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I know this would probably never happen but I would actually like NiGHTs and Reala from NiGHTs Into Dreams go appear in the game. (and Waluigi)
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Considering echoes, I could see a few more characters making it in simply because they would be easy to produce. Dunno how many more we'll see in practice, but it would be really easy to just set up some unique animations and voicelines for someone like Funky Kong, Blood Falcon, Ken, etc.. In particular, the last Direct set up the precedent for more villains and rivals making it into the roster, and Shadow hasn't shown up as an assist trophy, so I'd honestly say his odds aren't that bad.

I don't know how to speculate beyond that. I still think we're due for at least one more major reveal, which could be either another fan favorite, or Monster Hunter or some shit.

Skull Kid was one interesting theory for a character that I could see happening

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I'd expect a couple more myself, although nothing third-party beyond this. I still hope we'll get another surprising nostalgic one like Duck Hunt and Mr. Game and Watch were.
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