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Old 06-22-2014   #61
i don't remember this
Pixel-Voxel's Avatar

I never play online because every server is usually Match and CTF or crashes the game.

Keyboard + Mouse controls:
Mouse: Move Camera
Mouse Button 1: Jump
Mouse Button 2: Spin
Mouse Button 3: Center Camera

W: Move Forward
S: Move Backward
A: Strafe Left
D: Strafe Right

R: Custom 1
F: Custom 2
V: Custom 3
LSHIFT: Toss Flag (Only for character abilites.)

PS3 controller layout:
LSTICK: Movement (Usually using analog mode.)
RSTICK: Move Camera (Only when using strafe controls.)
Cross (Button 3): Jump
Circle (Button 2): Spin (Changed to L2 for that one Boost2Win experiment.)
L1: Rotate Camera R
R1: Rotate Camera L
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Old 06-23-2014   #62
Wolfy's Avatar

I play with or without the mouse depending on if I'm playing a platform gametype or a ringslinger gametype. I use WASD and the arrow keys for movement. My usual control set is:

Jump: Space Bar
Spin: Right Shift/Right Click
Ring Toss: Right CTRL/Left Click
Toss Flag: L
Custom 1: Q
Custom 2: E
Custom 3: X

I'm probably one of the few people that doesn't use their mouse in platforming gametypes.
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Old 06-24-2014   #63
Hey, that's my pudding!
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Forward - Up Arrow or W
Backward - Down Arrow or S
Turn Left - Left Arrow
Turn Right - Right Arrow
Jump - Z or Space
Spin - X or Left Shift
Strafe Left - A
Strafe Right - D
Ring Toss - Mouse1 or C
Ring Toss Normal - Mouse2 or V
Toss Flag - '
Custom 1 - B
Custom 2 - N
Custom 3 - M

I'm weird and I have multiple controls set up so I can go from a general platforming set up with Z and X for Jump and Spin to a FPS control set with those same buttons being Space and Shift. I don't change any settings; I pretty much just leave them as they are.

Also for whatever reason, I'm not bugged by having to use A to strafe to the left even though I use Z to jump.
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Old 06-27-2014   #64

I use a configuration that uses the arrow keys along with a format I'm used to.

Arrows: Movement and turning
Left Shift: Toss Flag
Z: Ring Toss
X: Spin Dash
C: Jump
ASD: Custom 1-3 (Only use custom buttons without a Tails follower)

I also have a 2nd player configuration to take advantage of Tails.
WASD: Player 2 Movement and Turning.
O: Player 2 Spin Dash
P:Player 2 Jump
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Old 10-25-2014   #65
Christmas is coming

As of October 2014, I've changed my layout and I've updated the information on the original post.

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Old 10-25-2014   #66
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Movement- Arrow Keys
Strafe- AD
Jump- Z
Spin- X

Those controls are for single player.

Talk- T
Team-Talk (Don't know what this is for....)- Y
Ring Toss- Left Click
Ring Toss Normal- C
Weapon Slots- 1234567 keys (Not the number-pad)
Next Weapon- Mouse Wheel Scroll Up
Previous Weapon- Mouse Wheel Scroll Down
Toss Flag- Comma
Rankings/Scores- Backslash

Those are multi-player Keys.

(And a little extra Key.... Tilde for Console.)
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Old 10-25-2014   #67
Casual Player
Rafeku's Avatar

I don't really play match(cuz, it just doesn't work for me) so my layout is mostly from the controller(Xbox 360):
Movement: Left Stick/WASD
Jump: A Button/Right Click
Spin: X Button/X
Cam L: RB <<Inversed
Cam R: LB <<Inversed
I use mouse in First Person view
Custom 1: Y Button
Custom 2: B Button
Custom 3: Back Button
Chase Cam: V
Ring Toss: Mouse 1

and the rest I don't really remember, because I don't play match. I just use keyboard+mouse(+FPS View) when I need extreme precision. Helps a lot in Egg Rock.
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Old 10-25-2014   #68
Stop it
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Blargh, you forced me to post here again by bumping this old thread ><

Forward: Up/W
Turn Left: Left arrow
Turn Right: Right Arrow
Backwards: Down/S
Strafe left: E/A (Electronics Arts ftw)
Strafe Right: R/D (Rainbow Dash ftw)
Jump: Space
Spin: X/M2
Ring Toss: Q/M1
Ring Toss (Nomral): F
Toss flag: I
Change Weapon Slot: Numbers from 1 to 7.
Scores: TAB
Console: ~
Custom buttons (1,2,3): B,N,M

Note that most controls are exactly the same than TF2 so meh.
I might also be forgetting some controls so don't mind about it.
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Old 11-11-2014   #69
Alex Hofstadter
Axel Gebstadter's alter-ego
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Arrows: Movement.
Z: Jump.
X: Spin Dash.
A: Camera up.
S: Camera down.
I think there's no pause button, but if there were, I'd set it to be either enter or spacebar.
Edit: grammar.
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Old 11-13-2014   #70
spaghetti coder
Metal96's Avatar

