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Default Regarding The OLDC and its rules

Within the last 2 contests we have seen an approximate total of 3 illegal entries and a new rule added by FuriousFox. For those of you who don't know, his new rule is:
Originally Posted by FuriousFox
NEW RULE 4. One submission per category per person. This means that you can only enter one map in each division.
Unfortunately this is either nullified or nullifies the part where it says:
Originally Posted by Contest Rules
There is no limit to the number of entries you can have, but I encourage you to limit yourself to 3-4 so each map can get the attention it deserves.
I also feel that even despite him being an admin, that he shouldn't be able to add his new rule without first proving that he can enforce the old rules. Especially the rule that says:
Originally Posted by Contest Rules
2. The map may not have been publicly released before. In other words, if you have released the level on the Addons section or on the forums, you may not enter it. However, if itís unreleased, that is just as good as being completely new, and is a legal entry. Basically, don't fix up an old map and enter it, make something new.
So far FF has proven in my eyes that he can't enforce this rule and that his new rule should be revoked until he can prove that he can enforce contest rules. Unfortunately for me, it's not up to me.
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I'm not going to keep this thread open. Mystic already explained his reasoning. And so FuriousFox missed a statement to correct, who gives a damn?

EDIT: Since I see someone is trying to make me eat my own words. Here is why I locked this one:

This is from Mystic btw:

Originally Posted by Mystic
Okay, you people, on the topic of invalid entires, I have ONE thing to say to all this:

Take a chill pill.

Yes, it's a violation of contest rules. Are they going to win? Hell no, those maps are garbage. Since there is no way in hell their map is going to win, I really see no reason to worry about it right now. The main goal of people entering the contest is to get level feedback. I wish they'd abide by the rules, but they're not going to win entering rules violations that aren't particularly good to begin with.

As a reminder to everyone, do not release your level on the forums if you'd like to enter it in the contest. You will NOT be allowed to win if you aren't a legal entry.

Now, should something like this happen in the future (and with the large number of newbies creating WADs, I'm sure it will), I suggest you all take a chill pill and do the following:

1. Check if anyone else has already reported it. If they have, do nothing; it's been dealt with.
2. If nobody has mentioned it yet, post a reply to the contest topic with something along the lines of the following: "The contest entry Level Name Zone is a violation of rule 2 because it was released here: <link>" so we can disqualify the map.
3. Go back to what you were doing before.

That's all. You guys are making a gigantic deal out of something that simply is not that important. I really don't care if 1-2 maps end up violating the rules if it gets the user who screwed up some feedback on their map and a reminder to follow the contest rules. Vote for it as you normally would, it just can't win.

Now then, go do part 3 and let's get on with this voting.
That is all.
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You realize I mainly just copy and paste that topic, right? There's no need to get all nit-picky about it. I forgot to delete a line, that's it. I'll make sure it's fixed for the upcoming contest.
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