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You designed the level. You know all the tricks necessary to get there.
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Originally Posted by Kyasarin View Post
You designed the level. You know all the tricks necessary to get there.
Exactly. There are ways to get all 7 emeralds as Sonic. But it doesn't stop it from sucking though.
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Goes by Kirboy in netgames
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Single Player Levels

Single Player:
Gothic Gardens Zone, Act 1 by VX501
4/10: It is a good try.
What I really liked about the level : none
What I really hate about the level : A bit cramped, a little weird platforming for buttons hunting, Enemies at the top of the red spring at the end, and the turret at the end.

Graceful Coast Zone by D00D64
5/10: This really could have gotten a 7-9
What I really liked about the level : Scenery ! Music changed when I dropped !
What I really hate about the level: Way too hard with Sonic, Water and stone gimmick.

Refurbished Gadgetry Zone by SonicMaster :
na/10: haven't beat it yet

Magma Core Zone, Act 2 by Blade:
10/10: Man, I really wouldn't mind playing this over and over!
What I really liked about the level: Keeps you on your toes, Has nice a nice Sonic flow that keeps you moving.
What I really hate about the level: Over-usage of the same traps.

Multiplayer Levels

Match: I haven't done match enough and I don't think I will.

MAPF1 - Canyon CTF Zone by Eggmanfan
0/10: Are you serious?

What I really hate about the level: Not enough rings,(and they're not deaf) too many hazards, Very very cramped.
As a friend told me :
There so many things that kill you...What is the point of the OTHER team?
MAPF2 - Ancient Arboretum Zone by Com Rante
6/10: Where is everybody?
What I really liked about the level: Oh man, was this level pretty!
What I really hate about the level :It is way too big!
(As soon as you see the flag holder he darts away and you never see him again... If only this was tag or H&S it would be a lot better) Oh, and one of the player starts is off and you get stuck outside the thok barrier .

MAPF3 - Red River Zone by darkbob1713
4/10: This map felt completely normal...
What I really liked about the level: None
What I really hate about the level :I can't see anything underwater...

MAPF4 - Sunshower Canyon Zone by D00D64
5/10: The fps is mostly why the score is low.(Fix'd)
What I really like about the level : Scenery again!
What I really hate about the level very wide gaps,
fps lag (Railers paradise!)

MAPF5 - Techno Laser Zone by KO.T.E
8/10: This level seems VERY well tested :P
What I really liked about the level : Multi-paths that only certain sizes can pass,I think this is level uses scale very well
What I really hate about the level : Tiny players with scatter rings :/
Join errors,sometimes Sigsev's

MAPF6 - Iron Turret Returns Zone by Neo
8/10: Wow, It seems huge!

What I really Liked about the level: Bounce ring shines!
What I really hate about the level: It is hard to access some places like in the base going to the tower or underground

MAPF7 - La Villa Strangiato Zone by Penopat
What I really like about the level: I don't know
What I really hate about the level: It is too big! It makes it hard to find the flag holder.

Circuit: They are both terrible.

MAPR1 - Frostbite Peak Zone by RedEchidna 4/10
Ok, This map is very very confusing,half the time I had no clue where I was going. This map gets a +5 for graphics -1 for how smooth it goes.

MAPR2 - Egg Flower Zone by Mach 3/10
Ok.... This is better, but it is very ugly. +4 for how smooth it goes 0 for graphics. -1 Because of the grouped ? boxes making an easy for teleports.
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MAPF5 - Techno Laser Zone by KO.T.E
9/10: This level seems VERY well tested :P
I really disagree with this score. The level was a terrible mess in netgames, and the sizes are terribly unbalanced and there's absolutely no advantage to being normal-sized or large. The layout is awkward and the door idea is pretty lame.
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Goes by Kirboy in netgames
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Originally Posted by Kyasarin View Post
There's absolutely no advantage to being normal-sized or large. The layout is awkward and the door idea is pretty lame.

If you are large there is a path you can take that takes you pretty much to the flag immediately . And the reason for the high score is because there are many paths you can take because your "X" size. Yes, being small makes you hard to hit but you can't go very far or fast.
[Sp47]you know what would be cool,
[Sp47]if they made mobile devices that didn't lag.
[Lumo]my ipod is flawle-
[Lumo] Sorry ipod froze there.

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Originally Posted by Srb2kirbyo View Post
What I really hate about the level very wide gaps,
fps lag (Railers paradise!)
There are actually 3 ways to cross the gap; the wooden bridge, the water drain, and the red springs can get you to the other side with a charged spindash/thok. The lag is most likely client-side due to rain, and can be lowered. Go into video options. There's an option to lower rain frequency and draw-in distance. This may also clear lag in other rainy areas (CEZ).

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Sergeant Brown
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Well, here's mah Review of the 1st OLDC, the SP review, to be exact. MP will come up tomorrow... I hope.

Gothic Gardens 1: This felt more like a Testing act rather than a real one. It's cramped, has an unnecessary 2D part, and isn't a garden at all. Also no scenery things, but it isn't THAT bad: In fact, the platforming in here is quite good. If this was your first map then it seems you know the basics and some other things. You might wanna redo your map. 2/10.

