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Pyro the Magma Fox
Totally not using Hydreigon
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Default SRB2: Last Breath of Speed? Part 1 Collaboration Time!

Hello, and welcome to the Final Speed Collaboration Center!

This is your chance to show your collaboration level making skills! (And possibly bosses/objects) Levels can use textures from the SRB2 Asset Pack @


Cybertron Zone - MAPZ0 - MAPZ2 - <Pyro the Magma Fox>

Green Hill Ruins Zone - MAPZ3 - MAPZ5 - <slot available>

Fallen Factory Zone - MAPZ6 - MAPZ8 - <slot available>

Drowning Pool City Zone - MAPZ9 - MAPZB - <slot available>

Salt Village Zone - MAPZC - MAPZE - <slot available>

Neo Oil Ocean Zone - MAPZF - MAPZH - <slot available>

Egg Prison Zone - MAPZI - MAPZK - <slot available>

That's all level-wise for now!

But for bosses/sprites?


Pyro - <slot available>

Fuzz - <done by red the fox>


Sonic 3D Blast Final Fight Boss - <slot available>

????? (Final Boss (Part 2 - Dirge the Dominator))


Pyro - A 1-tailed magma fox with orange-backgrounded eyes (while all the others are white) He has green at the back of his shoes and red at the tip.


Dirge: A brown 3-tailed fox with blank eyes (like Dark Super Sonic has), he can shoot dark fireballs and dark crystals. Should take 12 hits to kill.

(Pyro the Magma Fox received a warning for this post: Do not ask others to make your mod for you.)
Originally Posted by Katmint View Post
Also the planet is obviously named Sepwich. :P
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A "rather brash" indivisual
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So with little to no proof or explination of the project, you expect to round up people to help with your mod, which would fall under the "Do not ask for teams" rule.

Yeah, this isn't happening, except for the most bottom-of-the-barrel users you can find, if this topic even lasts that long.
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Monster Iestyn
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No proof of this mod having been even started whatsoever, and this clearly reeks of "hey guys, make my mod for me".


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