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Old 05-26-2018   #321
Wizard 1.0 is SRB3!
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Default It's Been Quite a Journey.

This is the biggest post-polish update of Morning Heights posted here. There is still much to be done, but I figured I would post this version here for updating purposes.
The update includes:
Finalized Map Layout: The map layout of Morning Heights is finalized - it will not change from this. It's a bit different than the previous version.
Finalized Spawn: All 32 playerspawns have been placed. There is a ring in front of each so everyone starts with one ring.
Lighting: The entire map is now dynamically lighted, instead of just being set at max brightness - it will constantly get brighter until the final area.
Water: There is water now. Yay.
Emblems: There is one global emblem and two character specific emblems hidden in the map - Sonic and Knuckles specifically.
Token: There is also one token hidden inside the map.
And more little things not mentioned here.
Can I submit a finished map and not a half-finished one before the submission date? Will it be judged as a not-trash map and maybe looked on positively (though I highly doubt it)? Will Morning Heights finally have some sort of flower decorations and stop looking so bland?
Find out next time on KAWAIII Z.
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Local stage hazard
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I ended up making one last update (available in the original post once again) to fix things I really should have done earlier:
-Added a small step so that Knuckles can properly make that one blue spring jump in the first river area.
-Added the 31 other player spawns.
-Added a level select picture.
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Ya Gal Sal Here (σᴥσ)
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Just a reminder: there's only approximately 12 hours until the KAWAIII polish deadline is up! See you soon!
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friendly tip for OGL compatability, which, while isn't needed, is highly recommended by me: use v.drawScaled instead of v.draw with V_SMALLSCALEPATCH and V_MEDSCALEPATCH. While it works the same in software, (after adjusting the screen coordinates to fit an actual scale), this actually allows for things to be viewed the same in opengl as in software.
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Old 05-26-2018   #325
Happy person

Cosmic Valley
Update 1.10 I don't believe I done it with my thin schedule.

Change Log:
Added new enemy: UFO,
Almost complete texture overhaul (Temples and Flat textures are same),
Complete overhaul of Skybox (Small edit of sky texture, added detail into mountains),
Added Emblems,
Removed/Tweaked Routes.
Added missing stuff from first release. (~~Level select Stuff, etc.)

Download link of updated wad is in Original post:

Edit 1:
Quick Hot fix:
I forgot to delete few tags on few sectors.

Edit 2:
Quick Hot fix:
Few oversights.
also I did this like in 5 am, even trought nobody cares.

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Old 05-26-2018   #326
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Updated Acidic Alpines one more time.

I decided to remove v2's hallucination mechanic, and instead just stick with the rainbow effects that were in the first version. There wasn't enough time for people to give feedback on the new mechanic and I honestly don't really like it that much myself. The camera swing has also been reverted to its v1 speed—I know some people found it hard to platform with it, but that was kind of the point. I've kept v2's reduction in flashiness though so hopefully that should mitigate the annoyance a bit as well as protect people from seizures.

Lumps changed from v2 were the map itself and LUA_LV35. Click here to see the lumps I changed from v1 to v2.
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Uninteresting the Character
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Seems like there was yet another very minor problem with the map's visuals (more specifically the small cave in the last part) so I pushed out yet another hotfix to deal with this issue. This should be the very last update to my map before the polishing period comes to an end.

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My horrendously-outdated WAD Vault
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Old 05-26-2018   #328
Or call me Revan
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Final update for Raspberry Desert:

  • Added a blue spring at the mace part, so there will be no more "confusing difficulty"
Want dedicated Graphics for a low price? (Hiatus)

Click this link!


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Old 05-27-2018   #329
lord of gradius music
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did a big ol' update to Nova Shore

changelog: a lot

please send me as many last-minute bug reports as possible

EDIT: gave the spike shooters sfxinfo definitions
something goes here

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Old 05-27-2018   #330
LJ Sonik

Updated Green Hill Zone (modified LUA_CORE and added a level picture)
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Old 05-27-2018   #331
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Default Verdant Valley: Last Update

This is the final version for VVZ, we made it!

-Now uses V1.3.2 of Emerald Hunt Advanced, which means the radar has sound cues now!
-Expanded the map a bit, and now there are more rooms!
-Bumped up the time emblem requirement just a bit.
-Added a single new emblem in the expanded caves, bringing the in map emblem tally up to four.

And with that, I should be finished with updates for this.
Originally Posted by GreenKnight9000 View Post
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Old 05-27-2018   #332
Tripel the fox
Community GU GU GUUUUU~
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One more update for Arle Satan Bayoen Zone Act Tsuu.
Now every player needs to either beat Satan or get a game over and not continue once any player has completed the level in order for the it to end (assuming players for exit is all). The maximum number of players has also been increased to 18.
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Originally Posted by SSNTails View Post
Seriously? You need MORE space? Even EggRock doesn't go that large...
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Wizard 1.0 is SRB3!
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Default So, this is it. The final product, the finished map.

What an adventure, huh? From knowing nothing about mapmaking to coming out more experienced than ever. Hopefully the next map created will be much better than this.
The only thing I have to say about the update itself is that there's full emblem support for extended play. There is much more to it not mentioned, though.
I hope that people will still find this fun to play.
I'm so tired. This map has drained me.
Good night.
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Old 05-27-2018   #334
Ya Gal Sal Here (σᴥσ)
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Ah, looks as if the polish phase is done! It's now time to see who won awards. Our nominees for the Sneaker award are--


We arrive in another dimension, to another time and place...

SRB2 is thriving, and mass amounts of creators are making metric tons of unique maps. However, Lua gets underused in spite of this. A new community project is formed about creating bosses, to revive interest in this dying language...

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Old 05-27-2018   #335
Wizard 1.0 is SRB3!
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I waited to see what would happen at the exact deadline.

I've been politefully bamboozled.
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Emblem Radar Ready
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So that's why Boss stages had to be held off back then.
SRB2TP (The Past) 1.08 Now Avaiable
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Backseat Developer
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I'm late but I'm late because I had to rework the ending of my level, I also needed to finish drawing an object for the map, and had a loooot of difficulty figuring out how to insert an emblem!
Yeah... making maps is fun...!

Download: (Attatched)
Title: Oceanside Cave Zone
-Music: Money Money Money - Talesweaver, ported to SMW by worldpeace
SFX: Radio Funk - Sonic OVA Reconstruction by MrKingalocious

-Background: Kirby's Dream Land 3 - Island/Beach, ripped by GvS

-Horizontal springs + fixes by DirkTH and Lach respectively, thank you both so much

-TehRealSalt and the rest of SUGOI Team for making all of this possible and for giving me an excuse to make my first map, I would've never Shut Up and Got On It otherwise.

Notes: I couldn't figure out how to get the one emblem in the entire map to work, could you please fix this. (yes I tried making a seperate gamedata)
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Originally Posted by Cirno

Last edited by Rumia1; 05-27-2018 at 06:52 AM.
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gender collector
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Aww heck, I put all that cardboard together just to find out we're doing bosses now instead? Welp, time to rip everything up and start again
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Old 05-27-2018   #339
funyn menme
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I didn't get the chance before because of school picking up for finals, but this is perfect timing now. I'll be sure to create a mediocre monster befitting of everyone's tastes
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Old 05-27-2018   #340
The one and only!
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Wait, do we have to make a boss now?
Considered Milestones:
Hit a 180 Rail shot
1st person to have a map in releases with Slopes
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