Graceful Coast: In short, an act with cheap enemy placement and a **** up Gimmick. While I agree it's beautiful and the musics are great, it doesn't even get halfway. The enemies are so badly placed, like putting those Green Snappers on cliffs, or Turrets (both of those 2) that shoot you at unexpected places. And that "PRECISE spring jumping over mines" Gimmick is simply an ******* that no matter how much you try, you'll never get to fight Eggman (ergo, get 50 rings to the end) because of it. (I apologize for typing such rude words, but that was what I had in my mind.) 3/10.

Magma Core 2: Putting it simply, it's a "spiced up" version of Red Volcano, with rocks falling for no apparent reason and lots of fire coming out of nowhere, too. The In-Game Cutscene also gained my appeal, but those new enemies are very annoying, considering they are often put in cramped places. 8/10.

Refurbished Gadgetry: K, it's nice to have some originality in the names, but yours doesn't make any sense, since we don't see a gadget getting refurbished in the act. That being said, let's get this over with.
What I find out after playing both paths is that the reversed paths are more difficult than the normal paths. But I also saw lots of gimmicks in here; gimmicks that some, unfortunately, don't seem to execute well. Nevertheless, it was a nice try. 6/10.
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Originally Posted by Brown the dog View Post
Gothic Gardens 1: This felt more like a Testing act rather than a real one. It's cramped, has an unnecessary 2D part, and isn't a garden at all. Also no scenery things, but it isn't THAT bad: In fact, the platforming in here is quite good. If this was your first map then it seems you know the basics and some other things. You might wanna redo your map. 2/10.
I guess, being my first stage, it might be seen by some as an experimental map. Just a good thing I didn't put it in Submissions yet...

Actually, it isn't as cramped anymore. The entire stage's scale (Excluding Control Sectors) has been increased by half. The 2D area is gone now, and the concept has slightly changed since it was entered. It isn't known as Gothic Gardens anymore.
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MAPM1 - Battle Forest Zone by Aaron
Ok, this level played great but there are a few things I want to point out:
  1. 1. Don't throw moniters every where, make the level look sorta sloppy.
  2. 2. I noticed that some of your weapon rings wasn't deaft, fix that if you don't mind.
  3. Add a color map to the water, it looks ugly with out one, while you are at it, mind making it transparent and making the yellow springs blue?
Other then that, this level is good.

MAPM2 - Misty Mesa Zone by fawfulfan
Cool level you got here, but I have a few things I think you might want to fix:
  1. Makethe caves a bit less cramped. right now some of them are quite small.
  2. Place more rings in the big flat area. there seems to be none out there.
  3. Mine making another path way to the weapon rings? It seems sorta unfair that sonic users have to use the rope pully to get to them.
Other then that, this level is great.

MAPM3 - Acid Comet Zone by D00D64
Ok... This level is sorta cool with how you did the slime. but here is my list of thing that I think should be fix'd:
  1. Make the slime either only drain ring or hurt you. doing both is VERY annoying.
  2. Make the metal walls be able to be climbed. I am a knuckels user and I find it anoying that you can't climb them.
So yeah, cool level.

MAPM4 - Icicle Warehouse Zone by glaber
Ok, this has better layout then you othere maps but there is still some thing that I think need to be changed:
  1. Don't put so many weapon rings so close together, it makes it so that no one has to worry about running out of ammo and give better players the upper hand.
  2. When playing this level it felt a bit cramped in the bridges and the buildings.
I am quite glad it wasn't another GS :>

MAPM5 - Volcanic Desolation Zone by Scizor300
Ew, this level has alot of room to be improved. Here is my list of things that I think need to be changed:
  1. The level is VERY flat and wide open making it a great place to be sniped for the higher parts of levels.
  2. Add grass pegging, the map looks ugly without it. And it helps show where a new platform starts.
  3. Don't put so many rings on the towers. Makes it a key place for snipers to go and rail without worring about ammo.
  4. This isn't gonna effect your grade, but why did you put GFZ and THZ senery here? It clashes with the feel of the level.
So yeah, that's it.

MAPM6 - Azure Lake Zone by KO.T.E
Ok, I MAY know a few resons this level didn't play as good as I thought it would:
  1. This level was built in the 1.09.4 era, I just ported it sense it wasn't symetrical thinking that it would fit ME, guess I was wrong.
  2. Yeah, I guess you guys are right, I DID put to many ammo rings in the level. But at that time we didn't have the weapon ring walkthrough so I didn't know better.
  3. You guys are right, the part behind all of the other cliffs is a bit cheap. I'll fix that before SRB2&K is released.
So yeah, I may just rework the hole map.

MAPM7 - 30 Minute Zone by RedEchidna

Heh, even though this was made in 30 mins this level is very cool, But there is a few thing that I think needs to be changed:
  1. Don't make it have springs be the only way to get to higher plantforms. I makes it a key time to be sniped.
  2. Uh, mind making the emerald spawn points lower down? right now the only way for knux to get them is by climbing up a wall and gliding/jumping to them.
  3. Don't throw monitor boxes every where, it looks tacky.
  4. REDWALL does not look good as a sky. D:
Nice level realy.


