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Inazuma the Deer
Version: , by Inazuma (likes to assault raccoons) Inazuma is offline
Developer Last Online: Feb 2019

Category: Version: SRB2 Rating: (4 votes - 4.00 average)
Released: 10-03-2018 Last Update: Never Installs: 3
Characters Re-Useable Content



Of course I could have easily just gave myself a few concussions and hope that it would erase that memory. Instead I gave myself a different kind of concussion. I redesigned Inazuma.

Inazuma is now back in SRB2 with electrifying new abilities to shock the competition!



Inazuma's primary ability is Bolt Stream. Bolt Stream allows Inazuma to dash forward in mid air with incredible speed and precision. Inazuma has up to 5 charges to this ability. Additionally, this ability also lets Inazuma home in onto nearby enemies. Upon a successful attack on an enemy, Inazuma is refunded a charge which can be used again if you so desire!



Inazuma's secondary ability is Electric Barrier. Press spin to summon a barrier of electromagnetic energy around Inazuma to pull in nearby rings and damage enemies! Electric Barrier has a pretty large attack radius which will make sure those pesky robots mind your personal space! Keep in mind that while using this ability, your speed is greatly reduced when on the ground. However when this ability is used in the air, Inazuma's fall speed is greatly reduced instead of his movement speed. In the hands of a master, Electric Barrier is an extremely powerful ability!


In addition to all the abilities that Inazuma wields, he also posses a few passive abilities:

1. Inazuma, being the electric controlling deer he is, has complete immunity to any source of electrical damage!

2. Despite the color of his antlers, Inazuma is a member of the Silverhorn family, granting him an inherently ridiculous tenacity. When damaged, press the jump button to hop straight back into action!

3. Due to Electric Barrier taking up the jump spin slot, whirlwind shield's spin ability is unfortunately disabled. When a whirlwind shield is equipped, Inazuma gains a massive boost in his jump height instead!


Match Abilities


In Ringslinger Gametypes, rather then using the default weapon ring system, Inazuma gets his own weapons which he can use at any time so long as he has rings.

Lightning Strike
Inazuma summons down a bolt of lightning to strike his opponents. The attack comes out fast and has a small AOE effect. The trick to this ability is to aim at the ground!

Lightning Blast
Inazuma fires a condensed sphere of electricity at his opponent. This ability can be charged! The longer you charge the ability, the bigger the attack becomes! At max charge, this ability can insta-kill any player it hits!

Radial Flash
Inazuma fires out from his body an electromagnetic shockwave that temporarily blinds and greatly reduces the move speed and jump height of his victims. The move has a pretty short range so in order to use it, you will need to get pretty close to your opponent. Due to some issues with how movie mode works in SRB2, I couldn't properly record the ability. I urge you all to see it for yourself in-game!



Take teamwork to the next level by playing as Inazuma & Dirk! Stand still and jump when Dirk is nearby to make Dirk jump up and create Ice Platforms for you to stand on! Additionally, Dirk will attempt to protect you by spindashing onto nearby enemies! Did you only add Inazuma into the game? Don't worry, the game will automatically load Dirk.wad (If you have it) once you select Inazuma&Dirk and Dirk was not yet added to the game!

Inazuma also has NiGHTS sprites! Like Silver, you will need to add FSonic in order to turn them on.

Inazuma is full of additional content to explore! Explore all the possibilities with this character and most importantly, have fun!



This project was very fun for me. It was great working on this character and improving my skills as I go. However, I couldn't have done this on my own.

Azeon (Prisma)
Inazuma (me lol)
MirageTheBandit (WindTakadiyami)
TelosTurntable (LordPotatosack)
White (PixelGamer64)

Azeon (Prisma)


Shoutout to all those who beta tested this wad! You guys helped out a lot!

Download Now

File Type: rar Inazuma.rar (1.55 MB, 1501 views)


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Old 10-21-2018   #22
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Well can I have the MD2?
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Old 10-25-2018   #23
Jake10102006's Avatar

Welp. Don't play on Sugoi's Sky Labyrinth with Inazuma! You'll straight up get stuck there!

Aside from that though, this character has a really fun playstyle! It's simple, it's complex, it's everything in-between!! Inazuma's super fun to play as!
Playin' games and makin' names!
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Old 11-11-2018   #24
The Not-So Gray Guy
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Honestly just messing around with him in single player kinda gives me Gunvolt flashbacks.

Fun character honestly!
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