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Default SUGOI Lottery/SUBARASHII Mixer Guide Thread

Hi, Message Board User on a phone here, and I am here to talk about a type of server that takes up a pretty nice trend on the Master Server, don't wanna be one of those people, but the trend was initially started by me. SUGOI Lottery, you may have seen a server like this and with the recent release of SUBARASHII, new ones might pop up. (As of this post I am unable to do anything SRB2 related due to a dead PC)

I like to call this type, the "babby's first character wads server", it's main purpose is to throw a bunch of character wads at you not for a hangout with your favorite looking characters, but to learn how to use them in Single Player and co-op to your best advantage. With SUBARASHII's release, I thought it would be nice to set some ground rules for both SUBARASHII and SUGOI so future servers trying this gimmick out can try out their own pick of characters. By default, next to the main mod you want to choose from, you will also need to add character_diceroll.lua, which will automatically mix your character every time you load a new stage via level exits/warps/game overs/selecting a different stage in the menu/etc. NOT by reloading the same stage from the menu.

MAJOR WARNING: Servers like these can be pretty packed with wads, joiners MUST be wary that extra wads like palette/transmaps wads and music wads will determine your ability to enter a server or not, I highly recommend that if you join, you join empty.


By default, I can say most characters will work for SUGOI, for the past year SUGOI has been one of the best slope mod to come out for anyone to comfortably play. But the title is called Lottery for a reason, and that means we have some rough picks to choose from, like characters who wont be able to spindash, move fast, or even jump high enough.

Any character seen on the message boards as of now can complete almost every level in SUGOI, EXCEPT:
Robo-Hood (self explanatory)
Gargoyle (cannot clear Cute Ice)
Silver, I'm almost not sorry (Silver Boss fight)
Any other characters that can't lower down to spin/sliding height. (Nightlight Ruins)
Any other characters with a lack of rolling or gaining extra speed to clear steep slopes. (Kodachrome Void)
Any character with a spindash maxdash or dash move slower than 60*FRACUNIT. (Gravity Well sucks.)


SUBARASHII as a new mod has a lot of slope based levels that rely mainly on the vanilla trio. While Silver is at least capable of playing every stage without being disabled for a special boss fight, the list from SUGOI Lottery still apply here, and even more now since some obstacles require a certain speed or ability to clear some stages like Ice Cap Zone.

Adding a dud character like Robo-Hood is a great way to introduce a form of luck on the server, just be wary that players who won't like Robo-Hood or any of the characters I recommend not trying for either mods will try to leave the server and rejoin to get a different pick. Character_diceroll does not save a player's status, so if you don't want to play Robo-Hood you can rejoin to your liking, just don't do it for other playable characters you may or may not like. Synching can occur, so you at best wanna play the level till you can't play it anymore and take a game over so other players can still try to finish the level without a problem.

This OP is kinda incomplete for now, but more info will be added as time moves on (that is if it doesn't get locked in the future), you're free to add your own suggestions, sets of characters and other luas/misc stuff to put some flavor on the visuals in the server to try out, as well as other characters you can recommend to ban.

Until otherwise stated in this post or later in the thread, Do not link mods that have not been released on the Message Board, this is not a way to avoid submissions. I have to follow this rule as well so while I may mention characters like Hinote who has many unofficial ports, or 1991 the joke character meant to act exactly like Sonic 1 Sonic, or even Rosebud/Rosebloom, unofficial modifications of Rosy based on Katmint's original coding to have a different moveset altogether, but I will not link them on this thread, you will have to ask a friend or check a user's signature to access their site and look for said wads there. Do not ask for wads here. Thank you.
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