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Vehicles (plus a beta level)
Version: 0.17, by OtherChen (Hibernates every few months) OtherChen is offline
Developer Last Online: Dec 2018

Category: Version: SRB2 Rating: (7 votes - 5.00 average)
Released: 06-27-2015 Last Update: Never Installs: 5
SOCs Scripts Sprites/Graphics Is in Beta Stage

Robotnik dug out his old "Mega-Badnik 2142" blueprints and repurposed them into battle vehicles! They'll spawn naturally on most vanilla SRB2 maps, but you can always type spawnvehicle to give yourself a new ride in co-op mode. Press Custom 1/2/3 to exit a vehicle.


MAX HP: 120

Move/Strafe: drive the tank
Turn/Look: move the turret
Jump: jump and hover
Fire: fire a huge bomb ring (20 dmg) from the main cannon. Powerful enough to stun and spike other vehicles, break Knuckles blocks, and launch the tank backward a bit.
Fire Normal: fire a volley of bounce rings (12 x 3 dmg) from the gunner turret. The rings will disappear shortly after the first bounce.
Spin: hold while firing to make your shots arc instead of flying straight

Break blocks and push other players by running into them
Going underwater will cause damage; entering slime will shut down the tank
Speed Shoes: faster ground and air movement, stronger hover

Use the recoil from the cannon to boost the height of your jump and maneuver in the air.
Hovering off a spring can take you great distances, but leaves you open to attack.

MAX HP: 60

Turn/Look: steer
Jump or Forward: boost
Spin or Backward: brake
Fire Normal or Strafe: look backward
Fire: fire twin automatic rings (2 dmg), or a single stream backward. Fire rate decreases over time.

Crashing into things will cause damage, regenerates partially over time
Limited boost/brake/guns, recharges within 5 seconds
At low health, suicide-bomb by crashing while boosting
Speed Shoes: reduce boost power needed for moves

Use your speed and agility to avoid enemy fire, but watch out for obstacles too -- they can hurt you just as much as bullets.
Braking and shooting lets you aim better, but uses more boost power than normal.

MAX HP: 30

Forward: drive forward
Strafe: drive forward slowly
Back: drive backward slowly
Jump: jump, drift in the air with Move/Strafe
Spin: skid
Spin + Back: brake
Fire: fire a double-barreled scatter gun (8 x 3 dmg)
Fire Normal: do a spin attack that reflects projectiles and deals direct damage (8 x 4 dmg). Double-jumping also works.

Carry a shield to cut incoming damage in half and get bonus effects. The shield will break at half health or from a single powerful shot.
Overheal doesn't decay
Regenerate health quickly while standing still
Speed Shoes: reload the scatter gun faster

Spin right after a jump to gain more height. At high speeds, you can cross huge distances in the air this way.
You can turn sideways while skidding. Skid past an enemy and fire your scatter gun for a surprise attack.

MAX HP: 100

Move/Strafe: drive
Jump: float (hop around on land)
Spin: sink
Fire Normal: switch between rapid-fire Grey rings (2 dmg), arcing bombs (10 dmg), or sticky grenades (15 dmg).
Fire: fire the selected weapon. On land, your weapons are replaced with weak, short-range Grey rings.

Prevents drowning
Can enter lava, but takes steady damage
Can enter and sink into slime
Speed Shoes: move faster

Grey rings are great for open water, bombs work best on shorebound targets, and stickies do heavy damage to anything up close.
If you're stuck on land, try to stay at medium range from enemies and force them to retreat. Abandon ship if someone gets too close -- try to trick them into getting inside!

MAX HP: 60

Move/Strafe: fly around
Jump/Spin: ascend/descend
Fire: fire a burst of Flame rings (7 x 2 dmg) that leave burning trails on the ground. Cannot fire underwater.
Fire Normal: drop bombs (10 dmg) that explode on impact.

