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The Tortured Planet guy
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Here are my ratings:


Mountain Fortress Zone: 3/10
Explanation: This level just made no sense. I could see the fortress, but where was the mountain? It was a nonsensical, ugly blend of forest textures, GHZ textures, and Doomship Zone textures. The death pits were incredibly cheap, and the enemies didn't make any sense (they didn't blend with the theme at all). Why the heck were there Skims sitting there in death pits? And also, why was there game data?

Rainsoaked Ridge Zone Act 1: 4/10
Explanation: The custom music was cool, but it didn't really fit at all. Plus, the level was kind of plain, and it was way too short.

Eggmansion Zone Act 1: 5/10
Explanation: Interesting concept. I'm curious, however, as to why being submerged in a lake of blood would hurt you. Also, the enemies were a tad too numerous, and I was frustrated by the lack of Star Posts.

Buzzards Bay Zone: 0/10
Explanation: I can't give a single point to a level that crashes on loading. The cause of the error is that the level is built too close to the blockmap. I fixed the problem in my copy of the WAD and gave it a spin. If it's any consolation, I probably would have only given it a 1/10 or a 2/10 anyway, because the level is so blank and repetitive.

Jadeflower Zone Act 2: >:(/10
Explanation: I think this level violates the rules of the contest. It's already been released, as part of blahblahbal's mod, Mystical Heavens. Additionally, this level is seriously not ready to be released anyway, given how glitchy and plain it is.

Giana Dream Blast: >:(/10
Explanation: To be honest, I also don't see how this one should be allowed. I mean, yeah, there are some differences in gameplay from MKB1, and HUGE graphical differences, it's essentially lifted from MKB1. And this is the Official Level Design Contest, not the Official Graphics Design Contest.

The Single Player crop really disappointed me this contest.


Upload Download Zone: Mine/10
Explanation: I know that I certainly had fun playing this with everyone. I hope you guys liked it too!

Night Shrine Zone: 5/10
Explanation: Meh...AGZ themeing has been done to death. But it was still okay...nothing particularly horrible about it.

Coldlava Cliffs Zone: 4/10
Explanation: Interesting fire/ice blend, but it was really laggy and I had a very hard time knowing where to go.

Sunkist Falls Zone: 6/10
Explanation: You certainly seem to have put some work into this one. Again, it was pretty laggy. I thought the lava was done well, although it made it very hard to hold onto the flag.

Aerial Skyfort Zone: 4/10
Explanation: I had some fun playing the level, but it was really bland, and it was frustratingly hard to get back to your base once you had the flag.

Well, that's all for now. I might rate the Match levels, but I hate Circuit, so you won't see me doing anything for those.
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First (and in some cases, second) time through each level.
I'll add some commentary for these later.

scr_RainsoakedRidgev1.wad - 6/10
Level design is good, secrets are decently hidden. A bit short, but that's fine.

scr_buzzardsbay.wad - 0/10
Map is not MAP01, and not specified in the filename.

sc_JFZ_map02.wad - 3/10
Aesthetics are good, but only about a quarter of the map design is good. Also, why is the exit from the boss arena in some random corner?

S_GianaDreamBlast1.wad - 5/10
One path takes three minutes, the other takes less than one. You're also very likely to end up backtracking to the second path if you take the first one. Other than that, the design is pretty much solid, even if it is a blatant rip-off of MKB.

s_mountainfortress.wad - 4/10
I can't really describe what I don't like about this level without commentating on my runthroughs.

scr_eggmansionzoneact1.wad - 8/10
I didn't quite like that all the random rooftops and other generally inaccessable areas I got to as Sonic had nothing there. I didn't platform on tiny tree limbs for nothing, you know. Other than that, good atmosphere, good design, and none of the puzzles (if you could really call them that, tbh) were too easy or too hard.
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Alright, here are my votes.

NOTE: The Single Player levels will be played as Sonic.


Rainsoaked Ridge Zone, Act 1 by Mach: 3/10

-Overall okay gameplay, not much to say here.

-Lacks gimmicks.
-Overall short.
-Music is loud and obnoxious, I had to turn the volume down just to stop it. x.x

Buzzards Bay Zone by WEREHOG: wut/10

Game crashes when loading level. :(

Jadeflower Zone, Act 2 by blahblahbal: 7/10

-Overall good gameplay. There was a fair amount of exploration.
-The level was long and deep, with many wide-open spaces.

