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The Riders automatically break in match/CTF because of spectator mode. A battle mode would sound nice though. But I need to figure out a special concept other than boosting into someone to win.

I'll be honest, the Mario Kart levels are awfully dated. MS can't even play in some of the maps because teleporters and boost pads glitch him away from the track. As for the Halberd, MS' spawn point might be below the stage. It's also the easiest stage to win because the Riders can jump at will, they aren't as limited compared to Karts.

Sky Road... Well, on the account of my laziness of checking that problem. It is how it is, I'll have it fixed by the next official update.

This being said. The checkpoints fix, Metal Sonic's misplacement, and Sky Road's missing asset will be worked on for the next update.
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