Limited fuel, shooting depletes fuel faster
Regenerates fuel on the ground, but cannot attack while refueling
Players can ride on the bottom of the helicopter, preventing it from firing
Cannot fly into the water; will take damage if forced underwater
Speed Shoes: reduce fuel consumption

If you're near the ground, never stop moving. A single shot from a tank or motorcycle could ruin your assault.
Keep track of high points in the map -- those are the safest places to refuel.

AMPHIBIOUS (Hovercraft)
MAX HP: 80

Move/Strafe: move around
Jump: hover higher and fall slower
Spin: become transparent and move more quietly. Unlimited use, but reduces control and prevents shooting/healing.
Fire: fire a small pattern of automatic rings (3 x 2 dmg)
Fire Normal: emit a healing pulse (-20 dmg) to all vehicles in range

Hovers over water, but cannot submerge
Self-heal when shooting or healing others
Speed Shoes: move faster

Accidentally touching lava or death pits will still kill you! You can hover high over them, but don't let go of that Jump button.
Need more firepower? Try overhealing an empty vehicle and using that instead -- just make sure an enemy doesn't steal it first!
In team games, your healing won't affect vehicles driven by the enemy.

MAX HP: 100

Move+Jump: move a fixed distance; hold Jump to damage enemies while landing
Spin: use rings to rapidly restore health
Fire: fire a charged burst of scatter rings (up to 28 x 3 dmg).
Fire Normal: rapid-fire bounce rings (3 dmg). Hold the button longer to increase fire rate.

Can only take one action at a time
Cannot collect items from the ground
Shields refill your health completely to 150%
Overheal doesn't decay, except while moving
No knockback from enemy shots
Speed Shoes: move faster, can move while shooting or healing

Use bounce rings to take control of a room or discourage aircraft from approaching.
In CTF, try to stand a moderate distance from the flag to ambush incoming enemies. Keep stockpiling rings to store health for an emergency.


If your vehicle's health goes below 10, alarms will sound and the vehicle will start losing its last few health points. Get out before it hits zero or you'll die instantly!
Spin-dash into an enemy vehicle to damage it. The slower you're going, the more damage you'll put out.
Rail rings do 10 damage, but very little knockback.
Shield monitors heal the vehicle by 50%, up to 150% (except motorcycles). Entering a vehicle while wearing a shield will have the same effect, removing your shield in exchange for health.
Invulnerability monitors will give the vehicle 75% damage resistance.
Chaos Emeralds can enter vehicles, but Super players cannot.
In Tag, players who are IT will deal 4x damage to enemy vehicles, unless the vehicle is overhealed.
In team-based games, shooting a teammate's vehicle does reduced damage and no knockback.
In CTF, carrying the flag hinders your vehicle's movement and disables most abilities.
Killing a player in a vehicle earns you 100 points. Assisting in a vehicle kill earns 25 points, and healing someone who gets a kill earns 50 points.
The following CTF maps don't feature vehicle spawners (yet):

Twisted Terminal (too small, probably won't happen)
Molten Fissure
Radiant Caverns
Iron Turret
Dual Fortress


howdoidrive <type>: cecho a vehicle's basic controls, the same as when you first enter a vehicle. If you're in a vehicle and <type> is unspecified, that vehicle's controls will be shown.
spawnvehicle <type>: give yourself a vehicle in co-op. Admins can use it in any game mode.
killvehicle: lower your vehicle's health to 5, causing it to self-destruct in 5 seconds. Jump out quickly, or you may as well have typed "suicide"!
vehiclefps: toggle the first-person weapon graphics. Useful if they block the screen or just look ugly.