-There could have been a different boss. Seriously, that one is WAY too easy.
-There's are a mistake I have to point out here, one is that if you click here, when in the water there, there is no spring to bounce back up, thus resulting in me drowning. Was this done on purpose?

Giana Dream Blast by glaber: 8/10

-Nice looking textures and texture replacements (The rings, etc.)
-Clever use of blocks (Using springs inside them.)
-Overall good gameplay, not too difficult nor too easy.

-Textures for walls and ground get repetitive (The part with all of the red brick textures hurt my eyes for a second.)
-Lacks any sorts of gimmicks (Besides the spring-in-the-blocks thing.)
-There could be more types of enemies besides the goomba things.

Mountain Fortress by verifiaman: 7/10

-Overall good gameplay, fairly challenging for Sonic.
-Nice thok-bouncing gimmick.

-Needs more creativity; there's too many death-pits. Try coming up with hazards other than those.

Eggmansion Zone, Act 1 by KO.T.E: 9/10

-Overall fun gameplay.
-Nice lava gimmick.
-The scenery looks very nice.

-The music seems somewhat off-beat when slowed down. Something about it doesn't sound right to me.
-Somewhat cramped at parts.

Overall, I think the singleplayer levels were quite enjoyable, I feel like a ridiculously nice person compared to DOOD64. :P


I'm not giving pros and cons due to how many levels there are. I will gives scores though.


Crispy Canyon by RedEchidna:

Frosty Aroura Zone by darkbob1713:

Thunder Factory Zone by Blade:

Midnight Lagoon Zone by blahblahbal:

Molten Mountain Zone by stoneywagner:

Not sure what to put here.

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Video games!
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In order of worst to best,
Buzzard Bay: N/A
Jade Flower Zone, Act 2: 2/10
Pros: Very pretty! I love every last bit of the textures made for this level. (At least, I think they were custom. I've never seen them in normal SRB2.)
Cons: Just about everything else. While the textures are well drawn, they were used very very poorly. There are very many places where the level is either too cramped, or too open. There is ONE cheap death in the entire level. Lastly, the level has a very very odd exit reminiscent of the NES game "Deadly Towers", where the boss arena entrance is invisible.

Mountain Fortress Zone: 3/10
Pros: Not Jade Flower Zone. Very uniquely textured.
Cons: First of all, this level tries a few things similar to a previous OLDC level, yet these gimmicks are deemed pointless since many of them can be simply bypassed by clever thoking or flying. A lot of crampedness. Also, the emblem spots are very...easy to find.
Rainsoaked Ridge Zone: 4/10
Pros: The amount of detail this level has is very neat in some and many ways. It has some interesting split paths.
Cons: The length of this level is about 40 seconds. The design itself isn't really creative or anything. The level is just...normal.
Giana Dream Blast: 6/10
Pros: Interesting gimmick we have here! The level reminded me clearly of an SMB1 ROM hack, complete with the blatant edit. Design-wise it was pretty odd, but good in many ways.
Cons: It's just...way too much like MKB1 to really be anything interesting in looks and design. Also, some of the puzzles and paths are very confusing and sent me in a loop for a couple minutes.
Eggmansion Zone: 9/10
Pros: Great atmosphere! Very creative gimmicks! A lot of paths to take. (In fact, I had to play this zone many many times to find them all)
Cons: Uhhhhm...
The message at the beginning pretty much ruined all of the gimmicks in the level for me. I really wanted to discover all the mansion's secrets by myself. :(

Multiplayer maps forthcoming...when I play them.
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Supah Powah!
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I would say that all these were good.
Here are my rates:
Restricted Cavern Zone by blahblahbal - 8/10
It was good I liked all of it.

Frost Forest by Redechidna/darkbob1713 - 7/10
I like it, but I couldn't get to the bottom of the
ice to get the gernades.

Neo Green Lake Zone By Scizor300 - 7/10
Most of it is really cool, but it is small and it
looks like copy and paste, so it got boring.

Amber Ravine By Spherallic - 10/10
This place is cool! I liked all of it, Mostly the water.

