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Sometimes I sprite "things"
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Default Player gets stuck inside a high-sloped "speedpad" floor

Well, I was making my race map, my intention is to put a sloped speed pad floor, when I was testing it, the player gets stuck inside it. I don't know if I'm doing something bad, it should be logical if the player thrusts towards at the angle of the slope (of course, if the slope isn't super high).

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Monster Iestyn
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The problem here is probably to do with the fact the speed pad teleports you into the sector's center by default. I suspect it probably doesn't account for slopes at all yet, which would be a bug with SRB2 rather than you doing anything wrong in your map. In the meantime, you could turn on Solid Midtexture on the linedef type 4 for your speed pad to disable the teleporting (Zone Builder probably calls it "Doesn't teleport player" or something). That way you won't get stuck in the slope.
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