CTF and Race votes coming soon.
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I bet you can't make a face as crazy as this!
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Originally Posted by Coat View Post
MAPM7 - 30 Minute Zone by RedEchidna




Yay for randomly throwing sectors around anyways! The emerald thing was me throwing them in there at the last minute. (I literally had 5 minutes to go when I remembered them, and I forgot what the height was supposed to be X.X) Every problem can be traced to RUSHING YAY.
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Refurbished Gadgetry Zone by SonicMaster - 6/10
The level of polish and detail I've come to expect from a Sonic Master level just wasn't here this time. The only things were springs, the player, and rings. Almost like it was trying to be ERZ or RVZ. For playing upside down I went to first person mode, bound on X with third person on C.
I could even walk backwards in one of the zoom tubes.

MAPM1 - Battle Forest Zone by Aaron 6/10
Name reminded me of Battle Woods

MAPM2 - Misty Mesa Zone by fawfulfan 4/10
Too much space.

MAPM3 - Acid Comet Zone by D00D64 7/10
I wonder what would happen if the acid missile hit it.

MAPM4 - Icicle Warehouse Zone by glaber N/A
My stage, Got a better in game tune?

MAPM5 - Volcanic Desolation Zone by Scizor300 4/10
It was meh.

MAPM6 - Azure Lake Zone by KO.T.E 6/10
where where the pannels?

MAPM7 - 30 Minute Zone by RedEchidna: 0/10
the host switched out of this level as soon as it loaded

MAPF1 - Canyon CTF Zone by Eggmanfan 0/10
Utter FAIL. Way too narrow, too many rock spawner, the oil was not slippery, and there were not enough regular rings.

MAPF2 - Ancient Arboretum Zone by Com Rante 8/10
We actually went into OVERTIME here.

MAPF3 - Red River Zone by darkbob1713 5/10
Put on some CTF starts man. I spawned at the red team base while on the blue team in round 1.

MAPF4 - Sunshower Canyon Zone by D00D64 7/10
Nice but laggy. Good level design too

MAPF5 - Techno Laser Zone by KO.T.E 2/10
You had to shrink to get through the alt paths? There WERE alt paths? Never use this gimmick again with doors like this.

MAPF6 - Iron Turret Returns Zone by Neo 8/10
Return it did. Neo proves that even cut levels with a bit of tweaking can make a return.

MAPF7 - La Villa Strangiato Zone by Penopat 6/10
It was good, But next time I play here, I'm getting those emeralds.

MAPR1 - Frostbite Peak Zone by RedEchidna N/A
MAPR2 - Egg Flower Zone by Mach N/A
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DOOD, your Match levels' evaluation was hands down hilarious, it was that accurate and funny.

On that note...


Battle Forest Zone by Aaron 4/10

Too many rings. The rings more seperate and decreased. It has already been pointed out already to lower the ammo count on the grenades.

The layout is very boring. You could add more to the caves you already have and make some caves where the bridge is. The three way bridge seems a bit weird and does not really seem to fit in the level. How about making either one bridge or two different bridges that lead to a different are from each other?

You could actually add more trees and make them unaligned with each other.

Just a bit more changes and this level will be a bit better.

Misty Mesa Zone by fawfulfan 3/10

Not only it is very hard to find your opponents, rings are almost non-existant in this level.

Try adding a heatwave effect to the level to give it a "misty" effect.

You can also make the mountain in the middle larger along with the caves.

Try adding a lot more rings to the surface. Like it was pointed out symmetry does not work well in this level especially if the weapons are located all the way to the other side of the stage.

Try adding the weapons to the main part of the stage. You do not really need to have those isolated mountains, the space in this level is too huge and causes crashes.

You could also use the pulleys for something else in the level, it does not need to be used for taking you somewhere WAY off when you are an easy target.

If you have any new ideas to add more to this level I highly suggest trying more things out also.This map is not as good as it could be yet but it can still get there.

Acid Comet Zone by DOOD64 6/10

I really like what ideas you have for this level, but you could change the interior of the metallic area some though.

As you already stated in a post the monitors are imbalanced and should be fixed.

I would suggest adding rising acid and some more rocky areas near the acid also.

I do not really have that much to say, somethings were already stated.

Icicle Warehouse Zone by glaber 7/10

The layout of this level was great, it is just the ammo placement needs to change though. Grenades and bounce rings own in this level, they should be made more scarce.

Volcanic Desolation Zone by Scizor300 1/10

Ladies and Gentlemen, BEHOLD! Sniper haven! Where you can get shot on the ground and out of the air unexpectedly from a certain platform way above the water .

Besides the surplus of ammo here the level is pretty empty and there is no point in going to the area near the volcano.

Again everything has been said about this level.

Azure Lake Zone by KO.T.E 3/10

Everything has been said about this level also.

There are too much ammo, the ammo seems out of place at times, you are constantly jumping to get around the level, the outside area makes scoring easy, the quicksand lake is a bit out of place, and this level seems to small.

The way you had the trees was great, I suggest thinking about using them in a way when you revise your level.

30 Minute Zone by RedEchidna 2/10

Watch people for the monster at the bottom of the level! It will eat you alive!