Admin commands:
placevehiclespawner <type> <infinite?>: create a vehicle spawn point. If <type> is "?" or "random", it will spawn a different vehicle each time. If <infinite> is "I", the spawner will keep spawning vehicles once the old ones are moved away. Only lasts to the end of the map.
removevehiclespawners: remove all vehicle spawn points from the map, including automatically-placed spawners.

destroyvehicletime: how long a vehicle can be left idle before self-destructing (default is 60 seconds).
respawnvehicletime: how long a vehicle spawner will wait before spawning a new vehicle (default is 20 seconds).
vehiclescale: size of vehicles, out of 100. Ranges from 10% to 1000%. (Marks cheats on the server)


Current: v1.0.0 (About damn time)
Added the Vehicle Yard beta map.
Reduced the Tank's health: 150>120.
Reduced the Knight's health: 120>100.
The Knight is now immune to knockback, and its attack will no longer be interrupted when shot at.

Increased the Jet's health regen rate.
Increased the damage the Helicopter takes underwater, to match that of the Jet.
Fixed the Helicopter getting stuck at 1 health when its alarm sounds while unoccupied (probably).
The Knight can now spawn from the random spawner.
Metal Sonic can no longer use vehicles (sorry, I tried).
Restricted random spawners (only land vehicles etc.) have been implemented, but are currently unused.

v0.17 (Standing guard)
Added the Knight turret.
Increased automatic rings' damage from 1 to 2.
The jet's boost power takes 5 seconds to recharge.
The jet's fire rate now scales with its boost power. Firing short bursts with a full gauge is faster, while continuous fire is slower.
Increased the submarine's projectile speed. Also increased the fire rate for rapid Grey rings.

Overhealed vehicles now emit an aura for easier identification.
Fixed tanks constantly playing their landing sound when entered for the first time.
Increased the jet's projectile speed.
Fixed the helicopter not refueling while overhealed.
"Fixed" the Egg Slimer crashing the game in its pinch phase -- it'll just stop if you're in a tank.

(A matter of scale)
Added command "vehiclescale".
Decreased the size of the tank; it's now closer to its old size and can fit through Thunder Citadel's stairs.
Increased the recoil from the tank cannon, offering greater air mobility.
Reduced the damage done by normal rings from 3 to 2, affecting the submarine and helicopter.
Reduced the damage done by automatic rings from 3 to 1, affecting the jet and amphib.
Reduced the jet's fire rate by half.
Added three(!) weapons to the submarine.
Increased the submarine's vertical mobility.
Replaced the helicopter's secondary (again) with impact bombs.
The amphib now steals health when shooting an occupied vehicle.

Slightly reduced the tank's ground speed and hovering power.
The helicopter no longer damages players hanging from the bottom. Instead, shots simply disappear or explode on the heli.
Raised the amphib's natural health regen to match that of the other vehicles.

v0.15 (Spinny things are fun)
All Match maps now have vehicle spawners.
Players can spin into enemy vehicles to damage them.
Increased the effective radius and power of the motorcycle's spin attack.
Shields now grant special abilities to motorcycles: the force shield increases your maximum health, the wind shield improves the spin attack, and the bomb shield adds an explosive shot to the scattergun's pattern.

Added help messages for the first few times you enter a vehicle.
Added command "howdoidrive".
Bosses now target players in vehicles correctly.
Friendly fire does greatly reduced damage and zero knockback.
Fixed the tank getting a speed boost on ice.
Lowered the shot count on the scattergun from 10 to 8.

v0.14 (Gravity!)
Tag mode is now supported.
Vehicles can operate in reverse gravity, except for the amphib.
The tank receives recoil from the main cannon.

Added cvars "destroyvehicletime" and "respawnvehicletime".
Extended the first-person sprites to reduce cutoff.
Lowered the tank's air mobility (by strafing) to nearly zero. You can jump up ledges as normal, but to actually move, you'll need the cannon.
Fixed the jet taking crash damage if you eject at high speed.
The motorcycle can also spin attack by double-jumping.

v0.13 (hay guise wanna CTF)
Vehicles no longer spawn at Chaos Emerald spawners. Be patient -- I'll put spawners in every vanilla map eventually.
Fixed the spring sound spam caused by hitting multiple springs at once. Also fixed an associated crash involving closely-spaced lines of springs.
Vehicles carrying CTF flags have their movement restricted, and cannot use weapons or abilities.
Fixed the CTF flag disappearing inside destroyed vehicles. Players now drop the flag as soon as they die.
Increased the size of the tank, and altered its projectile speeds.
Replaced the motorcycle's red rings with a spin attack.

