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Old 06-06-2017   #41
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Is Race still in SRB2? I really enjoy this mode. It can help you learn to control Sonic.

Same goes for Hide And Seek. Haven't played that in a long time, and I'm guessing it was removed?

But my favourite type has to be CTF. I remember my first online match, and the lag. I'm thinking it was caused by my internet connection.

Co-op is is great too, cause what's better than fighting with friends/random strangers?
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Do custom/outdated gamemodes count?
If so, I love Chaos. The gamemode is really fast paced, and involves a lot of ENEMY DESTROYING. You could make it kind of cooperative even, since players get overrun with enemies quick and it is the objective in Co-op. You can make a bunch of stratrgies out of it, and kind of learn how to enemy bounce and how to get the most score by playing aggressively.

EDIT: I realized the first post says "only vanilla gamemodes".
Chaos used to be in vanilla until around 1.08. Does it still count?

Originally Posted by Voros View Post
Is Race still in SRB2? Same goes for Hide And Seek.
-snipped a lot-
Both gamemodes are still in SRB2.
Lost interest on modding for a while...

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Old 06-06-2017   #43
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I didn't realize posting on a thread from 3 years ago would revive it! I'm glad to see that nearly every gametype has some kind of love and I cant wait until the netcode is fixed up so we can all enjoy them.
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Old 06-14-2017   #44
Golden Shine
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Coop > Circuit(still technically in the game even if the maps were removed) > CTF(with 6 or more people) > Match > Everything else

Also, the netcode's been doing so much better than usual lately. ^^
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Old 06-19-2017   #45
or Clutsi
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I normally like coop with wads ; if i play without Wads, i prefer Race.

Chaos was my favorite until it was removed :(
I sometimes look at this
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