This was actually pretty decent for a level worked on for 30 minutes, but it is not really fun at all. Try adding more to the level to make some improvements as a start, because there is not really much to this level at all. When you go try to get back up from the bottom of the stage or even go down there you can get mauled if you leave a person down there alone THEN decide to go down there, this needs to be fixed because it can get very annoying really fast. You might using more textures for the level, 1 or 2 is not enough.

I do not really know what to say about this map except it needs a lot of revision.



Everyone here should refer to the Q&A thread Mystic made in the Editing forum which explains about object placement for CTF and Match levels, same goes for anyone who need help on this.

Last edited by Daywalker; 11-04-2009 at 12:00 AM. Reason: Something needed to be revised, now looking back on this post some things seemed rushed and did not look that good.
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Gothic Gardens Zone, 4/10

Well, it really doesn't have a lot of scenic polish. That's very noticeable throughout the entire level. It could have looked a lot better. But anyway, the level itself. There are some really nice parts, like the part that gives you a choice to take either bouncing on springs or the pipes. (That was slightly hurt by the enemies ramming me from the back on one occasion, but the sector layout for that idea was nonetheless fine.)

The thing about this level that might need the most fixing is the fact that you have far too few Star Posts. I hated dying at 1:57 and starting back at 0:00. The 2D switch is not correctly done. Landing on a platform like that just doesn't work correctly for a switch. Try a Zoom Tube or a Teleport or just something that forcibly kills Y momentum.

Most of the level is fairly meh, to be honest. It just doesn't feel like something I'd really wanna play again.

Graceful Coast Zone, 2/10

Well, you got the graphics part down. Looks much better than Palmtree Panic, but also plays much worse. If you're going to make something in 2D, you're going to have to be using special tricks, even with 2.0's better camera distance. I hated the bobbing platform part: it took forever to make a successful jump, and also it took forever for me to figure out that the rest of the level is behind the waterfall. Urgh.

Do NOT put north facing springs in a 2D level. Y momentum that isn't controlled by a Zoom Tube in 2D is often level-breaking. I can make myself stuck in the level at will by manipulating my Y momentum. Please don't let me.

The part with the Rusty Ruins music--this one felt better to play in, and the spikeball part could have worked, but it's not going to in 2D at the moment. Especially if I have turrets and Jetty-Syns shooting me in the process. Either way, the rest of your enemy placement is pretty bad. In fact, I recommend you use almost no enemies when you make a 2D level. Not something that works well with SRB2's engine. I don't know how anyone could have known that there was a laser-fire turret in the background.

Magma Core Zone Act 2, 6/10

I might have rated it higher if the enemy placement wasn't so awful. I really want to take on the more hardcore, more fun sector-based challenges without having enemies to worry about. Seriously. Also, you really should cut down on most of the fire jets anyway, even though most of them you can see beforehand. It puts annoying sounds in my ears and really doesn't help the level at all.

Otherwise, this level feels like something from Blade. Something professional, something that's going to have long-lasting replay value (once the enemies and excess fire jets are taken care of, that is.) I still really like the polyobject pushers.
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Gothic Gardens by VX501 - 4/10 - Well made beginner's map.

Well, seeing as we didn't see/play any other maps from you, this is an extremely solid start. For example, I don't even know how to set up swinging spikeballs, or properly working buttons... But the graphics aren't really pleasing to look at. The goop textures are just ugly, you should've used mud or something. The 2D-part was unnessecary, and there weren't alot of multiple paths either.
But continue making maps, you made an extremely good start. =D

Graceful Coast by D00D64 - 3/10 - Looks beautiful, but plays horribly.

One thing: you certainly pwned the other maps in terms of graphics. The details and texture usage were just completely awesome. The rest however, sucked horribly. The springs that sent you backwards killed me half of the time, either by glitching or just sending me off the track. The Chaos Emeralds were hard to get as Sonic (especially the purple one, floating in the air), and the geyser part was HARD and unfair. I was stick on the submarine part for like, 5 minutes when I accidentaly figured out the hollow one was a zoom tube. I wasn't even able to finish the level because I didn't know how to continue...

Refurbished Gadgetry by SonicMaster - 7/10 - Nice gimmick-fest.

This level is a gimmick-fest. Every room has another one. But most of them are really enjoyable, especially the hidden area with the 1-up. It didn't look that bad either, and the gravity-flip gave you freedom to choose whatever path you wanted to take. There weren't any enemies though, but then the level would've been even harder: Some parts were just extremely hard.
Overall a very good level; it just wasn't really memorable.

Magma Core 2 by Blade - 9/10 - Plain awesome.

This is a winner. The graphics looked nice, the custom enemies were just right in every way, the gameplay flowed extremely well... The oonly negative points I have is the lack of rings, combined with the huge amount of hazards (especially the rockfalls, which were the hardest for me). The flame jets were just in abundance, and they really need visual cues where they are. Maybe you should make it look like those flame wheels are stuck in the wall?
But beside that, this is an awesome map. On par with your previous one, I think.


