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Default How do i enable FOV changing on my server?

Or like a command to set everyone fov?
Or is the fov just permanently set to 90 in online?

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FOV changing is disabled in multiplayer as a renderer parity issue, since it's only available in OpenGL mode. (I mean, let's disregard the proper perspective and the fact that MD2s are still allowed...)

You could probably do something with Lua scripting to tweak the fovadd values for each player like Sky's server mod did. That's still allowed in multiplayer for some reason?
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The reason it's disabled is because it's possible to make a simple script to create a sniper scope, essentially. Turns out rail is REALLY good if you can zoom in from across the map. That's why it's banned in vanilla.

Now, if you're modding the game to change this, you're accepting that someone might abuse it, so then it's on you, not us. =P
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