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Default "SetDisplayMode FAILED: Function call not supported." SRB2 fails to start.

I can't get Sonic Robo Blast 2 to run now. It always comes up with the message in quotes in the topic's title and fails to start, even with a fresh installation. This is weird, because I've been able to run SRB2 on this machine before with no problems. Now I have no way of playing SRB2 because the Wii port has also stopped working. If there is a way to fix this issue, I'd really appreciate it.
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I'll Begin
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Wow, that's weird. I recommend trying to run in a different resolution, or running in windowed mode. The SRB2 launcher can help you do those things
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Okay, I'll try the launcher and get back with the results soon.

EDIT: It works in windowed mode.
EDIT 2: I don't enjoy this small window of 640 X 400. Full screen is still not working regardless of the resolution setting I put in to the launcher.
EDIT 3: Note to self: don't use a monitor resolution of 1920 X 1080 when trying to play SRB2 in full screen.

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