile:read())
		if (linenum[1] == nil)
			rpgfilelist.snrpg.playerlistfile:write("*Sonic New RPG Mod Player ID List*\n")
		for lineCount = 2,lastuseridline
			player.firstuseridlinestring = "User #" + player.userid + " = " + player.userchecknum + "\n"
			player.firstuseridlineresult = string.find(printedplayeridlistfile, player.firstuseridlinestring, 1, true)
			if (player.firstuseridlineresult == nil)
				rpgfilelist.snrpg.playerlistfile:write("User #" + player.userid + " = " + player.userchecknum + "\n")
		if (closefile == true)
			ClosePlayerIDList(player, "r+", true)
EDIT: Nevermind, I came up with a fix. The issue is that I should instead execute string.find inside of a variable, and check that variable.

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