Acid Plant Zone By K.O.T.E - 10/10
It is really awsome! I mostly like it becuase its techno.

Astray Canopy Zone by stoneywagner - 6/10
Nice, But I saw some missing textures and flats.
When i passed somewhere it suddenly lagged and
kicked me of of srb2.(segment Violation)

Land Of Light And Rain By Errol - 7/10
Laggy and wrong song for it. It would be a great song
if you changed the sky
and make the whole level a little darker.
Other than that, it was great.


Uploaded Download Zone by fawfulfan - 10/10
Really cool! No missing textures and flats.

Night Shrine Zone by hyperknux - 7/10
Cool, but laggy and so much fire.

I didn't rate the rest becuase im tired, tomorrow ill finish
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AKA FuriousFox
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Originally Posted by roy View Post
In order of worst to best,
This isn't really a requirement or anything, but could you guys please post your ratings for the maps in the order that they appear in the first post? It would make it a lot easier for me to record and calculate the results a week from now, and will result in fewer mistakes on my part.
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Originally Posted by silver777 View Post
Astray Canopy Zone by stoneywagner - 6/10
Nice, But I saw some missing textures and flats.
When i passed somewhere it suddenly lagged and
kicked me of of srb2.(segment Violation)
Wait a second, missing textures? Where? And sorry about the random lag, it's from the weather/sky change. But it shouldn't sigsegv, I should look into that.
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Permanently Banned

Restricted Cavern Zone: I like, but the main problem is the water in which if you're sonic,you can't get out. 8/10
Frost Forest by RedEchidna/darkbob1713: This ones cool, but is very big and it's easy to get lost in it. 7/10
Neo Green Lake Zone by Scizor300: It's nice, but there are WAY to many items. 6/10
Amber Ravine by Spherallic: This one is great. but a lot of parts are too high. either add some springs or bring them down some. 8/10
Acid Plant Zone by KO.T.E: not bad, but it's bascally acid rock an techno hill zone combined. 4/10
Astray Canopy Zone by stoneywagner: Amazing. love the water bobbing effect you added. 10/10.
Land of Light and Rain by Errol: Great, but a bit big and laggy. 9/10.
I will get to the CTF zones later.

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Jadeflower Zone Act 2 by blahblahbal: 0/10
This map really hurts my eyes with the blinking textures. x_x
Here's proof.

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The board's UK Ecologist
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This'll be my last contest before I go on my temporary leave for a bit, so I want to go out with a kind of bang, but not a complete bang.

Single Player Division as follows.

Buzzards Bay Act 2: 2/10 I was hoping to see something good in this level, though it turned out not the best map. The enemy placement at the start was bad because when I started, I got hit instantly. The big water death pits are not really necessary and it is annoying as Sonic as the platforms or whatever they were in the water we so small I had to try and be careful of my controls during the water bits. It was very bland in most places and cramped in majority of them.

Giana Dream Blast Act 1: 4/10 Whilst the graphics were fairly cool, I didn't like this one much for several reasons. First, the beginning is a rip of MKB1 and you could of easily come up with something custom and not copy that beginning bit, second, the repetitive use of textures got boring to look at very quickly. As Fawfalfan said, the paths are very inbalanced, one path takes about 3 minutes to do and 1 path takes about 1 and a half minutes to complete. The overall level was just fairly bland as well and there wasn't many gimmicks.

Mountain Fortress Act 1: 3/10 I like the way you have used texture. They made the level look very nice, but you have a few flaws which affect it big time. First of all, your pathes are cramped and can be very annoying to try and move through them. Second is I can't stress it enough, overused death pits. They arn't really necessary all the time. One or two maybe if you know how to use them right, but I saw countless ones all over the place and the difficulty is ridiculous for Sonic in some places. Your gimmicks have no use at all because they can be very easily evaded and where's the exit?

Rainsoaked Ridge Act 1: 2/10 Jesus Christ that music is loud, it almost burst my eardrums X_X. Again, didn't like this map for reasons. First it is fairly bland in the majority of places and cramped. Secondly, you only used one type of enemy and not using a variety you could of easily used. Though the only thing I liked about this level was the scenery in certain areas particularly the wood/tunnel like area.