<Will be added later>
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Originally Posted by Daywalker View Post
Misty Mesa Zone by fawfulfan 3/10
Try adding a heatwave effect to the level to give it a "misty" effect.
There's an explanation for the misnomer. In the original version of Misty Mesa Zone, the entire level was shrouded in a white fog block (with the exception of the caves), thus making the level look really foggy. I cut that from the level because it produced horrendous lag, even in Single Player testing.
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I think he is talking about the Heatwave level header weather type. The problem with that is that it is either commented out, or doesn't look convincing. I believe it was just water ripple applied to the entire level.
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Speaking of whole-level fogs and colormaps: this makes me remember a suggestion I made about Global Illumination:

And speaking of OLDC: I'm loving some maps, hating some others. If my real life issues give me some spare time, I'll post some reviews.
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Originally Posted by Torgo View Post
I think he is talking about the Heatwave level header weather type. The problem with that is that it is either commented out, or doesn't look convincing. I believe it was just water ripple applied to the entire level.
I thought Heatwave was Linedef Type 13, which, while working, doesn't show up in the config.
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The Tortured Planet guy
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Originally Posted by Torgo View Post
I think he is talking about the Heatwave level header weather type. The problem with that is that it is either commented out, or doesn't look convincing. I believe it was just water ripple applied to the entire level.
I am well aware that heatwaves and fog blocks are different things. I was merely explaining why the mesa isn't "misty".
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Single Player:

Gothic Gardens Zone Act 1, by VX501 -- 2 out of 10
Hi. You seem like a nice enough guy, and you probably wanna learn how to make good maps for SRB2. Well, you're on the right path, because your map is pretty lousy, and history dictates you need to make your share of bad maps before you really get to shine. Now, let's break your map down to tiny little pieces and start picking away at everything.

At the start of your stage, you're placed in a really cramped hole. You're instructed to bounce on some springs onto a higher cliff with some enemies crawling around, essentially the first room of your map, which has a death pit in it. Got all that? Okay: these are all things you should not do.

Number 1: Every room in your level should be big enough to fit both the player and the camera, without having one mushed up against the other.

Number 2: Don't place ground enemies on a ledge you need to spring up to, especially when you don't have any rings to fend yourself with yet.

Number 3: Don't place death pits right in the first room of your stage, unless it's the final level/you're Mystic.

The speed shoes also seem odd to have at such an early point, but let's go with it. Except apparently they use the "speed up the music" feature, which is currently broken and will stay in effect until something else resets the music. :\ Needlessly annoying, and could be avoided by simple testing.

Then we come to a narrow snaky pathway, which seems really dangerous if you fall off. There's a catch, though -- all the characters can easily just jump over it and land on the other side. So the challenge is overthrown by its bad scaling. In fact, this whole first room is too small, and so is the tunnel right after.

Next, you have a lake, this time too large to just jump across, so you need to hop from platform to platform. This is a perfectly fine obstacle, if not for one catch. When you fall in the water, there's a set of springs to get you back out. But instead of having the springs at the start of the room, they're at the end, so there's no reason to be careful not to fall in the water, in fact it might be faster to just go for the springs in the first place.

Now, in the next room, there's something nobody's mentioned that really bugs me. You have these cannonballs being launched from the floor and through a perfectly solid plank. This is a weird setup, but let's play along. There are these helpful marks which tell you where the cannonballs will come out of. But now let's jump down. The floor itself, where the cannonballs actually come from, has no indication what so ever.

Not that it matters much at all, since falling down is actually a benefit -- the lower path leads exactly where the top one goes. Now, here's a life lesson: When you have an obstacle that the player needs to overcome, but in case he fails to do so falls into a secondary route, for the love of god, make the secondary path HARDER than the primary one. If the path that's harder to get to is more complicated than the one that's easier, everybody will pick the easy way because there's no reward for clearing the hard one.

The next room is fine, if not a bit odd looking. Though the artist in me asks himself why you picked green acid and a green switch, which look a lot uglier than the standard purple/red. Oh, it's instant death. I also start noticing a trend in your level. Wacky, random teleports. What, stitching together two sectors isn't enough for you? Not to mention that it blocks the player from backtracking through the stage.

Let me ask you something: do you see how the indents in the walls in this room stand out much more from the floor than the rest of the walls do? When you have a large, closed area, with floor, walls and ceiling, please make the walls a different color from the floor and ceiling, because otherwise you can't see a thing.

The next part really pissed me off. If you have what appears to be a contiguous floating block, if you make it crumble, make it crumble like a contiguous block. Having random, unpredictable pieces fall off is needlessly annoying and uncalled for.

Then we arrive at an outside area, where it seems like every other enemy in the game is out to get you. Pro-tip: the SDURFs' jump height is set by its angle, which is likely why yours are rocketing into the sky.

You offer two ways of reaching the top of the room, which is nice. But I can't help but notice that so far, you don't have any grassy borders around your sectors. Set main texture, check Lower Unpegged, change vertical offset if it's an FOF. Is it really that troublesome?

The next room is big, and strangely there's a lot of opaque water around. The rest of the water in the level wasn't opaque, was it? Oh, it's a death pit. Then why is the water there? Don't put harmless pools of water, especially OPAQUE water, covering what's basically a death trap. Except if you're FuriousFox. Evil wizards, both of them.

