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Default Holiday Haul 2018 Thread

As is tradition around here, post your loot bragging here. Preferably with pictures because it's generally more entertaining that way.

To start, I did way better than expected this year:

  • Sonic Mania Plus (Alright, alright, I'll play it already, stop it Prime X_X)
  • DVD Writer (So I can finally install my ancient CD-based games again)
  • To Love Ru 3-10
  • One Punch Man 13-14
  • Tama Nendoroid
  • Custom WIXOSS card of Senko
  • A random blank T-shirt
  • One hundred and twenty five United States dollars
  • Enough candy to survive the coming apocalypse
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ʇxǝʇ pǝddᴉlɟ ɹɐoɯ ɥʇᴉʍ ʍoN
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Straight from some bankruptcy auction in the UK, here's a lovely DELL Precision T7400, an older (2007) high-end dual-CPU workstation now purchasable for less than the price of a couple sticks of RAM.

Not only I adore this particular case design, but the performance is still very decent due to just how powerful of a machine it was back then.

Now that I have this I believe I'll be upgrading its hardware to what would have been the best available at the time, since it's little more than pocket change now used and I like the consistency of using old workstation parts for an old workstation (for anyone interested in gaming instead, while not obviously a wise choice, this thing would still hold its own with two quadcores and enough PCIe lanes and PSU power to run a 1080Ti SLI setup!).
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ms reflec beat stan
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Six soft friends, a couple shirts, a couple DS games, and an Eevee petting simulator!

My big Christmas gift to myself probably won't be here for another month or two.
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I wish I were joyful like you guys. That is very cool stuff you guys have got.

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typicality nonsensical
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Mmm, I had no idea what I wanted this year. The lefter hat I received in early November actually. They make me think of Q*bert
I like remastering MIDIs? Oh I guess there's no harm in a few minutes of your time.
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Old 12-30-2018   #6
Tee Slopes

D&D Starter set, DMG, PHB.
Retrobit Res+
Mario/Duck Hunt
Tetris (official, not tengen)
Hp Stream 14
There's more strewn around the house
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Old 01-02-2019   #7
What part of 'RETIRED' don't you understand?
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Originally Posted by gregory_house View Post
Straight from some bankruptcy auction in the UK, here's a lovely DELL Precision T7400, an older (2007) high-end dual-CPU workstation now purchasable for less than the price of a couple sticks of RAM.
Hah, we ran a close cousin of these servers at my organization until less than two years ago. About four years back, I was able to purchase faster Xeon CPUs on eBay to double the processing power. It only cost me $15. The organization wouldn't pay for it, so I just did it out of my own pocket since I used these servers and $15 was chump change for the benefit.

It's understated what kind of value you can find in purchasing old server equipment. A lot of business are just looking to dump old hardware at a super cheap price.
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Sorry this is so late, I forgot to make a post. Anyways, I currently don't have pictures of the stuff I got, but I'll take them soon, and upload them after doing so, and here we go:
A TV from 1958. First time turning it on, it started smoking. I think it started, because dust collected on the vacuum tubes, and the tube got heated up, burning the dust, creating smoke. Reception is audio-only, at the moment. Video seems to be extremely distorted, to the point that you can't see anything at all.
An alarm clock/radio/TV from 1988. It is B/W, like the 1958 TV, and gets mid-teir reception. It uses a 3.5mm (headphone jack wire) as an external antenna, which is required to get reception. I hooked it up to my VCR using a series of wires, same with all my others. The reception is not too good, but not unusable.
A radio, which I'm guessing, is from the late 80s, to late 90s. Can pick up signal really well, but it's mono (same with most of my TVs), so I have to use an adapter for stereo headsets.
A portable, battery-powered radio, can't pick up AM good as of recent.
A Crank radio/flashlight/phone charger, the crank handle broke off, so I'll have to replace it.
A camera (Ironic, isn't it?), says it's 720p, and 1080p elsewhere, but is actually 640x480. The microphone's bitrate is somewhere around 16000Hz.
Most of all, a projector. Me and my dad worked on moving the projector screen from his room into mine. (He used to use a projector, like I do now.) I currently watch most of my TV on it, but sometimes, I use the other TVs.
Now where could my pipe be?

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