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Default The Terrible Regrets of D00D64

So, some people apparently think I disappeared or something. Well, its just that I haven't been going to the MB much anymore, and I was still on #srb2fun until I migrated to the SRB2 Discord. I've been farting about other places too, but the point is, I also haven't been doing much SRB2 stuff, until recently. I mainly post my progress on those things in the Discord, but I figure I may as well make an MB topic to put my stuff in. Hopefully, the moderators don't mind if I make a new topic, as my previous editing topic is so old and outdated.

Please do note that anything in this topic could be part of a project, or a stupid oneoff thing. Anything could end up canceled, but anything canceled could end up revisited. Even something stupid-looking could have ulterior motives. Be willing for anything, but don't expect much.

WIP map for Kart, even though it's not even released yet. I was inspired and just had to work on it anyway. Ignore any red objects, those are just placeholders for item boxes. The idea was to stick with these 3 colors. No additional shading either. Also unique in that right now, it has no FOFs or even tags on it anywhere. Made for a good self-imposed challenge in mapping.

Spoiler: GIFs

...And these are just silly. Weather these will mean anything in the future is unknown, even to me.

So yeah, that's all I got for now, hopefully I'll find more excuses to post here in the future, even if its for something... dumb.
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kart track looks cool but the gifs removed a total of 5 years from my lifespan
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Oh my, this looks exquisite (in a positive way), for me it's a sign of a very unique map coming along, even though it looks dull and flat in someway (basically, having an artistic appreciation for this really, somehow). May the strength of work motivate your path.

This looks like somehow, a sketch for the upcoming level.
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Wow, the three-color scheme looks way better than I could've imagined. I like the colors you selected, they manage to be atmospheric and beautiful while conveying all the necessary information the player needs to know to navigate the level. With three colors!

The simple visuals really fit with the doom engine's limited capacities. I'm always amazed at how stuff in this game can still take my breath away despite being so limited.
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Originally Posted by D00D64 View Post
Hopefully, the moderators don't mind if I make a new topic, as my previous editing topic is so old and outdated.
Must be said, but I'm pretty sure there was never really a rule against making more than one thread per user. It was just a thing that people started doing a few years ago. =P
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