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Well, the Babylon Garden, and the Sky Road levels gave me a few bits of trouble, along with Dusty Dunes.

Babylon Garden i boosted through the lower path where the finish line should be, apparently passed by the trigger that would have got me onto the next lap, although that seems to happen occasionally in other levels.

At Sky Road, i thought that the ramp next to the grind rail and the power thing would have blue springs, it didn't, and i fell to my death, and i only figured out you could jump during one of the Mario levels, hats off to me.

Dusty Dunes has a checkpoint right after you get off the rock, and are quite likely to pass by it, atleast when you have such a racing strategy where you give zero darns about the emissions and boost everywhere, and when you get the second chance to notice that you bypassed that checkpoint, you're already too low to be able to go back up, and are forced to do another lap just to get to what was supposed to be your next lap a lap ago.

And a minor one but at the Halberd level, Metal Sonic is quite clearly below the track. Whoops.

But yeah, aside from those moments, the experience seemed fluent, even though the first part of the Mario levels would seem to be a case of "Whoever gets the Attraction Shield first wins", while DK Caverns, the Halberd level, and probably some other level i forgot, go the other direction and only allow you to obtain rings via item capsules, which, more often than not, will give you shields, and occasionally air instead of them.

Now, wonder how/if the Survival Mode could be swapped/integrated into Match, even though it'd probably be tedious to Lua, if it is even possible to Lua it in...
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