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Christmas is coming

Cobalt, you're an angel for digging that up for me~

I've got a proof of concept now with a working gif recording key binding and dedicated messages (and accompanying sound effects) to me know what control scheme I've switched to next. Gif recording is on N, Screenshot on M, and control cycle is on \ (backslash). What do you guys think of the sound effect? Should I switch it to the sound that netplay chat makes, or something else?

Spoiler: The only problem so far is that it still makes the sound effect in the main menu, but I suppose that can't be helped.
chasecam 0; analog 1; cam_height 220; cam_dist 50; cam_speed 2; bind m screenshot; name autocfg test; skin knuckles; color gold
alias recordgif "bind n savegif; startmovie"
alias savegif "bind n recordgif; stopmovie"
bind n recordgif
alias combop1 "bind \ combop2; CECHODURATION 1; CECHO Combo P1 Set; soundtest 0; soundtest 151;"
alias combop2 "bind \ keyboardanalogp1; CECHODURATION 1; CECHO Combo p2 Set; soundtest 0; soundtest 151;"
alias keyboardanalogp1 "bind \ keyboardanalogp2; CECHODURATION 1; CECHO Analog P1 Set; soundtest 0; soundtest 151;"
alias keyboardanalogp2 "bind \ keyboardnop1; CECHODURATION 1; CECHO Analog P2 Set; soundtest 0; soundtest 151;"
alias keyboardnop1 "bind \ keyboardnop2; CECHODURATION 1; CECHO Classic P1 Set; soundtest 0; soundtest 151;"
alias keyboardnop2 "bind \ combop1; CECHODURATION 1; CECHO Classic P2 Set; soundtest 0; soundtest 151;"
bind \ combop1

The next problem that I've run into is making sure the mouse is disabled when the controls that DON'T include the mouse are activated. I'm also going to have to write in something that makes my normal "chasecam" button alternate between normal view, first person, and my custom camera, but I think I can get that one done no problem. Right now, the majority of this is just setting all the key bindings and testing them.

EDIT: Solved the mouse issue, AND removed combo and analog p2 controls for the sake of simplifying into a single Player 2 control scheme. Also, new control scheme names are coming~

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