Jade Flower Act 2: 1/10 I honestly don't know what to say really because every time I play a level of yours, it doesn't really improve much no matter how I critisise you levels and I'm going to do it again. First of all, the texture variation mainly on the walls are horrible, it absolutely kills my eyes when I look at the bright blue walls, you're better off with something like the new Lime Forest Zone texture set. Secondly the big water areas are impossible to get out as Sonic due to lack of escape routes and you'll have to drown to get out. Third, it is insanely cramped and very bland, the trees may be scenery, but it doesn't make up for the entire area of scenery. Fourth, the level has so many visual glitches, I get confused on where to go. That's it really apart from liking the tree sprites. Also I just noticed this level was also part of your mod so 0 if disqualified, otherwise, my score is staying as it is.

Eggmansion Act 1: 5/10 I like the horror theme that's in this level. It was pretty well made and the music suited it nicely. Some of the gimmicks were pretty cool. The things I really didn't like in this level were the numerous enemy placements in certain areas, lack of star posts, the annoying turret area absolutely peeved me off though I got through it and this level lacks check point as well. Otherwise this level has the most potential out of all the SP levels.

Only Egg Mansion & Giana Dream Blast were decent enough out of all the SP division. Bit disappointing, but I hope when I return in the summer there will be a better one.

Multiplayer Division.


Crispy Canyon: 5/10 this would of been a hell of a lot better if your paths wern't so cramped, I found it annoying hitting walls because of that. The scenery is nice and...that's about it really.

Frosty Aurora: 7/10 Wow, definetely the best level in this contest at the moment. Whilst the design may look simple, I loved the texture variation which made it stand out really nice. It wasn't too difficult yet it was fun to play. If it was a bit bigger, then it would of been perfect. We need to see more of these maps in SRB2 v2.0.

Thunder Factory: 5/10, whilst the design was average, there were flaws. First one is your spikes are invisible and you need to have a invisible FOF with spike effect on to make it like spikes (make sure the FOF height is 40 francunits) the wind area is a nice gimmick, but ridiculously annoying to get through as the wind is too strong and can easily blow you off as Sonic. Otherwise, fairly average.

Midnight Lagoon: 3/10 whilst this was waaay much better than your SP entry, the only 2 critical flaws in this level is it's waay too small and if you fall in the water pit, it's impossible to get out unless you drown. The scenery & texture choice is nice though.

Molten Mountain: 3/10 whilst some of the outside level design was fairly interesting, the inside areas were not very good at all because not only are the paths ridiculously cramped but they are also filled with very cheap hazard placement & design. There was some sort of lava or fire everywhere and I couldn't avoid it at all without getting hit. I also got confused where to go on several occasions.

A bit better than the SP division, but I have seen better.

Match Division.

Restricted Cavern: 2/10 Gaaah what is with the music, it's also another ear raping piece of music and it's also too loud. Whilst the level was fairly big, it was very very bland (except with the rings & weapon rings) with lack of gimmicks and scenery and the crusher doesn't really need to be there. This felt like an half an hour job to be honest.

Frost Forest: 4/10 whilst I liked the theme there were a few flaws. First is the map feels a bit too small to be a match map and it felt cramped in a variety of areas. I think the level needs more rings and in a few water areas, more escape routes. Otherwise an average map. I really liked the ice part for some odd reason. It just caught my eye.

Neo Green Lake: 2/10 looks like a big puddle in the middle of nowhere. Really. This level looks like a 15 minute job. The scenery is very bland, lack of gimmicks, too many weapon rings & ammo too close together which need to be spread apart more or removed. The same goes to the monitors to a less extent.

Amber Ravine: 6/10 very nice detailed level. The texture variation is nice, the ring & item placements were nice and the level design was pretty good overall. My only concerns are it's size which I think it's a little bit small and some of the pathways are a bit cramped which knocked it from a 8, otherwise pretty good.

Acid Plant: 6/10 again, another decent map. The gimmicks were pretty well executed and I liked the ring & item placement as well as the majority of the level design despite being a bit cramped in some places and easy to get confused on which path to take.

