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Version: the first, by Rapidgame7 (nil) Rapidgame7 is offline
Developer Last Online: Jan 2018

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Released: 01-13-2018 Last Update: Never Installs: 0

This addon lets you become a flashing ball of color!
Something like hyper.txt but this isn't hyper.txt.

Spoiler: Images (Seizure warning?)
You can do stuff like this

Or this

You can make eye-pleasing transitions

Or be an asshat

Why even use hyper.txt

...when you can do this!

Who even uses hyper.txt lol

Spoiler: Usage
The command, colorblink, takes a variable amount of arguments.
Each argument is built in a specific way.

Colorblink expects that each argument has a color as an index, a minus sign (-), and a duration in tics, and lastly a space to separate each argument.

Let's analyze the example input:
$colorblink 4-10 1-8
If you were to use this command, you would become white for 10 tics, then black for 8 tics.
The first argument (4-10) has a color, a separator and a duration. This tells the script that the first color to change to is going to be white (4) for a duration of 10 tics.
The second argument (1-8) tells the script that the second color to change to must be black (1) for a duration of 8 tics.

That's it.

Spoiler: Commands and Cvars
colorblink <...>
Usage found above. Lets you start flashing colors.
It loops.
Use "clear" as the only argument to stop colorblink on you.

colorblinkvisual <0-3>
0 - Show nothing.
1 - Shows a grid of colors you can use, each color shown as a colored sprite with an index number below it.
2 - Shows a scrolling list at the bottom left with the colors you chose for colorblink. It will show "empty" if you have no set colorblink.
3 - Show both of these.

Probably planned:
  • Team color restrictions
  • Maybe add a spoiler block here with good and cool color choices

Players joining your server will be presented with a tiny epilepsy warning. They just have to open the console and type "agree", nothing special.
If you are playing singleplayer/splitscreen or you are the host, you pretty much automatically agree to it, so the screen won't be shown to you.

That should cover everything.

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