One of your FOFs seems to have a personality disorder, since its surfaces are metal while its sides are wood. But a hop on and over it and we're inside a building of sorts. This segment is okay, if not a bit boring and uninspired. And we find another switch, this time hot pink. What have you got against red?

Now comes the dreaded 2D part. Superfluous, yes, but here's a true story: When I first reached this part and had no idea the game was going to suddenly remove a dimension's worth of control from my hands, I jumped onto the platform with too much speed and proceeded to watch a side-scrolling Sonic walk towards the camera and fall in the pit. People, PLEASE (and this goes to D00D64 as well), changing from 3D to 2D must be entirely scripted and control should be taken away from the player. If the player can move around during the time he's supposed to be aligning himself with the 2D axis, he can screw up the entire sequence. And if the player can screw it up, he WILL screw it up. The best way to do the switch is via Zoom Tube as seen in Egg Rock, but springs can also do it provided the player is forced to trigger a Disable Player Control linedef executor.

Anyway, let's jump on these boring, barren platforms and start making leaps of faith from spring to out-of-screen spring. I hope I don't need to point out what's wrong in this sequence. And then in this last stretch I think you managed to place all the enemies that had so far been absent from the stage.

Before the stage is over, you manage to pull off the "spring into cliff riddled with enemies" trick once again, though this time you can just aim in the other direction and make it to the end of the stage. And there, it's over.

Now, don't let this scare you. Learn what you did wrong in this stage and make a new stage, without making the same mistakes as before. You're bound to make some goofs, but the number will be much smaller. And the cycle continues and you're making great levels in no time.

Either that or give up, I dunno.

Graceful Coast Zone, by D00D64 -- 4 out of 10
Why is the file size so large? Oh, it has two or three gigantic MP3s of Richard Jacques music.

This is a very pretty 2D level, so it's a shame it doesn't really play out that well. There are a lot of enemies and a lot of them in irritating places (mainly the Buzz, the Snappers and the turrets), and a few irritating gimmicks, like the off-screen geyser jumping. I don't need to tell you that the plane shift via springs was a disaster, and the boss fetch-quest was nothing short of ridiculous. The level is a bit short, but if you can overcome the occasional cheap hit and paper-mâché gimmick, it's a solid and actually somewhat fun level. Now, just cut back on the irritating hazards, make it twice as big, and you're golden. As far as 2D levels can ever hope to go on the current engine, anyway.

Refurbished Gadgetry Zone, by SonicMaster -- 8 out of 10
I really liked this stage. Most of the gimmicks were actually fresh despite the name of the stage, and the reused ideas were modified enough to be called innovative. I quite like when a stage makes me laugh with each gimmick it throws at me. Strong points were the lava rooms, the 2D slide, the huge spinning laser, the spikes-invincibility gimmick and the Starlight Palace meets lasers conveyor belt hopping.

Some rooms are quite barren and boring to look at, though, and I can't help but feel the secret (?) paths were too easily noticeable. I wish you could have used the super high speed water slide at the end as an actual gimmick rather than just a home stretch, since it was quite awesome. And maybe the pulsating light room could have worked better if the lights were flickering erratically instead.

Definitely deserves an Act 2.

Magma Core Zone Act 2, by Blade -- 9 out of 10
Wow, this was a really fun map. There's really not much to say about it since it played really, really well, so here's a few nagging faults that are between this and perfection:

The flame jets suffer from the same agnosticism as the ones in Inferno Cavern. Combined with the fact that you also have jets that never stop spraying makes them somewhat annoying, so they could definitely use some giveaway for their point of origin. Maybe you could even color code them depending on if they're constant or not.

Much like Egg Rock Zone, you basically feature two distinct paths that the player can take, one longer than the other. Conversely, though, in this level the shorter path is actually the easier one, offering the player no reason to pick the longer, harder path over the other once he's familiar with both.

The fire turret worked pretty well, but when you attach the same mechanic to an enemy as irritating as the Jetty-syn or the Crawla Commander, the results can only be disastrous. Seriously, get rid of that monstrosity of an enemy. It has absolutely no redeeming value.

Like other people have said, the mini-cutscene, while wonderfully accomplished, can be screwed up if the player thoks past the safe area and underneath/behind the falling rocks. I'd suggest an invisible FOF blocking the player from going too far in.

Like I said, other than that, it was a genuinely fun and engaging map. Just one question, where's the Act 1? Now you've got me curious.


Battle Forest Zone, by Aaron -- 5 out of 10
Clearly an early work, but it actually plays somewhat well. The open room is a bit too big vertically, making the faux-slope awkward and the only other method of navigation, springs, leaving you not unlike a sitting duck. There's no reason for the water to be opaque, and the cave section is really dark and cramped, making maneuverability limited. Ring ammo is placed in overly generous doses, and all directly near the corresponding weapon panel, causing problems with balance. And the gratuitous grenades totally clean house, as Mystic vouched to point out.

Misty Mesa Zone, by fawfulfan -- 1 out of 10
Completely awful map, with no redeeming qualities. As someone in a netgame said, "at least he got the rope pulleys right". Please play SRB2 Match before attempting to make a level for the gametype. Most offending flaws: not enough rings to satisfy a single player, never mind 10 or 20; power-ups all clumped into piles at the corners of the map; map is symmetrical, making it impossible to discern in which corner you're on; gratuitous telefrag; cave section is useless as it's an unnavigable, claustrophobic mess.