Astray Canopy: 4/10 fairly nice, although I would of thought this map would be better as a Single Player map if you ask me. The texture variation is average, the cave like area's textures didn't really stand out well compare to the others and it was also fairly bland in some of the areas and fairly cramped in others with the massive pit of death not really necessary to have.

Land Of Light & Rain: 5/10 Interesting theme concept but it does suffer from some things. First your level header doesn't completely fit on the screen, 2nd there is lack of escape routes if you fall in the massive water area, which that is very open & bland. There isn't really much scenery and some of the areas with the building bit is are a bit cramped. It would be a good map to play king of the hill on.

Not too bad Match Division, but it could of been better.

Last but not least, the CTF division.

Night Shrine: By me. I given this map a not too complex design, but not too simple. I added a few paths and you can even think of your own strategies with this level if you put your mind to it. As for the pits, there is only 1 and it's not too difficult to avoid, nor are the flames that hard to dodge. I have also made a few areas which you could explore to find certain things and have put enough recovery areas to get back on track. That is what I have to say for now.

Upload Download: 6/10, fairly nice level theme, I liked the texture variation and the different paths. Though it suffers from a few things. I personally think the level is too large alongside filled with numerous paths can make it confusing if not executed right. The void textures kill my eyes. I had to squint on a few occasions and some of the paths are also cramped. Otherwise, not bad job.

ColdLava Cliffs: 4/10 whilst not too simple or complex, this level was fairly average. I wasn't too keen on the music choice myself and also it was a bit small and a bit too easy for a challenge in my opinion.

Sunkist Falls: 6/10 a nice map indeed, a bit cramped here & there, but it was fairly good. Nice theme, multiple paths and good item placement. Nothing else to be said. If it wasn't cramped in areas, I would of given this map a 7.

Arial Skyfort: 4/10 We are pretty much looking at Metal Star in the past again, except much bigger and more sectors. It is fairly open with not much in the actual level. Also the flags are hidden and that is annoying because it took me a while to find it. I expect to see the flag without having to put in the effort to find it. The massive death pit was also annoying otherwise not too complex. This level also needs more rings.

Not too bad, some maps were good, others not as.

Overall: I reckon half of all the maps were decent, though half need some real work in there to reach potential. I will look forward to the May/June OLDC which is when I'm planning to return to the boards.
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A Cat
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Single Player Levels

Buzzards Bay: mine If I could 10/10. Why can it not work? Is there a way to fix it? Also I tested it before and did not get this problem.

Jadeflower: 9/10 I found a few graphical bugs and the end is a little confussing. I like the loop de loop at the end of the level. Good set of textures and a brand new well working spring.

Mountain Fortress: 0/10 I could not cross the pit. The design was a little bland but there was some decoration. Then there was a forceskin on and it was set to Sonic. This level needs work. Sorry.

Giana Dream Blast: 8/10 Actually pretty nice. Should be 100% original next time. This is a good mario level. Needs more decoration or easier to see. But other than that good job.

Rainsoaked Ridge: 8/10 Not a bad level. Good music choice. My only thing that bothers me is it is a bit short. It is only about a minute long.

Eggmansion: 10/10 I got a error at the turret. On the other path however, I really liked with it's blood,graves and puzzles I found nothing wrong with this level.
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The Tortured Planet guy
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Originally Posted by WEREHOG View Post
Buzzards Bay: mine If I could 10/10. Why can it not work? Is there a way to fix it? Also I tested it before and did not get this problem.
I got it to work by dragging the whole level farther away from the edge of the blockmap. But this is definitely NOT 10/10 material.
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Emblem Radar Ready
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I got it to wouk just by running it from SRB2 Doom Builder. Rating still stands though.
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Ok just got done playing the SP division, and here are my ratings:

Rainsoaked Ridge Zone, Act 1 by Mach

Ok so when I played it, it was short and had nothing to remember it by, no gimmicks and such.


Buzzards Bay Zone by WEREHOG

This level crashes on start. Well if it didn't crash, I would give it a 1/10, it is just a cruel lie in this level... Needs less cruelty and lies. But because it did crash, I have to give it...


Jadeflower Zone, Act 2 by blahblahbal

OH GOD WHY?!?! The paths merge too close, too fast. And that water pit that everyone gets stuck in HAS NO WAY OUT! When the wall texture changes, IT IS WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY TOO WIDE! So many graphical errors and it is just plain ugly, after that part after the zoom tube, it is borked, I found the teleport my looking at the lowered sky. Not to mention you SUCK at pegging.