Invulnerability monitors protect against lava, water damage, and crash damage.
The tank will become immobilized if it touches THZ slime.
Fixed the motorcycle getting stuck at the bottom of THZ slime pools.
The motorcycle's jump height scales with its current speed.
Removed the looking-back restriction on the motorcycle.
The submarine can enter lava, but will take steady damage.

v0.12 (Eye candy edition)
Tossflag has been removed from the exit-vehicle buttons list, so you don't accidentally drop stuff in Match/CTF. Use Custom 1/2/3 to exit a vehicle.
Unoccupied vehicles self-destruct after 60 seconds, unless they're being healed.
Added a more visible marker above empty vehicles.
Added proper splash damage to explosive weapons.
Changed the helicopter's secondary weapon to a shower of fireballs.

Lowered the delay between exiting and entering a vehicle. Jumping from one to another is now easier.
Fixed being able to enter a vehicle while dead or after completing the level.
Added kill notices for destroying players' vehicles, overriding the standard kill notices.
Single-player bots can no longer use vehicles.
Fixed vehicle spawners getting stuck under FOFs.
The jet uses considerably more power to boost, and takes 5 damage when crashing.
Lowered Scatter damage from 4 to 3.
Greatly increased the heli's fuel consumption while attacking.
Fixed amphibs losing their overheal when healing others.

v0.11 (Everything's made up but the points DO matter)
Killing and assisting players in vehicles will earn you points.
Vehicles can now make use of speed shoes, invulnerability, and shields.
Added infinite spawners.
Added vehicle spawners to more maps. Keep checking the list above!
Greeneyes, Rosy, Shadow, Metal Sonic, and Paper Mario can use vehicles. (Issues: Metal makes noise while moving, and Mario can't brake on the motorcycle.)

Added a health bar and maximum health display to the HUD.
Reduced vehicles' natural health regeneration significantly.
You can now eject from the vehicle using the custom buttons.
Eggmobileman and Brak can no longer use vehicles.
Changed the way vehicles refer to their drivers internally. You are now the vehicle's tracer, not its target.
Allowed the tank and cannon shots to break blocks.
Increased the main cannon's fire rate slightly.
Improved handling
Shields now give the bike damage resistance.
Changed the Scatter gun's shot pattern: more pellets in a flatter trajectory, but less total damage

Increased the bike's slow speed ("strafing" and backpedaling)
Lowered maximum health from 40 to 30
Shooting red rings in co-op no longer costs rings.
Your helmet stays on your neck more closely when boarding.
Players can now grab on to the bottom of a flying helicopter.
Increased fuel consumption while attacking.
Healing other vehicles now also heals the amphib.
Replaced brake with suppressor: become silent and transparent, but can't shoot, heal, or move quickly.

The amphib can now attempt to heal more often, but healing multiple vehicles takes longer to recharge.

v0.10 (My First Harley)
Added complete motorcycle sprites; removed command "switchmcyclesprites".
Added vehicle spawners to GFZ1 and Cloud Palace.
Vehicles are more likely to self-destruct when in lava -- no more action-movie jumping through the RVZ falls.
You can look and shoot backward while flying the jet.

Fake vehicle spawners (i.e. emeralds) should no longer crash from map to map.
Allowed random vehicles to be spawned with spawnvehicle random or spawnvehicle ?
Fixed the tank turret and the motorcycle helmet turning blue in shallow water.
Increased the camera distance for the jet.
The jet's stalling behavior now depends on global gravity.
Submarines can now sink slowly in goo water.
Amphibs can heal while shooting.
Amphibs make no noise and don't disturb the water while braking.

v0.9 (Medic! Medic! Medic!)
Added amphibious vehicle and its corresponding vehicle spawner.
Changed the motorcycle's braking and skidding controls. Braking is now done with Spin+Back and skidding is done with Spin.
Fixed vehicles in death pits constantly playing their deathsound and spawning explosions.
Lowered the damage value of normal rings from 5 to 3. This noticeably affects Burning Rings from the helicopter.

