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Default More Leveis

Sonic Team Junior should put leveis Srb2 missing from Dark City and other acts of tier levels,who agree with that? good if I'm talking of course agree.

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Be patient. SRB2 is a work in progress, and the developers are hard at work on those levels. Good level design takes time, especially to bring them up to official quality.
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I am with you KnuxD! Who cares if they put crappy stages? The more incomplete the better!

These stages take time, remember SRB2 started over 10 years ago and it is still not done.

Thank goodness the devs take their time to make stages like ACZ. (Precious time from their lives.) So, please be grateful that this is still even going.
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The developers are working on getting stuff on SRB2 done as well as dealing with real life stuff, so making more levels will take some time. Right now we are finishing up 2.0.5, and once that is done we can move our focus on 2.1 stuff (which hopefully means developing new levels).

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