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Broken Knuckles (Beat the game by only gliding) Details »»
Broken Knuckles (Beat the game by only gliding)
Version: 1.0, by SeanTG246 (Chiaki Nanami Fanatic) SeanTG246 is offline
Developer Last Online: Dec 2018

Category: Version: SRB2 Rating: (1 votes - 3.20 average)
Released: 09-13-2017 Last Update: Never Installs: 0
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Before we start explaining the details of the wad, big credit to Razor & Zenon for the concept, original version, and original version of the somewhat backstory in the section below, I'm just the guy who made a SRB2 version of it.

Robotnik sent a chain email to Knuckles, it said the folllowing: "Send this email to ten friends of yours, otherwise you'll die if you try to use the power of the movement keys to move while standing, running, rolling, gliding or jumping."

I got bored and decided to try making some challenge wad, because I love to torture myself!

As you can probably infer from the short story, if you try to move using the forward, back, or strafe keys, you die, which also applies to when climbing on the walls. Pretty simple concept, right?

The challenge is to use your restricted powers to find ways or paths to beat the stages with.
Here's a little thing I discovered while playtesting and think it may help you.

Press the spin button when on the wall then quickly glide back on, you'll get a slight height boost. You probably won't notice the difference until you do it continuously.

After hours of playtesting, I can say it's possible to beat the vanilla game like this. It just isn't easy.

To make your life easier, you can't drown or run out of air in space, so don't worry about stopping for it.

Oh, and one more thing: this wad is not recommended for Match or similar game modes, but you're free to use it and challenge Knuckles players if you want to.

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Old 09-16-2017   #2
The unreliable joodge
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This is incredibly silly. But hey, it's a challenge wad comparable to that of the Super Sonic Challenge released a few years back

As far as I can tell, there's no way to beat the Metal Sonic race legitimately. But... As you can't drown, the race can't kill you anyway. If it turns out it's possible though and someone proves me wrong, then that's impressive.

Anyway, welcome to releases.
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Old 09-16-2017   #3
GreenKnight9000's Avatar

Knuckles can now become Cuckles, he cucks your movement.
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Old 09-16-2017   #4
Black SpaceShip Tail
The Glaceon Maid
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So basically, this mod is about kinda like this...

Knuckles can't move because his legs is broken and can't walk at all. He has been infected with a virus that when he walks or climb up,left,right or down, he dies. So to go through the area, he has to glide around because he can't do much except glide and jump.

Anyways.. it's a great mod it's basically nice to see a challenge upon people to test themself that if they can beat ulimate mode that they can try and beat this without walking or climbing.
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Old 09-17-2017   #5
GreenKnight9000's Avatar

Originally Posted by Black SpaceShip Tail View Post
it's basically nice to see a challenge upon people to test themself that if they can beat ultimate mode that they can try and beat this without walking or climbing.
You sadistic bastard

That's genius, ULTIMATE MODE + THIS
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Old 10-08-2017   #6
Raze C
The Not Proud
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Ehh... should i say that this is a good work?
Anyway, i should, because i guess it doesn't matter how many silly it is, you wasted some minutes... Good work :D
Originally Posted by LakeFeperd
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