Vehicle spawners now wait at least 5 seconds before spawning their first vehicle.
Added visual effects to the jet's boost.
The jet now hovers over the water correctly.
Added visual effects for jets and helicopters hovering above the water.
Increased the tank's upward-angle limit from 45 to 60 degrees.
The helicopter no longer bounces off walls.
Increased the submarine's fire rate, reverting a change made in 0.7.1.

v0.8 (Ear-Rape Central)
Added helicopter.
Added vehicle spawn points, and placed some in Meadow Match.

Added commands "placevehiclespawner" and "removevehiclespawners".
Increased the height of vehicle hitboxes.
Vehicles use default colors during local play, rather than matching the player's color.
The jet now uses the BASH's thruster sound.
Submarines aim up a bit when firing gravity-bound rings.
(Unconfirmed) Fixed suiciding when destroying a vehicle at point-blank.

v0.7.1 (Same-day surgery)
All players can spawn vehicles in co-op. Using spawnvehicle in other game modes requires admin privileges.
Added command "vehiclefps"
The jet can now boost with Jump or Forward and brake with Spin or Back.
Lowered the jet's natural speed further and increased control while braking.
Changed the way the submarine chooses weapons. You can no longer fire bombs from a puddle of water.
Allowed the submarine to fire shots with or without gravity.

Changed the jet's crashing physics.
The jet now stalls less when flying straight up.
Lowered the jet's hover height when near the ground.
Lowered the submarine's fire rate.

v0.7 (Fish Tank Part II)
Reduced view jittering in netgames. Your view should be steady unless you're pushing against the view restrictions (e.g. trying to look down all the way on a tank).
Tanks can drive underwater, but will constantly take damage.
Tanks regenerate by not shooting, rather than by standing still.
Vehicles are now instantly destroyed in death pits, lava, and crushers.

You can now drown in vehicles, except for the submarine.
The jet hovers over the water as well as the ground.
Reduced scatter shots from the motorcycle from 8 to 6.
The motorcycle goes into panic mode at 5 health instead of 10.
The dumb floating helmet now properly changes color with the player.
Grey Rings from the submarine have no gravity.
Bomb Rings from the submarine are slower, so they can hit shore-bound targets more easily.

v0.6 (How do I fly this thiiiiing)
Added first-person weapon graphics.
Added some motorcycle sprites, including a dumb floating helmet.
Increased all vehicles' maximum health.
Weapon knockback now scales based on weapon and vehicle type.
Submarines and motorcycles will spawn naturally in Match.
Damaged, unoccupied vehicles will self-destruct when new vehicles spawn.
Removed keyboard controls from the jet. Will this prevent jittering in netgames? Who knows? Yes; see v0.7

Unoccupied vehicles now display their approximate health.
Patched up analog mode. The player is now forced into non-analog mode while in a vehicle.
Vehicles restrict the player's up/down view. The motorcycle restricts the player's left/right view to prevent Exorcist-style head movement.
Increased damage and reload time for the motorcycle scattergun.
The player can fire normal red rings from the motorcycle.
Submarines now self-destruct in death pits.
Submarines can fire Grey Rings while underwater with Fire Normal.
Lowered submarine ground friction in shallow water, for more efficient hopping.

v0.5 (Fish Tank)
Added submarine
Fixed the jet's chasecam

Added vehicle-specific exiting sounds
The player retains their look direction when exiting a vehicle, and can use their jump ability after exiting too.
Holding Jump no longer makes vehicles jump repeatedly
The tank can fire Bounce Rings with either Spin or Fire Normal.
Bounce Rings reload automatically without having to empty the magazine.
The tank can operate in shallow water.
The jet now has twin guns, increasing fire rate but also overheating faster
The motorcycle's shotgun reloads when not in use.