Movement/Turning: Arrows
Strafing: A + D
Jump: C
Spin: X
Shoot: Z
Looking: Page Up + Down
Rotate Camera: Left Shift + V
Reset Camera: R
Toggle Chasecam: Right Shift
Pause: Space
Console: ~
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Old 12-27-2014   #71

Arrow keys movement and spacebar to jump.
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Old 12-28-2014   #72
I do things sometimes
CobaltBW's Avatar

WASD for movement
Left Click for shooting
Right Click for jumping
Scroll button/Left Shift for spinning
Scroll wheel for switching weapons

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Old 01-12-2015   #73
AKA Superjustinbros
AozoraJustin's Avatar

W: Move Forward
S: Move Backward
A: Strafe Left
D: Strafe Right
Left Shift: Jump
Left Control: Spin
Mouse: Turn camera
Left Mouse Button: Ring Toss
Right Mouse Button: Ring Toss (Normal)
Mouse Wheel: Cycle Rings
Z: Custom Action 1
X: Custom Action 2
C: Custom Action 3
Enter: Pause
T: Talk
Backspace: Toss Flag
V: Toggle Chasecam
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Old 01-22-2015   #74
ThatAwesomeGuy173's Avatar

Forward: W
Reverse: S
Jump: Space
Spin: Q
Strafe Left: A
Strafe Right: D
Mouse to look around

Talk: T
Team-talk: P
Rankings/Scores: Tab
Next/Previous Weapon: Mouse wheel down and up, respectively
Ring Toss: Left click
Ring Toss Normal: Right click

Toggle Chasecam: V
Custom Actions 1, 2 and 3: Z, X and C, respectively
Pause: Pause/Break
Console: ~
Originally Posted by GuyWithThePie
Does anybody ever actually play on these servers? No matter what day of the week, no matter what time of day, they're always completely empty. Can't help but feel sorry for whoever's paying for these to be online 24/7.

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Old 01-23-2015   #75
Lawful Neutral
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I actually use the arrow keys to move and space to jump, since when I started playing at a younger age I hadn't yet ever seen WASD to move and so I configured it to my liking.
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Old 03-23-2015   #76
Milanesas lover.
Sonimaniatic's Avatar

Here's mine:

Forward: W
: S
Strafe Left
: A
Strafe Right
: D
Turn Left
: Left Arrow
Turn Right
: Right Arrow
: Space
: Ctrl
Other Abilities
: ?*
*I'm still playing v2.0 so this option neither doesn't exists or I haven't binded it yet because I don't needed It.
I tried to play with WASD for strafe and mouse for turning and shooting, but I just don't like how the 3rd person camera moves in this game, besides it was very sensitive.
I remember using arrow keys + z x c for other stuff (no strafe, though) when I started playing.
Regarding multiplayer, I like to use WASD with strafe and mouse in 1st person, but since I always have 190+ms ping for location reasons I barely play that mode.
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Old 03-23-2015   #77
Custom User Title
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I think it's surprising how many people use arrow keys to turn.

Move forward: W
Move Backwards: S
Strafe left: A
Strafe right: D
Turn left: [mouse]
Turn right: [mouse]
Spin: Shift
Jump: Space

Custom 1: E
Custom 2: R
Custom 3: F (this might sound non-sense, but I want the buttons to be near each other and reachable fast.)
Talk: T
Toss flag: Q
View change: V
Ring toss: Mouse left
Normal ring toss: Mouse right
Next weapon: Scroll up
Previous weapon: Scroll down
Weapon slot 1-9: 1-9
Custom signature!
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Old 03-23-2015   #78
Does not approve of rails.
Burning-Fox's Avatar

Forwards: W
Backwards: S
Strafe left: A
Strafe right: D
Turn left: Left arrow
Turn right: Right arrow
Camera Toggle: H (IIRC)
Toss Flag: Z
Jump: Space
Spin: X
Next Weapon: E
Previous Weapon: Q
Ring Toss: Mouse 1
Ring Toss (Normal): Mouse 2
Center View: Mouse 3

Custom 1: Shift
Custom 2: F
Custom 3: G

Name Binds:
1 = Burning-Hog
2 = =Atomic-Hog= (And Super Saiyan script)
3 = Burning-Fox
4 = =Winged-Pyro= (And Super Saiyan script)
5 = Burning-Echida
6 = =Ancient-Warlord= (And Super Saiyan script)

] = Exitlevel Script
/ = Server Close Script
K = Suicide
P = Pause
- = "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" x 10

Aiming Binds: (Credit to DUDE for showing me this a while back)
bind c "crosshair cross; mousesens 38; mlooksens 20"
bind v "crosshair angle; mousesens 25; mlooksens 10"
bind b "crosshair point; mousesens 19; mlooksens 9"
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Old 03-23-2015   #79
Zwip-Zwap Zapony
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Originally Posted by Ors View Post
Weapon slot 1-9: 1-9
But there are only 7 weapon slots in Sonic Robo Blast 2, both bind-able and find-able...
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Old 03-23-2015   #80
Root's Avatar

Forward/Backwards/Turning: Arrow keys (WASD is stupid the arrow keys exist for a reason you know)
Strafing: AD/default
Jump: Space
Spindash: Z
Looking down/up/center view: 7, 8, 9 (I don't use mouse)
Weapon change: EQ
Ring Toss: X
Talk: T
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