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Default A quick thanks to the dev team, old and new

After seeing the post made about the history of SRB2 over the last 20 years, as well as the new 2.2 trailer, i felt that i should thank the developers, both current and retired, for essentially shaping my childhood and my love for Sonic and its community.

One random day, i somehow found out about SRB2's origins as a DOS game in 1998, and it blew my mind. Not only that it started out as a DOS game, but also that it had come so far from the Halloween demo that lacked finalised sprites, mechanics, movement... just about everything.
As i researched the history of the game more and more, my mind was blown time after time, over the cryptic secrets added like the "Hell Zone" and "Hyper" Sonic, how much the game had changed over time, and how the game had constantly broken its own limits and bent the DooM engine to its will, to create unique and fun mechanics, movement, levels, and more.

SRB2 shaped my childhood massively. It was the game that made me interested in the development of games and how much games change over the course of it. It was the game that made me interested in the community behind Sonic, with the unique mods, characters, addons, and more. It was the first Sonic game i personally owned, so to speak, and was my biggest major exposure to him at the time. So, to the developers of SRB2, old and new, i thank you for being such a massive part of my life. Thank you.
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