Giana Dream Blast by glaber

I see only the beginning is like MKB. But if it weren't for the AWESOME graphics, this level could've had a lower score. It was too short, this would have made an awesome level if it were longer.


Mountain Fortress by verifiaman

THE DEATH PITS AT THE BEGINNING DON'T WORK! The glass and the water look too similar, thats the thing I hate most about this level. But, I do like how you put some scenery in the glass. How will anyone know that the blue flat is a teleport, make it more obvious. At the end the floor is the same height as the pit, which looks weird to me.


Eggmansion Zone, Act 1 by KO.T.E

This level can be confusing at times. When you take the left path at the beginning, after the crushers if you look back there is a missing texture. Make the arrow after the red teleport... More... Arrow-ish. There were some really cheap deaths in this level, but overall, this is easily the best level in the single player division.


I'll play the multiplayer levels later, I gotta get to school.
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Act 3 FTW!!
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Finished rating them all.

Just like to say that there were a lot of BIG maps this contest.
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Originally Posted by Mystic
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I'm at college so I'm writing this all from memory. I'll probably make my post a decent bit fancier with images when I get home and stuff, just depends on the amount of spare time I have.
Crispy Canyon (Author: RedEchidna)
Well, you've got something here, but it's got a few small layout problems. Also, you have at least one sector, maybe more, that are mistakenly marked as a death pit. Like the railing just after the first checkpoint. Walk onto it and you die. No questions asked. Oops.

But all in all, it's actually quite fun. Even if that stupid accidental death pit did totally make me have to use SETLIVES a few times. Grr.


Frosty Aroura Zone (Author: darkbob1713)
I'm sorry, I nearly fell asleep trying to play this.
NiGHTS and Race don't work together as well as most people think. Not unless you give us a fair amount of obstacles and interesting things to keep us awake.


Thunder Factory Zone (Author: Blade)
...What can I say.
This is the best circuit map I've seen in AGES. Hello, innovative use of fans, for one.

If any other map wins this part of the contest, I will be extremely disappointed in all of you.


Midnight Lagoon Zone (Author: blahblahbal)
It's Sonic Circuit, with a dose of Sequel Stagnation.

Ugh, what a mess.


Molten Mountain Zone (Author: stoneywagner)
Looks, feels, and plays like a mix of Frostbite Peak Zone from the last contest, and Infernal Cavern Zone.

By the way, that's a bad thing.

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Match Division

Restricted Cavern: 2/10

It was laggy and all action concentrated on a single spot in the center. I don't see redeeming qualities that much.

Frost Forest: 5/10

It was... okay. Not more and not less. I seem to recall some flaws here and there but they were not glaring.

Neo Green Lake: 1/10

Ugh. Way too many panels and a rushjob in general.

Amber Ravine: 7/10

Good overall even if it suffers from tunnel vision, but it was visually pleasing as well, for starters.

Acid Plant: 4/10

This was too much for this poor map to handle. First of all, instakill acid, and I hate instakill, second, reverse gravity. But overall, these ideas fall under trying too hard, and the weapon ring placement wasn't really adjusted for that, too.

Astray Canopy: 2/10

These two points really are just for effort. The level is too bloody huge and bland, and there is no weapon rings everywhere.

Land of Light and Rain:

My level. It was a three day rushjob, and I couldn't squeeze beta testing in due to nobody being online, and it shows... I'd give it five points myself.

You do not get a cookie for guessing the inspiration.

CTF now.

Upload Download: 5/10

Good idea, lacking execution, too large height differences in the middle and general lag. Also, asymmetric weapon placement, and what the hell are blue team ring boxes doing in the red base?!?

Night Shrine: 4/10

It's a simple design, but too bland. It is not a bad map per se, but it has its flaws, such as being too linear, the ridiculous way of placing the flags and the fact that a jump in the center is a bit too bad. Oh, and asymmetric thing placement.

ColdLava Cliffs: 1/10

There are some ledges that you can't jump as Knuckles. The sky fails. There is no flag return in the lava, and the weapon rings are just lined up orderly.