v0.4 (Hop on Super Sonic's back!)
Added beta motorcycle, will not spawn naturally
Lowered jet speed by about 25%
Added suicide bomb to jet (replaces brake if health is low)
Changed some weapon damage values
Vehicles spawned with "spawnvehicle" now face the player's direction
Ground vehicles will eject and self-destruct in death pits

v0.3 (No MB release)

v0.2 (Free airplanes for everyone!)
Added jet plane
Added admin command "spawnvehicle"

Fixed divide-by-zero error
Lowered grenade damage

v0.1 (Initial release)
Added tank
Added command "killvehicle"

  • Exiting a vehicle puts "Toggled Chasecam" messages in the console.
  • Armageddon shield blasts destroy vehicles in one hit.
  • If a vehicle touches a Jet Jaw, the game will crash. As such, Jet Jaws have been removed entirely from maps.
  • A rare crash has been reported involving switching away from a lava map.
  • The tank turret and motorcycle helmet are occasionally visible in first-person, e.g. when running into a wall.

  • NiGHTS sparkles vanish quickly, to avoid framerate drops caused by spamming bombs. This doesn't affect NiGHTS paralooping.
  • Hide-and-seek is not supported, due to the nature of the game mode.

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Old 07-20-2015   #42
Confident Programmer
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Originally Posted by thejoginghedge View Post
infact... better than hitcoder in some ways.
I've heard it all now.

On a side note, "in some ways"? No, that's an understatement, I'm a lazy piece of crap, as well as physattk losing popularity very quickly. Vehicles in SRB2? That will never get old.

Nice job otherchen.
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Old 07-26-2015   #43
Does not approve of rails.
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>Dedicates 1/4 of post to saying "Nice job"
>The rest is saying how bad you are

Seriously HitCoder, as much as I don't like bashing on people that do this stuff, this isn't the right place. This thread is reserved for this mod here, so take that attitude elsewhere if you don't mind.

On subject of the mod, I think it's brilliant. VEHICLES in SRB2?

The last time I was as interested in a mod related to vehicles was Skywars with those jet things. This is pretty much a step up from all of that. LUA sure is awesome, huh?

All of the vehicles seem to have their uses, and since I last played, sprites seem to have been added for more angles. Awwww sweet~

...Either way, my favourite vehicle has to be the motorcycle just because of the fact you can combine that with the Shadow wad for maximum edge.

Though one complaint I could say about it is the fact that it gives you that weird skin and helmet no matter what character you are. I mean, even with Sylveon or something? ...Er, to be frank, I haven't checked with other characters at all, but from what I gather it is the case with multiple. I imagine this is unfixable, but it's a little thing that could be improved if possible.

Other than that, awesome work. This'll be fun in other gametypes no doubt.
Hai! I use rail rings to prove how cheap and easy they are to use!
Originally Posted by Rob View Post
I'm a thief.
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Old 07-26-2015   #44
Stop it
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"Armageddon shield blasts destroy vehicles in one hit."

...I think you can get around that by putting the MF_BOSS flag, they're not insta-killed by nukes, as far as I remember.
Originally Posted by Bronydude2k5 View Post
If you make me a Sash Lilac wad, I'll make you a sonic sprite hack of any choice.
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Old 07-27-2015   #45
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Default Drama? In MY Lua thread?

Thanks for the MF_BOSS suggestion, but unfortunately it won't work -- it messes with the vehicles' thinkers too much to be fixable.

