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Soulja boy I tell 'em
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Default A question about race maps.

Today, I had a thought about race maps. Going through the same place 4 times could get a little boring....also,it's not impossible to pull of a SP race and create sprint race maps. If done correctly, it could be possible to create the illusion of the map changing everytime you go through it just like in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games dream race.

This is just my idea, and I'd like to hear yours.Is it possible?If so, how would it turn out?

Edit: I thought about it actually, and laps would be limited by how much sections the designer creates. And putting a teleport at the end of the last section so that people don't run out of racing area would make it little different than circuit. So yeah, it's a pretty dumb idea.

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I think this is in the wrong section.

It could be done, I think. Basically, Have players start in front of the finish line. When they do a lap and hit the finish line, use a teleport that retains momentum, position, and doesn't have a flash. Have it teleport them to a seperate, somewhat identical sector with the changes you want. Then, place the finish line sector thingy right in front of the teleport sector and add new starposts with the same order and angle as the previous sector. Rinse and repeat for however many laps you want. Not sure if that'll work, though?
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I'll Begin
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You know how you can have multiple starposts count as one? I would utilise that and create the area four times but make one place look identical enough so you could transition into the next stage seamlessly. I'd be simulating a circuit but in reality it's just one long course.

I dunno, it's a silly idea in general.
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