Acid Comet Zone, by D00D64 -- 4 out of 10
Pretty bad map with random structures emerging from a pool of acid, not unlike such oldies as Orange Crater Zone. Was there any reason to make the acid suck out all your rings? Indoor section somewhat redeems itself but is still a disjointed mess with no apparent sense of direction. For all those blatant defects, it still manages to be somewhat fun. Also makes the mistake of clumping all the ammo next to the corresponding weapon panel. Why do we have the two separate items, then?

Icicle Warehouse Zone, by glaber -- 3 out of 10
DO NOT MAKE CLUSTERS OF RING AMMO AND PASTE THEM ALL OVER THE MAP. Besides that, the somewhat excentric level design is actually decent, if not a tad underscaled. Rework the thing placement, and it might work in smaller netgames.

Volcanic Desolation Zone, by Scizor300 -- 6 out of 10
For a map that has the word "volcanic" in the name, the volcano sure is downplayed. Is there actually any reason to go anywhere near its vicinity? In all the games I played, all the action took place in the area between the towers and the gigantic cliff. This map is very vertically oriented, which is bad because you resort to springs, which make players sitting ducks for rail sniping. ALSO makes the same mistake of putting all the ammo right by the weapon panels. All in all, though, it ended up playing moderately well, if you ignore a third of the map or so.

Azure Lake Zone, by KO.T.E -- 4 out of 10
What could have been a great Single Player or Circuit map instead ended up a poor Match map. That's what I initially thought, until I realized there's really no way to save this map for any gametype, save maybe Hide and Seek. There's too much everything everywhere, severely limiting both movement and line of sight. The map is actually terribly small, and the fact that it has a "fake" area all around it doesn't help and actually distracts and confuses the players. Such sort of decoration is okay for maps which follow a linear track, such as Single Player and Circuit, but please leave it out for multiplayer arenas, which need to be more functional than pretty. Did it also make the mistake of etc etc? It probably did.

30 Minute Zone, by RedEchidna -- 2 out of 10
srs rewiev: :p
serious review: Okay, this just goes to show that 30 minutes just does not cut it for a Match entry, at least not anymore. This map is so fundamentally flawed in ways you obviously don't need me to tell you, but it still manages to be more fun than Misty Mesa. At least I didn't have the other player in a 1v1 netgame asking "were r da rings?"


Canyon CTF Zone, by Eggmanfan -- 0 out of 10
Mystic, how come you haven't entered Arena Zone into any contest yet? Contest rules are probably lenient enough to let it slide.

Ancient Arboretum Zone, by Com Rante -- 7 out of 10
This level was actually pretty fun, as were a lot of the CTF entries, to be perfectly honest, but it's still far away from being perfect. The main issue in this map is the same thing that plagued Azure Lake Zone. There's too many obstacles cluttered along your path, blocking your view and your movements. This is especially true in the center part, making it downright useless as you're bound to run into something. The bases are up in hills, which are harder to defend, and there's a lot of unnecessary level elements, like the top paths through the center room, the crushers concealing weapon panels, etc. One thing that really ticked me off is that there seems to be no other way to reach the base as Sonic except for taking the slow-ass elevator or doing some tricky platforming and coming in through the side window.

Red River Zone, by darkbob1713 -- 7 out of 10
Regardless of what other people said, I had a lot of fun in this map, but that might have been mostly due to rail sniping people as they tried to climb up stuff, which is essentially everything you do in this map. The bases have not one, but two weapon panels, and, being on hills, are literally almost undefendable because one blow by your opponent and you're down at the bottom and have to climb back up again. It also striked me as incredibly irritating how you HAVE to climb up the hill no matter where you want to go, as there's no other way out of the hole as Sonic. Here's a pertinent question, though: why do the player starts seem so bloody random? Once I was in the red team and spawned on the blue team base, grabbing the flag almost immediately. ALSO HAS THE AMMO RIGHT NEXT TO THE PANELS.

Sunshower Canyon Zone, by D00D64 -- 7 out of 10
You might have noticed I gave these three maps all the same score. Honestly, I liked them all and couldn't really decide that any of them were arbitrarily "better" than the others, so. This map was pretty alright, but there are three key aspects that broke it a bit. First, the bases (IE: the topmost plateau) are too big, making defending them literally impossible as you cannot knock opposing players out. Second, the water canals above the bases have regular rings, which means attacking players can replenish their supply without leaving the base. And third, the only methods to reach the bases are by jumping on a spring, or jumping on a spring inside a waterfall, making you rise even slower and making you even more of a sitting duck to rail fire. This map DOES place ammo away from the weapon panels, but I'm not sure if this is a good thing seeing as the overabundant and easily accessible supply of rail doesn't help the sniping problem.