Note that this is subjective a bit. I'd have given a 2/10 if I wasn't that damn frustrated.

Sunkist Falls: 6/10

It is a good map but suffers from confusing path layout. It is easy to go in circles.

Arial Skyfort: 1/10


Like Metal star without the good. Copypasta platforms. Hidden flag bases. Rather hard way to get from base to base. Diagonal springs for no reason. Too much ammo at parts.

Shall I go on?
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Guys, might I remind you that 0/10 means unplayable?

Originally Posted by Mystic
10 - Epic
9 - Awesome
8 - Great
7 - Good
6 - Decent
5 - Average
4 - Mediocre
3 - Bad
2 - Awful
1 - Horrendous
0 - Unplayable
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Originally Posted by Errol View Post
Night Shrine: 4/10
It's a simple design, but too bland. It is not a bad map per se, but it has its flaws, such as being too linear, the ridiculous way of placing the flags and the fact that a jump in the center is a bit too bad. Oh, and asymmetric thing placement.
Yes I'm aware it's linear but honestly, the flags arn't that hard to get... really? and I'm trying to add a FOF so that the jump to the middle bit stops because I personally think that is also annoying myself. As for the item placement, it is about as symmetrical as I can get it personally.
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Okay, my ratings.


Jadeflower Zone 2, by blahblahbal - 3/10
This was a bit bad, especially the visual glitch part. At first I couldn't find the exit, but I eventually found it. I liked the loop; awesome platforming part

Eggmansion Zone 1, by KO.T.E - 7/10
Annoying turret is VERY annoying. But... Epic detail is epic. Overall, the bads and the goods kinda balanced themselves out.

Giana Dream Blast Zone, by glaber - 2/10
Short level, but interesting. Never even heard of these Giana sisters or whatever.

Mountain Fortress Zone, by verifiaman - 0/10
Obvious Beta, like D00D64 said.

Buzzard's Bay Zone, by WEREHOG - 3/10
Interesting, but very poor thing placement.

Rainsoaked Ridge Zone 1, by Mach - 2/10
Odd short level. I played a beta of this, and it was better.


Restricted Cavern Zone, by blahblahbal - 10/10
Just the right size for a match level, and good weapon placement. I liked the slight colormap on the white water area.

Frost Forest Zone, by RedEchidna and darkbob1713 - 5/10
Good atmosphere, but easy to get lost as well.

Amber Ravine Zone, by Spherallic - 6/10
WAY too big for a match map, and just like the previous map, easy to get lost.

Neo Green Lake Zone, by Scizor300 - 8/10
I liked this level, especially the texture choice. Though the death pits didn't make much sense.

Acid Plant Zone, by KO.T.E - 5/10
Good idea, but weird level.

Astray Canopy Zone, by stoneywagner - 2/10
Nice texture choice, but bad level design.

Land of Light and Rain, by Errol - 1/10
Um, I don't know what to say, really. Other than the name doesn't fit on the titlecard.


Night Shrine Zone, by hyperknux - 1/10
Annoying flames and weird level design. Though I did like the ledge in the flag room.

Coldlava Cliffs Zone, by blahblahbal and dakbob1713 - 9/10
I really liked this level. Very nice blend of fire and ice.

Upload Download Zone, by fawfulfan - 4/10
Big level is huge. Though surprisingly not very laggy. It took forever to even capture the flag.

Aerial Skyfort Zone, by Mach - 1/10
Uhm, couldn't find the flag room.

Sunkist Falls Zone, by Spherallic and Blade - 3/10
This level suffered massive c-lag, and therefore is rated low.


Molten Mountain Zone, by stoneywagner - 2/10
This was a cool level, but it lacked an atmosphere.

Midnight Lagoon Zone, by blahblahbal - 5/10
This level is fail, but it's pretty good considering you did it in an hour or so. And good music choice.

Thunder Factory Zone, by Blade - 3/10
I hate the spikes, and the level is too square feeling.

Crispy Canyon Zone, by RedEchidna - 4/10
Um, verticalness isn't good for a race level.

Frosty Aurora Zone, by darkbob1713 - 7/10
I don't really like NiGHTS levels, but this one was quite nice.
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