I tried Tag in two-player mode and I think it works, but I didn't get a chance to test it online. If destroying a vehicle still doesn't count as a tag, I'll probably just eject players when they're hit. Saves a lot of trouble.
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Old 07-27-2015   #46
Saturn Ross
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I noticed two issues, the first is that the bosses don't attack once you enter a vehicle and shoot them, like here:

The second is just me, but it'd be nice if I could shoot and break a monitor to get its contents, like with Eggman's laser, as shown:

And here's the Tank (as an example):

Last edited by Saturn Ross; 07-27-2015 at 03:13 AM. Reason: Forgot images, and messed up a description.
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Old 07-29-2015   #47
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OtherChen's Avatar

I put help messages in the vehicles now; hopefully they help clarify the basic stuff like "Use the Custom buttons to exit" and "Fly the jet with turn/look, not move/strafe".

Fixing the boss targeting wasn't too hard. I could do it for all enemies, but that would slow down the game considerably.
Long-range monitor collection isn't gonna happen. Drive that tank a few meters further, you lazy bum. (Actually, it's the same reasoning for which you can't shoot a monitor in vanilla Match: too overpowered.)
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Old 08-01-2015   #48
McZee123's Avatar

I tried to do a motorcycle run through every level in the game. It eventually crashed but it was fun for about two zones. Good wad you've got going here.
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Old 08-02-2015   #49
Hibernates every few months
OtherChen's Avatar

The game crashed? Or the bike?

If it was the game, what's your game look like and what other mods did you have?
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Old 08-05-2015   #50
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So, I fought Egg Slimer in the tank. Apparently him tackling you in his second phase crashes the game (though I did fire a ring at him at the same time so that might've caused something).

EDIT: Also it seems the helicopter cannot regenerate fuel when above max health.
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Old 08-05-2015   #51
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No four-wheeled vehicles yet, but here's a (mostly) stationary turret to camp your ass off with.

Both of the above issues are fixed, sort of. The Egg Slimer's second phase crashes SRB2 if its target isn't a player, and things can't target a player in a vehicle for some reason. So now it simply ignores you unless you jump out.

I'm still playing around with the jet's weapons; machine guns are the obvious choice, but it's hard to balance them out for a vehicle that specializes in evading attacks.
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Last edited by OtherChen; 08-05-2015 at 10:22 PM.
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Old 08-09-2015   #52
Doctor Clockwork
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So something I found out while doing random shenanigans. If you turn Friendly Fire on (Maybe Ringslinger too. I had them both on) and use any of the vehicle's weapons. You will hurt and even kill yourself by firing it.

Hoping this is a bug. Kinda wanted to do Co-Op vehicles with friendly fire on.
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Old 08-09-2015   #53
Is actually
Nekoishi's Avatar

Wow, nice work you've got here. Almost makes me want to actually play SRB2.
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Old 08-09-2015   #54
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Originally Posted by Doctor Clockwork View Post
If you turn Friendly Fire on (Maybe Ringslinger too. I had them both on) and use any of the vehicle's weapons. You will hurt and even kill yourself by firing it.
Ain't happening on my end; I've tried all combinations of those. In fact, I run friendly fire in my server when I host.

Are you using any other mods alongside this? I know Metal Sonic has a few ways to hurt itself with vehicles.
<Lat'> I want Knuckles the Echidna in Knuckles & Knuckles & Knuckles HD remastered.
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Old 08-09-2015   #55
Doctor Clockwork
Older than SRB2's dev cycle
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Oh that was it. I had Metal Sonic on. Good to know that it just WAD clashing.
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Old 09-08-2015   #56
Blue with spikes
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Its a amazing wad I loved it.

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Man. I love these things. Personally, I'd like it if the Knight Turret's rapid fire scatter lasted a bit longer. I can't wait to see what you add in next! :)
that is if you add more vehicles
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The new vehicle yard map has tons of visual glitches in Software mode.
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Wow, okay.

I'd like to say "it's 2016, use OGL", but obviously I'm doing something terribly wrong. Hopefully it's just the map size or a boundary issue that can be fixed easily.
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Bryce Hego
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bounce rings don't seem to despawn?
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I know this is pretty old, but is there intent of updating this? Otherwise, I love this, both in singleplayer and in multiplayer.
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