Techno Laser Zone, by KO.T.E -- 4 out of 10
I can tell you worked pretty hard to get an idea like this working, but the truth is that that final result falls short of enjoyable. Tiny players are as easy to hit as big players are, anyone who says otherwise is just legally blind. That isn't the trouble. First off, this is the first map I've ever played that needs a manual. It took me ages before I realized what the different panels did. And even then, it took me a good long time before I realized what I could do with them. And honestly, the final answer is, well, not much. Big players have a detour they can take all for themselves and tiny players apparently have these hard to squeeze into, almost hidden in plain sight silent teleport tubes. Which are perfectly useless, making shrinking itself useless. And by the time you've hit the enlarger ray and gone off to the detour and avoided all the lasers and gotten to the other end, you've already gotten the flag stolen and are maybe one or two points behind. Take a look at Noxious Factory Zone. Look at where it used lasers. Now look at where yours are and the problem should be evident. The door shutting mechanic seems interesting at first, but just like the Power Glove it's literally useless, and overly complicates a game which should be simple in nature. This isn't an RTS, it's a first person shooter with supersonic technicolor hedgehogs. Besides, the buttons make noise even when you jump over them and even when they're already down, and the laser fences leading to the ones in the center don't even hurt.

Iron Turret Returns Zone, by myself
<Cordelia> neo
<Cordelia> i didn't make a map for srb2 contest
<Cordelia> what do i do
<Neo> uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
<Neo> q?
<Cordelia> rush job?
<Neo> rush job was horrible
<Neo> it was just pretty
<Neo> sort of
<Cordelia> it wasn't that horrible
<Neo> it was pretty horrible
<Cordelia> i've seen worse maps easily
<Cordelia> next time I'll make a rush job
<Neo> no, this time
<Cordelia> this time already ended you poop
<Neo> no
<Cordelia> oh
<Cordelia> it's a placeholder
<Cordelia> hrm
<Cordelia> i could rush a ctf map out
<Neo> The only map I ever put in any real effort was Isolated Canyon, and now it's gone :(
<Cordelia> :(
<Neo> why was iron turret removed and meadow match kept
<Neo> iron turret was basically meadow match ctf
<Cordelia> meadow match was older
<Neo> cordelia, make return of iron turret zone
<Cordelia> aluminum machine gun?
<Neo> uhhh
<Neo> dammit, now I want to make return of iron turret
<Neo> :(
<Cordelia> i could do it
<Cordelia> but it'll suck
<Neo> nah
<Neo> where to i get srb2db and ****s
Eventually I changed the name to Iron Turret Returns because the former didn't fit on-screen. I honestly found it very funny when some people accused me of having edited Iron Turret and that therefore I should be disqualified. The level design is so simple that I could replicate it near perfectly. Even then, my map has flaws that the original didn't, so that should put an end to all suspects. I was still working on the map when Penopat pointed out that the submission period was almost over, when I thought I still had an hour. So the map is naturally a bit unpolished, notably missing any sort of banner to point out which base it is. There also seems to be a problem with the thok barrier in the red base, I apologize, but it wasn't my fault so much as it was these primitive editing tools we work with. Redrawing the nearby linedefs fixed it. Essentially, this was another last-minute entry by yours truly, only this time I actually had 5-6 hours to make it, allowing a greater deal of polish to come into play. But it was also my very first Doom Builder adventure, so yaaaaay ^o^

La Villa Strangiato Zone, by Penopat -- 5 out of 10
How you managed to do this in the same timeframe it took me to make Iron Turret is beyond me. Seriously, this map seems so much more vast and intricate than mine, but then it also seems to play rather lousily. There's no point to the outer edges since people will only stay on the two center courses to the flag. Also, qqqqqqqqqqqqq


Frostbite Peak Zone, by RedEchidna -- 3 out of 10
I decided to give this another shot. And another and another. And I'm sorry, but my opinion just doesn't change. This is a pretty bad map, and for a lot of reasons. I was mostly kidding when I gave the "broken monitor" remark, because the maps mostly looks fine except for the the occasional translucent barrier that catches the attention of the player but shouldn't. Now, your level is small and tight, involves tricky platforming and forces the player to interact with unexpected behavior, such as sludgy snow and unslippery ice. There is an overabundance of death pits and since the platforms are so small, it's easy to fall off into one. All these aspects combined make the stage irritating and not very fun to play. Circuit maps should be wide and shouldn't abuse hazardous obstacles.

Egg Flower Zone, by Mach -- 6 out of 10
This is pretty much what it says in the box, Egg Rock in circuit form. But where's the flower part? Did I miss it? Your map is structurally very sound and very fun to play, but there are some quirks that prevent it from being as good as it could be. Right at the start, you have a big, translucent and intangible block which comprises your finish line. This is needlessly confusing because at first I didn't know if I had to wait for it to open up, etc. Just stick a regular solid opaque FOF and be happy. Afterward, your crushers aren't synchronized, which might lead to a situation where they all go up and down at the same time. Some also burrow into the floor, which looks odd, to say the least. The yellow lasers scrolling along the sides are also busted: they hurt you everywhere in the sector, regardless where the yellow strip is at the moment. Then, one thing that really flabbergasted me, is how you recreated the outer space segments in Egg Rock perfectly, even including the little blue blocks of air, but didn't make the gravity lower. This was really disconcerting, and lead to a few deaths before I realized what was wrong. I suggest fixing up these faults, getting rid of the whole "flower" aspect (seriously, it looks dumb) and re-releasing it.
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